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On Chesil Beach is a movie starring Billy Howle, Saoirse Ronan, and Andy Burse. Based on Ian McEwan's novel. In 1962 England, a young couple find their idyllic romance colliding with issues of sexual freedom and societal pressure,...

Romance, Music, Drama
Dominic Cooke
Billy Howle, Andy Burse, Rasmus Hardiker, Saoirse Ronan

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Genres Romance, Music, Drama
Director Dominic Cooke
Writer Ian McEwan, Ian McEwan
Stars Billy Howle, Andy Burse, Rasmus Hardiker, Saoirse Ronan
Country UK
Also Known As 追想, En la playa de Chesil, Na plaży Chesil, Sur la plage de Chesil, Az a nap a tengerparton, Chesili rannal, Den dag på stranden, Chesil Beach - Il segreto di una notte, Rannalla, 愛,留在海灘那一天, Na plaži Česil, Al Khof Chesil, Na Chesilské pláži, Pe plaja Chesil, Am Strand, På Chesil Beach, Na Praia de Chesil, Na obali Chesil
Runtime 1 h 50 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description In 1962 England, conservative, demure violinist Florence Ponting (Saoirse Ronan) and brash, working class graduate student Edward Mayhew (Billy Howle) fall in love despite their different backgrounds. They get married, but things fall apart on their honeymoon at Chesil Beach when the newlyweds are unable to enjoy physical intimacy because of their opposing attitudes about sex. The resulting fight changes the course of their relationship.

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Tuesday, 12 Jan 2021 03:48

It's the 1970s, a lonely, disillusioned film student named Tim, or "Tim the Tank" as he is known to the other students, is leading an anonymous, tortured life, drinking and drugging away his days, at night, his life is a desolate, bleak existence, without meaning. On one day, his sister shows up with an offer of a job, that Tim will have a chance to shine in front of a camera, with the hopes of breaking out of his bleak existence. This job, as well as the chance to be a filmmaker, is the catalyst that drives Tim to become a self-conscious, determined man. One night, when his sister and a woman arrive at his apartment, they find that the apartment has been ransacked, stolen, and used as a hideout for the likes of drug dealers, prostitutes, and pimps, who live there. As he is alone and feeling down, Tim decides to show his frustration and darkness to the camera. The next morning, his sister and a man, named "The Voice", show up at the apartment, but he tells them that he is no longer in the apartment, and they are going to leave. He also tells them that he wants to move out, and that he is going to move back to his hometown. When the two men leave, he goes to his sister's apartment and finds her dead, beaten, and covered in blood, with the bandages on her head covering the bloody, disfigured face. The two men leave. Tim is still living in his apartment, but he is now the victim of the evil he had grown to hate. He realizes that he has been manipulated, as well, and that his life has become a struggle, as he goes back to his former life as a man, and a zombie. When he finally goes back to his hometown, he finds that his childhood friends and the people that he knew when he was younger are now dead, and that his sister has turned into a prostitute. The evil that he once had in his life is still there, but now it is now turned to evil, as he has been cast into the depths of hell. He has no way of knowing what his past will bring, as he has no hope, and no way to change the evil that he has become. The atmosphere of this film is very reminiscent of a more modern film, like "Goodfellas", but there is a certain feel of reality, of what it is like to be a drunk, or a drug addict. It is also a film that is very low on the budget, and has very little special effects, but I thought the atmosphere, the lack of special effects, the very realistic portrayal of the people in the film, made the film a very good watch. It also has a feeling of authenticity, with the way the characters are portrayed, with the very real characters, who were very real. I think the film does a very good job of showing the emptiness and lack of purpose that the lives of these people go through, and the emptiness that they feel as they try to break free from the life they have created for themselves. The performances were all good, especially the two leads, John Leguizamo and Anna Farris, who were both very good. The direction was good, with the use of some modern techniques, like the camera walking around, and the use of a lot of slow motion, which added to the feel of the film. I think that this film was well made, and I think that it should be shown at film festivals, and be seen by a lot of people, because I think that it is a very good film, and a great work of art.
Tuesday, 20 Oct 2020 03:24

I'm not a fan of romantic comedies.I love movies about the process of seduction or blackmailing a woman, but I have always been hesitant to watch such movies. I also am not a big fan of R rated movies, for the same reason. That is why I'm so excited to see "Chesil Beach" at the IMAX cinema. I've seen "Chesil Beach" before, but it was in the cinema, not at home, so I didn't have the pleasure of seeing it again. The movie itself is also not a well known one, and I hadn't heard much about it before. The plot is simple. A young woman, Shelly, who is going to marry her boyfriend Mark, gets a call from a man asking her to come to his house for a big party. There she meets a handsome man, James, who has just lost his wife to a drunken husband. Shelly decides to stay and see how things are going to work out, and to try to keep James and his family happy. At the party Shelly meets one of her old friends, Margaret, who is also going to marry her boyfriend. Shelly tries to talk to Margaret, but Margaret doesn't want to talk to Shelly, but Shelly decides to stay with James, and not to let James and Margaret forget each other. As the movie goes on, Shelly starts to realize that she can't have everything, and that she has to choose between the two men she is attracted to, and she tries to make the right decision. The cast is brilliant, and it was really amazing how a movie like this can be made with such a small budget. I especially love the way they have used video cameras to get the most out of the movie, which is quite impressive, especially for a movie with a low budget. I also like the way they have used the music, which is quite appropriate for the movie. My only problem with the movie is that it is too slow. I think that if the movie was just a bit faster, it would have been much more enjoyable. Overall, I really loved this movie, and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good romantic movie. I also recommend this movie to those who enjoy movies about the process of seduction, or blackmailing a woman, or those who are not easily shocked.

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