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Peppermint is a movie starring Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher Jr., and John Ortiz. Five years after her husband and daughter are killed in a senseless act of violence, a woman comes back from self-imposed exile to seek revenge...

Drama, Thriller, Action
Pierre Morel
John Gallagher Jr., John Ortiz, Juan Pablo Raba, Jennifer Garner

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Director Pierre Morel
Writer Chad St. John
Stars John Gallagher Jr., John Ortiz, Juan Pablo Raba, Jennifer Garner
Country Hong Kong, USA
Also Known As Pepermint, Justicia implacable, Peppermint - L'angelo della vendetta, Piparmētra, A Justiceira, Déchaînée, Teisingumo Angelas: Pipirmete, Pepermint: Angel mascevanja, Anjel pomsty, Matar o morir. Peppermint, Piparmünt, Peppermint - Angel of Vengeance, ライリー・ノース 復讐の女神, Peppermint: A bosszú angyala, ライリー・ノース 復讐の女神, Peppermint: Gustul razbunarii, İntikam Meleği, Smak zemsty. Peppermint, Nekama kharifa, Thiên Thần Công Lý: Peppermint, Matar o morir, Anděl pomsty
Runtime 1 h 41 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description An unidentified woman is engaged in a brutal fight with a man in a car and finally dispatches him with a shot to the head. Five years earlier, the same woman, Riley North, is working as a bank teller in Los Angeles struggling to make ends meet. Her husband Chris owns a failing mechanic shop. They have a ten-year-old daughter, Carly. Chris' friend tries to talk him into robbing Diego Garcia, a powerful drug lord. Chris turns him down, but not before Garcia has already discovered his involvement and ordered his men to make an example of him. Riley and Chris take Carly out for pizza and to a carnival for her birthday since no one showed up to her party. At the carnival, Carly orders peppermint ice cream. As the family walks to the car, Diego's men gun down her husband and daughter in a drive-by shooting. She is wounded, but survives.

Top reviews

Thursday, 03 Dec 2020 06:35

A lot of people seem to be rating this movie like it's "gay", so I'll try to explain. The plot: A group of (very) wealthy people are trying to find a cure for AIDS. They have set up a company, the USA, to handle this and that. They hire a doctor, Raymond (Patrick Stewart) and a few other people to do it. Raymond is so successful in getting the drug in the mail, that he says he's going to do it the way he thinks people will want it. He's already told the people he's working with about it, and he's preparing for a party with his (very) wealthy friends. One day, a local doctor named Felix (Anjelica Huston) is dying. She's worried about the drug, so she sends out a young lady to go down to the slums and tell the people what's happening. The young lady, Wendy (Rachael Taylor) is going to tell everyone, but the doctor refuses to accept her. He also wants to have sex with her. One night, Wendy gets kidnapped and imprisoned. Felix is worried that she may be pregnant, so he starts to make her a drug. This would all be a great story if there were no gay characters involved. But, there are some. The chief problem is that the film isn't really a story. It's mostly just a collection of scenes with the main character having sex with a lot of different people. The movie is supposed to be based on real events. It's got the stamp of a true story, but it's mostly just a collection of scenes that never really connected with one another. The movie is very much an advert for the drug, so that's why I thought it was pretty good. I was really surprised how little they used the drug. I also liked the fact that it wasn't all about the drug, it was also about the lack of money. But that's just me. Patrick Stewart is good, but he doesn't really play the lead. He's only in it for about 5 minutes of the movie. But that's pretty much it. Anjelica Huston is good, as are the other actors. Patrick Stewart is also good, and he really made me remember his performance from "Lois and Clark". This film is very good, and it's not terrible. I recommend it, but it's definitely not for everybody. It's a good movie, but it's not great. I'm giving it a 9/10. I don't think I'll buy it, and I'll probably watch it again some time.
Friday, 16 Oct 2020 15:18

At first I was reluctant to watch this movie because I've always read the reviews on IMDb and I have heard so much about this movie. But it turned out to be one of the best movie I've seen in a long time. The movie is about a mute woman named Olivia who is married to a very successful businessman (Joaquin Phoenix) and they have a very happy life. But something is always on the edge. When Olivia finds out that her husband is having an affair she's just so upset. But she starts to do all she can to help her husband but she just can't help herself. She's not a very happy person. But Olivia's husband finds out about the affair and decides to tell his wife about it. And then she doesn't want to believe him. What she doesn't realize is that he's the one who's been cheating on her and now she's the one who's being the one to start investigating. But the story doesn't stop there. The story continues with her discovering that the men are going to marry her best friend's husband and they're going to leave her as well. And it's all about how she wants to protect herself and her best friend. I'm glad that they ended the movie in a very happy way. It was nice to know that everything would be alright. I also liked the characters in this movie. It's not your typical movie where everybody is bad and everybody is good. I especially liked the characters who are lesbian or bisexual. I liked them very much. And the actors in this movie are very good. They all did a really good job. They did a very good job at being very well-rounded. The story was very nice, it was touching and it was very interesting. The characters were also very likable. I especially liked the lesbian character. And the bisexual character was also very good. I liked this movie. It was great. It was very good and it was very entertaining. I recommend this movie to anybody who's interested in something different. 9/10.
Thursday, 16 Jul 2020 10:54

The story of Daniel Holden (Mel Gibson), who is a brilliant surgeon, who is recruited by the Russians to work for the KGB in Moscow. But when he goes to work for the KGB, he gets himself in trouble and the man who recruited him to the KGB ends up being the one who betrayed him, causing him to be the one who starts to look for revenge. And with that, he discovers that he is not alone and he begins to look for the man who betrayed him and that's where this film goes from bad to great. The first half of the movie is about the agent, whose identity we can't figure out, and the film is essentially a long, slow-paced thriller. And it's actually quite a great one, at the end of the film you are on a high. You feel happy that you've been taken to a really good movie, not something like a big blockbuster, but something with a bit more character, a bit more substance, a bit more soul and that's exactly what this movie is. I liked the sense of tension and the sense of paranoia in the film, the movie is really very atmospheric and very powerful. There are a lot of great scenes in the movie. But the movie is not only about the action, it's also about the dialogue between Daniel Holden and the other people that he works with. The way that this film portrays the story of Daniel Holden is actually not a bad thing. It actually works very well. Because of that, I can totally recommend this film, it's not an action movie, it's not a comedy, it's not a drama, but it's a thriller that works well. You will definitely get a lot out of this film. If you like Mel Gibson, you will definitely get a lot out of this film. It's a very good movie, very good movie. 10/10

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