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Liyana is a movie starring Gcina Mhlophe. Five children in Swaziland dive into their imaginations to create an original African tale about a girl on a dangerous quest.

Animation, Documentary
Amanda Kopp, Aaron Kopp
Gcina Mhlophe

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Genres Animation, Documentary
Director Amanda Kopp, Aaron Kopp
Stars Gcina Mhlophe
Country USA, Qatar, Swaziland
Runtime 1 h 17 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Five children in Swaziland dive into their imaginations to create an original African tale about a girl on a dangerous quest.

Top reviews

Friday, 29 Jan 2021 12:11

I loved it. I agree with others that the film is important and it should be viewed by as many people as possible. However, I would have been happy to have seen the video version on a larger screen. You feel a sense of loss, a feeling that you are not at home watching the film, that you cannot live it in a living room and I think this is important. I also felt the absence of the banter between the US President and the First Lady in the video version. The film itself was about very interesting subjects. However, the film does have its moments, and some of the interactions between the President and the First Lady seemed odd. The US President seems more relaxed and easy going in the video, than he is in the movie. It was one of those odd moments that you would think would be more apparent in a larger screen. There were other aspects of the film that were interesting, such as the shot of the ancient burial ground of the US President. This is really about his relationship with his father. The young man he was sent to protect, was more respectful of the president's father than his father ever was. That is a strong point of the film, and it is that the film is important and important that the film be shown and seen. However, I think it is important that this film be presented in the widest possible audience. The film was a bit confusing at times, and I think it is a good film. I would love to see it on a larger screen. It is definitely a film for people who have never seen it. If you have seen the video version, then I would strongly suggest you go and see the movie on a larger screen. I thought the video version was good, but I thought the film was better. I think the documentary is great, and I think the film is really important. But I would suggest that you go and see the movie on a bigger screen, because you feel like you are really there.
Wednesday, 09 Dec 2020 02:00

As the winter ends, the army is still in Iraq. It is still looking for its next battle. Soldiers, Al-Awza's, are sent to a unit to prepare them for the long war. The film is a little disjointed, some scenes are removed (but not all), and the film is full of special effects, but the film is still worth seeing. The film starts out with a scene of an Al-Awza talking to a soldier who died during the raid in the desert. The Al-Awza is a representative of the army, but the soldier doesn't know who he is talking to. He is an Arab, not American. The film takes place in the desert, but in reality, many soldiers have lost their legs, and many have lost a leg. Some of the soldiers are shown with small arms and legs, because they are both too thin to carry heavy loads. One soldier, and the soldier next to him are shown with an amputated leg. The soldier is shown as a young man, just out of high school, then as an adult. He wants to go back to the Iraq to see his father. He doesn't want to stay in Iraq, and wants to go back to his family, his village. The soldier who shot the Al-Awza is no longer in the unit, but he still has a job with the army. He is a white officer, who is in charge of selecting the next unit, and is also the one who decides whether a soldier is ready for the war or not. This officer has a problem with Al-Awza. Al-Awza doesn't like Al-Awza, and that is a problem. This film is a bit disjointed, but still interesting. The acting is good, and the film is filled with special effects. You will be very surprised to learn that most of the special effects are done in Canada.
Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020 10:09

My husband and I are married and have enjoyed sharing the great love stories of all the marriages we have been fortunate enough to witness. We have always laughed about the fact that people cannot go anywhere without talking about their marriage and/or children. This film brought us closer together and confirmed our opinion that people are so wrapped up in their own thoughts that they do not want to think about other people or the people around them. We look forward to a day when we have all the time in the world to talk to people about our past and our hopes for the future. We also look forward to a day when people can have that time to think about what they want to do with the time they have. I hope that every day we have the luxury of talking about our marriages and our hopes and dreams. I am surprised that so many people were offended by the fact that the film would have someone talk about their marriages. To me, that is the most important part of the movie. The film is intended for all people. If a person doesn't want to hear from someone about their relationship with their spouse, then he or she can just not go to a movie. This movie is just as important for people who don't want to hear from someone about their relationship with their spouse as it is for people who are married. We feel that the film provided us with an opportunity to see people's lives unfold and we were happy to share them with others. We are planning to go to see the film again when it comes out. We also plan to go see it again as soon as the film is released. This film is very educational and brings a lot of happiness to us.
Sunday, 21 Jun 2020 08:04

I think I will start my review of "The Artist" by giving the movie a little bit of context. I am a little bit of a fan of British music, so I had a tendency to enjoy this movie a lot. There were many scenes that I could easily relate to, especially the music and how the photographer uses the camera to get the shot. But I really thought that some of the parts could have been trimmed down a little bit, especially in the scenes where he is holding up some sort of a camera. However, the overall movie was good. There are several times where I was glad to see something else on the screen. This is not the most technical or artistic way to do a film, but it was still very well done. I could not help but think that it is not the most artistic movie ever made, but it was definitely better than some of the other movies that I have seen. The one criticism I had about the film was that some of the music was a little bit weak. Some of the music in the movie is really strong and very powerful, but it is sometimes a little overused. I thought that the album "I'm Your Man" by Leona Lewis was really good and really fitted the movie. It is a very powerful, beautiful and emotional album that I would not mind seeing on the big screen. In a way, I felt that it was a little too obvious. I would have liked to see a little more of that power, especially in the scenes where he is holding up the camera. But overall, I thought that this was a good movie that I would recommend to everyone. It was better than most of the other movies I have seen, and that is saying a lot.
Thursday, 30 Apr 2020 01:02

The filmmakers behind "Liyana" are clearly capable of making a compelling film. When it comes to telling the story of a young Syrian refugee, they manage to avoid the typical pitfalls. However, even when they feel like they are doing something different, they still end up with a good film. The film opens with a young girl in Syria who is forced to abandon her family. The girl and her older sister try to find a way to survive in a different country. They decide to leave and find a place to live and start a new life. They eventually meet an old friend who helps them to find a safe place. Unfortunately, the girl's aunt is an extremist and refuses to help the family find a new place to live. They are unable to find a job and must rely on food and charity. The filmmakers acknowledge this weakness and manage to create a compelling story without giving up on the morals and principles that the Syrian people are so vocal about. The filmmakers manage to tell the story of a young Syrian girl and her father and uncle, but they do not use the standard Hollywood techniques. There are no cliches in their filmmaking. The film is a truthful story of a young girl who is forced to leave her family. It is also a story of the power of love and courage. I have seen a few documentaries about the Syrian people, but I was never so moved by a film about them. I can only hope that other people will take note of this film and take note of the film's message. The film makes me so proud to be an American and a citizen of the world. I give the film an 8 out of 10.

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