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Nureyev is a movie starring Siân Phillips, Dick Cavett, and Margot Fonteyn. This striking and moving documentary from BAFTA nominated directors Jacqui and David Morris traces the extraordinary life of Rudolf Nureyev. From his birth...

Jacqui Morris, David Morris
Richard Avedon, Margot Fonteyn, Siân Phillips, Dick Cavett

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Genres Documentary
Director Jacqui Morris, David Morris
Writer Jacqueline Morris, David Morris
Stars Richard Avedon, Margot Fonteyn, Siân Phillips, Dick Cavett
Country UK
Also Known As Nureyev. Il mondo, il suo palco, Nureyev: An Orgy of One, Nureyev: Lifting the Curtain
Runtime 1 h 49 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description This striking and moving documentary from BAFTA nominated directors Jacqui and David Morris traces the extraordinary life of Rudolf Nureyev. From his birth in the 5th class carriage of a trans-Siberian train, to his dramatic leap to freedom in the West at the height of the Cold War, and unprecedented adulation as the most famous dancer in the world. The film highlights Nureyev's unlikely yet legendary partnership with Margot Fonteyn and charts his meteoric rise to the status of global cultural phenomenon. Nureyev's life plays out like the sweeping plot of a classic Russian novel. His story is Russia's story. Blending never-before-seen footage, with an original score by award-winning composer Alex Baranowski and spellbinding newly choreographed dance tableaux directed by Royal Ballet alumnus, Russell Maliphant, Nureyev is a theatrical and cinematic experience like no other. This is a portrayal as unique as the man himself. There will never be another Nureyev.

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Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 15:17

A few of the documentaries out there are about people trying to tell the truth. Some of them are about the worst thing in the world, and they are hard to watch. So what about the documentary called 'ZOMBIE'? It's a very short documentary about the dead. This is one of those documentaries. The subject is clear, there is no need for the film maker to dig deep into the story of the person, and also the people involved. The subjects of the documentaries are not going to be interesting, they are not going to make you care, and this documentary is exactly that. In the documentary, you get to watch the dead people talking to people, and the dead people being interviewed. This is a documentary about the dead, and there is no need to look for the truth. This is what makes the documentary so sad. There is not much information on the subjects, there is no movie, no photos, no fun. The subjects are just talking, so you do not get a good feel of the dead. The documentary is at its best when the dead are talking, and not a day goes by when you are not able to see them talking. And sometimes they are talking about the dead. However, there are the occasional interviews with the people who were the subjects, and in these interviews they are talking about a lot of things, about a lot of people. In the end, you cannot help but feel a little disturbed. There are no words to describe this documentary. In the end, you will be much like me, and you will watch it without tears, and you will be happy for the film maker for that. 7/10
Saturday, 06 Jun 2020 19:04

We are not saying this is the truth about the universe, but we are saying this is a representation of the facts as they are seen. Most of the time these facts are known, some are not and it is our personal feelings about the appearance of the Universe that determine our perceptions and help shape the way we think about the universe. This is the main feature of the documentary "Ishtar" which is based on the book "Astronomy Enigma" by Ilya Somin. It was written and directed by Andrew M. Segal who has a good reputation as a very good documentary maker. When we saw the documentary in Toronto there were quite a few people who were unfamiliar with the book and not sure about the extent of the facts. I also had some difficulties understanding the comments of the book authors, namely Ilya Somin and William D. Kunstler (who had a separate book about the same subject). We also need to appreciate that the book has been published in 1992. However the film is still valid and we can say that there are some things that are the same in this documentary and in the book that there are not in the book. I like the film and we saw it in Toronto on September 7th and we also saw the documentary in San Francisco in August and we were thinking that these two documentaries are linked. It has a good documentary feel to it. We liked the information about the book and the documentary because we saw the book in Toronto and we saw the documentary in San Francisco. All the people we met during the presentation of the film in San Francisco were very friendly and we all liked the documentary and the information about the book. We also liked the interviews with the authors of the book, William D. Kunstler and Ilya Somin. The authors are very nice and we really liked them. The people we met were also very friendly. The questions were really good and we could understand each others views on the information we heard. They were polite and we could feel that we were talking to people who could give us some information. There were also some aspects in the film that were missing in the book and these were the other interviews with the scientists, the general idea of the book and the idea of the background of the book. If you are interested in the book, if you have read it or you are a professional in astronomy you can also enjoy the information that was not in the book.
Wednesday, 29 Apr 2020 18:04

An English documentary about the starstruck Russian dance sensation, Nureyev. The film starts off by showing a couple of portraits of Nureyev's parents, showing how much Nureyev has learned from her parents. In contrast to the documentary, the director here takes a closer look into Nureyev's personal life, starting off by showing her childhood and how she developed into a very bright young woman. From there, the film moves on to Nureyev's career. The director does a good job in showing a wide array of Nureyev's various outfits, and various costumes. She also does a good job of showing Nureyev's various dances. The documentary doesn't show much about Nureyev's private life, other than to show her marrying a man. The director makes it clear that Nureyev never forgave her father, but she did feel sorry for him. She tried to change his ways, but he never listened to her. The documentary ends with Nureyev leaving home to pursue a career in dance, where she will stay in the company of famous female dancers, such as Nena, Nastassja Kinski, Irina Shatilova, and the opera dancer Vera Kuragin. Finally, the documentary ends with Nureyev still in New York, and looking forward to dance. I think the film is interesting, but it could have been better, because it does have some weak points. Nureyev never really talked about her childhood, she never mentioned how she felt about her father, or how she felt about her mother. In the documentary, Nureyev didn't say much about her father either. Nureyev didn't say a lot about her mother either, but the documentary is a bit too short, and a little too focused on her career. The documentary does show how Nureyev is a very artistic woman, and it is interesting to see how she has become so. But I still think the documentary could have been better, because the director focuses too much on Nureyev's career, rather than showing her personal life. Nureyev is a great talent, but she is a very private person. She does a good job of showing how much she loves to dance, but the documentary is short, and the film could have been better. I think Nureyev is a very interesting talent, but the documentary is too short. But if I were to pick one highlight, it would be the dancing. It is fun to watch, and shows how amazing Nureyev is, as a dancer.

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