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Premature is a movie starring Zora Howard, Joshua Boone, and Michelle Wilson. Seventeen year old Ayanna meets handsome and mysterious Isaiah in her path towards self-discovery. Her entire world is turned upside down as she travails...

Romance, Drama, Music
Rashaad Ernesto Green
Alexis Marie Wint, Zora Howard, Joshua Boone, Michelle Wilson

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Genres Romance, Drama, Music
Director Rashaad Ernesto Green
Writer Rashaad Ernesto Green, Zora Howard
Stars Alexis Marie Wint, Zora Howard, Joshua Boone, Michelle Wilson
Country USA
Runtime 1 h 30 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Set against the backdrop of a changing Harlem landscape, when seventeen year old Ayanna meets handsome and mysterious outsider Isaiah, her entire world is turned upside down on her path towards self-discovery as she travails the rigorous terrain of young love the summer before she leaves for college.

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Monday, 31 Aug 2020 23:01

While "Saving Christmas" is nothing to write home about, it is a solid film that weaves a fascinating plot, strong performances, and some solid effects and photography. While I don't see "Saving Christmas" as being particularly well-done, I think it is strong enough to warrant a good recommendation. The story is about Jack Davenport (John Hawkes), who is an old man who believes that the one thing that makes Christmas special is that it is allowed to be changed for one person at a time. Jack is getting progressively old and is dying. His last wish is that his daughter Lily (Zoe Kravitz) gets to spend Christmas at the family's home on the Santa Claus ranch. Lily comes to Jack's house and takes Lily away. Jack must find a way to get Lily back and the only way to do that is to spend Christmas at the ranch. I'll get back to the acting in a minute, but it's really hard to see why this film isn't a "10" at this point in the year. The performances are strong throughout, with Hawkes delivering a strong performance as the old man who is dying. I think this is one of the best performances of the year and a great performance in my opinion. The supporting cast is strong, with Kravitz, Deschenes, Hawkes, and Mike Epps all giving great performances. I don't think I would have wanted to see any of these actors in the film had it not been for their performances. The effects are good, as well. The effects are great, as we see the effects used to make the movie. There are some nice effects shots of Jack's face during the film, which are really cool. I think the effects are pretty good, but I'm not sure what to say about them. The pacing is good, as we see the events of the film in a way that we are not overwhelmed with information. The music is good, as well. I liked "Saving Christmas" a lot, but I don't think it is a "10" as much as it is a "8" out of 10. I will say that the film is worth seeing, but only if you want to see it. If you want to see it, I think you should see it. As I mentioned, I think it is strong enough to warrant a recommendation, but I'm not sure I'd buy it on Blu-Ray. See "Saving Christmas" instead, "The Devil's Rejects" or "Gran Torino".
Wednesday, 26 Aug 2020 01:48

As a general rule, if a film has a female lead who is a favorite of many fans, it gets lots of praise from critics and the public. Although the critical acclaim for this film is well-deserved, the film itself is not without its flaws. The plot, for example, is weak and inconsistent. It seems to be a series of events interspersed with scenes with little to no relation to one another. For example, the short scene at the beginning of the film where she drives to the beach is followed by the scene where she takes the bus to the beach, where the scene then cuts to her watching the beach from her apartment. The story then is unconnected with any previous scene. These are just two examples of how weak the plot is. The real issue with the film is the photography. The original soundtrack that was composed by the acclaimed New York musician Krayzie Bone, for the most part, is also lacking. In the original score, there is a great deal of quality sound and is complemented by a great deal of energy. The film's director, the acclaimed director of "The Bourne Identity," gets the best out of this. Instead of relying on the score alone, he uses the music in the way that it is meant to be used. The music helps to tie the scenes together, it helps to convey emotion, it helps to create suspense and it helps to evoke the desired emotions. Instead of using the music for the purpose of setting the mood, he uses it as a tool to allow the viewer to focus on what the music is telling them. For example, the opening shot of the film was shot in an abandoned factory. The music is telling the viewer that the shots of the factory have been shot in an abandoned factory. Similarly, the music is telling the viewer that the shots of the beach were shot in an abandoned beach. The director, for the most part, uses the music in the way that it was meant to be used. In addition, the acting is very good. Both Susan Sarandon and John Cusack are well-played by their respective actresses. It is always great to see Cusack play a supporting role and Sarandon is also one of my favorite actresses of all time. The performances of John Cusack and John Cusack Jr. are both impressive. Cusack, on the other hand, is the main reason why I give this film an eight out of ten rating. His performance is the reason that makes the film worth watching. Cusack gives a very convincing performance and is very enjoyable to watch. However, the rest of the film is weak. The story is weak. It is filled with unconnected scenes and the storyline is inconsistent. The performances are weak. Although the film has good directing and an excellent soundtrack, it also has very weak acting. There is not one performance of note in this film. The only performance of note is Susan Sarandon's. Susan Sarandon gives a very good performance and is the main reason that I give this film an eight out of ten rating. Unfortunately, the acting of John Cusack and Susan Sarandon is the only reason why this film is worth watching. A good film can be very good, or it can be good but mediocre. The strengths of the film are very weak. If the film had been better, then it would have been a good film. However

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