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Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020 07:09

This documentary about the lives of two large urban families living in New York City is quite the eye-opener. It shows the families of the Lower East Side of Manhattan as well as the larger families that live in the outer boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. The documentary covers all the aspects of the lifestyles of the two families, from the large, wealthy, white-collar professionals to the small-time, ethnic working class. It also shows the many different influences that people have on one another. There are the cultural and ethnic influences, such as the Italian/Italian American influence and the English influence, as well as the social and political influences, such as the influence of the New York mafia. The documentary is also an eye-opener into the various different ways that people can deal with their problems. The documentary also shows a variety of different types of family members, including parents, grandparents, sons and daughters, and siblings. It also shows the various different social and racial backgrounds that the families come from, as well as the different ways that people can react to their problems. The documentary also includes interviews with various people, such as actors and artists, as well as a variety of other people. This documentary is a must see for anyone who wants to know more about the lives of these families, as well as the culture of the New York City. The documentary also shows that although these families have a lot of money and have a lot of money, they don't seem to be very happy with their lifestyles. They are very cynical, and they often have very negative views of people and society. Overall, this is a very interesting documentary that will leave you with a lot of questions.
Thursday, 23 Jul 2020 23:30

Being a parent of a teenaged son, I have noticed that most of the parents I have known have been nervous about the topic of the subject. A friend of mine said she knew a couple that had the same problems. She said that she herself had to seek counseling after she discovered that her teenage son was sexually active. This is not a surprise to me as it seems that most parents do not know what their children are doing or how to handle it. A few years ago, I met a young woman who was taking her son to his first therapy session. She told me that she had been told that this was the only session that was appropriate for him and that she was not permitted to participate. I asked her what she was doing with her son and she responded that she was running a car dealership and that he liked to go to the museum. She said that she didn't feel any sort of relationship with him and that he didn't have any hobbies. I saw the same reaction from my son when he was asked about his sexual orientation. I have to say that I agree with the messages that these parents are sending their children. I felt that this was a good movie because it showed a lot of real life problems that teenagers face. These are problems that we can all relate to and I think that it is a good message to get out to parents. If you are thinking of having a teenager, take a moment to think about what would you do to make him or her feel comfortable and feel like their identity is secure. My son is in his third year of college and he has been getting in trouble with the police because he is underage. I think that it is a good thing to be open about sexual orientation and that it is OK for a young person to talk to his or her parents about it. Just like it is OK for a parent to talk to their child about their sexual orientation, it is also OK for a parent to talk to their teenager about the truth about their sexuality.

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