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Inside the fascinating but little-known world of same-sex competitive ballroom dance, HOT TO TROT follows a small international cast of four magnetic men and women, on and off the dance floor, over a four-year period. An immersive character study - and an idiosyncratic attack on bigotry - this rousing, powerful story unfurls with the rhythms and energy of dramatic cinema.

Gail Freedman

All Systems Operational

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Sunday, 31 Jan 2021 21:56

I can't explain why I thought of this documentary. I just did. A really great documentary by Al Jazeera. After seeing "Partners" I realized how well "Guns of July" connected with me. I wasn't quite ready to have an image of the Cuban revolution was a key. I really liked "Partners" because of its movie shot in Cuban villages. It was like a dream. It was great. When I saw this documentary I was like wow! It was like an old dream. I wanted to see it. So I finally did. After all the hatred and hate about "Guns of July" and "Partners" I was ready to see a very good documentary about how America supported the Cuban revolution. "Guns of July" reminded me of how the American government supported the last Cuban revolution (unfortunately in 1986). This documentary is really interesting. It is so interesting because it shows how powerful the message of "Guns of July" is. It shows the wrong history of the United States and it shows how America is, sometimes, the best friend to the third world countries. The reality is that America is the most important leader in the world in the area of human rights. I really like this documentary. It is very important because this is the message that needs to be made to the American people. This is the reality in which we live today. I really hope that Americans will be more open and open about their truth. I hope that Americans will know that what they do today is a dangerous thing. And I hope that Americans will be more open in the beginning of the 21st century about the reality of the American government. I'm very interested in how Americans will talk about Cuba in the future. The documentary is very good because it shows how important the message of "Guns of July" is and it shows how important "Partners" was. I was very satisfied with this documentary. And I think that there are lots of new information that people are not aware of. I was very happy when I watched "Partners". I have seen a very powerful documentary about the history of America and its effects on other countries.
Friday, 08 Jan 2021 02:18

When I was a child, I always wondered what my world would be like if I grew up in this era. I know that that seems crazy to say but as I was growing up, I was not having the stereotypical American life, which was probably due to the fact that I had no idea what the people were like back then. I was lucky enough to come across a documentary that was released right after I started growing up, which was entitled, 'Darkest City'. The documentary was so accurate about the story of those of us who grew up in the early '80s, but it made it seem like I wasn't really there. And while this documentary does go into detail about the people around me, the story really is not about the people around me. The most important part of this documentary is the visual aspect of it, because I really felt like the story was about us. When I first watched the video, I was sure that it would be an accurate representation of our days growing up, but the visuals really let me know that this was a different time. I am very interested in seeing what people were like in the 80s, but this documentary really captured me. Nowadays, we are all as aware of the changes that were happening, but in the 80s, it was the absolute opposite. I'm sure that people in this generation would have a harder time understanding what was going on around them, because it was different than the rest of the world. This documentary really captures what was happening in the 80s, and really makes you think about what your thoughts would be like if you were just like us. As I said, this is a very informative documentary, but it also does bring a lot of fun into it, because the 80s were something so unique. I hope that if you're not too into the culture of today's generation, you can still learn something about it.
Saturday, 31 Oct 2020 12:43

I must admit I have never been to the Garden of Earthly Delights, and haven't been to St. Petersburg in quite some time, but I'm quite proud to say I saw this documentary about the Russian nesting turtles. I'm not saying it was a complete waste of time, but it certainly was entertaining. It's also a testament to what the Russian people have accomplished. Having spent the first 20 minutes talking about the nesting turtles, we're immediately introduced to the people of St. Petersburg and their struggle to keep up with modern production standards. They talk about running the city, yet they are completely unable to turn on the water heaters, but once you get a tad older, it's really not that big of a problem. I don't think I've ever seen such a positive contrast between people's age and age in society as there is here. It was really great to see all these people willing to jump through hoops just to keep their turtles in a safe place, and the emotions felt by these people when it was time to finally give the turtles their freedom was truly heart-wrenching. What this movie reminds me of is J.G. Ballard's "The Fountainhead", which I also saw in Moscow. Ballard's story is one that feels very similar to this, with many characters having problems that are seemingly never going to get any better. However, when Ballard gives a speech at the end of the film, it gives you a sense of what the Russians are really fighting for. Not only do they want the nesting turtles to be able to live their lives without constant danger, but they also want to be able to play, be able to dance, to eat, to learn, to play with their friends, and to express themselves with the things they love. It's an incredibly beautiful way to end his life.
Tuesday, 28 Jul 2020 20:51

The obvious intention of the film is to explain why people are turning away from religion. But what the film doesn't do is attempt to explain why they do this. It doesn't have any real interest or passion behind it. It just tries to convey a message, and it doesn't really have any redeeming qualities. In fact, it comes off like a propaganda film. The documentary tries to give the impression that religion is harmful and divisive, but the evidence to support that argument is very weak. The documentary is even more frustrating because it attempts to give the impression that the state of Christianity is in a state of crisis, but the evidence shows that Christianity is doing very well. The documentary does have some nice bits and pieces, such as how our society tends to over-prioritize religion, and how religion is often a tool to promote the status quo. But it never addresses the problems that have led to the decline of Christianity. Rather, it concentrates on the current challenges that Christianity faces, and it tries to tell the story of how Christianity has helped to solve these problems. And that's where the problem lies. It tries to get a message across, but it never really gets one. It doesn't go into any depth, and it doesn't make any effort to give the viewer a clear picture of what it is it is trying to say. In fact, it gives a clear picture of the problems with Christianity, but never makes the effort to explain why these problems are happening. It just tries to give the viewer a message, but doesn't do anything with it. The documentary is a lot of hype, and it has no clear message.
Monday, 15 Jun 2020 09:59

When a country's population is high, it's usually because of "high fertility" or "high birth rate." This is an interesting and timely documentary, which offers a compelling argument that population growth is a very dangerous phenomenon, as it increases the likelihood of a country being conquered by other nations. As the world population grows, it's obvious that the cost of human life is increasing. This is reflected in the documentary, as an elderly person explains to a doctor that "if you want to be a good person, you have to be good for a long time." This is a good point, but it doesn't do enough to convince me that the world's population is actually growing. As I've seen documentaries on this topic, I've seen documentaries on many other topics, but this one is not a documentary. It's a series of "GIFs" or infographics, all of which are very well done. The story is presented in a very clear, concise, and descriptive way, and the graphics are great. Unfortunately, there is a very large amount of repetition throughout the film. The repetitive nature is due to the repetitive nature of the story. The story starts out with a quote from the movie "The Godfather" and then goes on to talk about why it's important to have the right amount of children. The story then jumps around a bit and goes back and forth between the birth of the country and the birth of the population, and that's it. The repetitive nature of the story is what makes it easy to understand, but it also makes it difficult to digest. I've read some of the other reviews on this page and some people have complained that the film was too boring, but I think the opposite. Most of the time, it's not the story that's boring. The story is the repetitive nature of it. That's what makes it interesting. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to know why the world is going to run out of resources and need more people to do things. I would also recommend it to anyone who wants to see how the film industry is changing. I think this is a great documentary, but it's a little bit too long.
Tuesday, 09 Jun 2020 12:45

You know, for a movie about the AFL-CIO and the sport, I expected more from this movie. First of all, there were a few slow parts where the director didn't show enough footage, especially towards the end. Second of all, I expected a lot more from actor/director, Michael Anderson, since his previous work was "The Kissing Booth" (2004), "Be Cool" (2008) and "Interstellar" (2010). All of these movies were very interesting, and I found them interesting, but I expected more from "Trot". I think, Michael Anderson can be a very good actor, but I'm not sure if he can be a good director. What I mean is that there are many scenes where he seems to be in control, but he has a very slow pace. Maybe it's just my opinion, but I felt the movie was very slow. Also, I don't think Michael Anderson has a good directing style. He doesn't really have any real control over the footage he is using. It's very hard to say if it's because of the directing style or the lack of control. For example, the scenes where he's editing "Bad Ass" (2008), "Za'atar" (2006), "The Forbidden Zone" (2005), "The Showdown" (2006) and "Road to the Danger Zone" (2008) are all very impressive. The directing style of "Bad Ass" is also very impressive, because of the strong editing, and the strong use of music. But, the music in "Trot" is not as good as the music in "Bad Ass", because the music in "Bad Ass" was very powerful, and in "Trot", it's not as powerful. So, the acting of the main characters in "Trot" is good, but the movie is very slow. I don't know if I'd recommend it, but it's very interesting. I also think it's very difficult to have an analysis of this movie, because there's a lot of stuff I didn't like. But, I don't think I'd recommend it to people who like sports movies. But, it's still an interesting movie. I give it a 7/10.
Tuesday, 02 Jun 2020 20:31

This documentary follows a group of horse owners and trainers through their quest to bring the classic racing of the 20s to the 21st century. In many ways, it is an examination of the outdated, overblown marketing of racing that the racing industry has been plagued with since the early 1900s. The documentary also highlights the value of the modern racing format as it is designed to provide a more realistic environment for the sport. As it is not possible to recreate the actual era, this documentary focuses on the appeal of modern racing as opposed to the past. The film also highlights the need for greater public awareness about the sport, the economy of the sport and the new generation of horse owners. In my opinion, this film was a great opportunity for the industry to come together and come up with some solutions to modernize and make the sport more attractive to the public. Unfortunately, the film does not focus on the issues the industry has faced over the last several decades, instead focusing on a few new and recent events. The industry will not come together and solve these issues because the financial incentive for doing so would be too great to risk. The industry has already done a great deal of work to come up with a new format for racing and I believe they should have the courage to tackle these issues head-on. I also believe that it is important for the public to be aware of the importance of this sport and to realize that it is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is important to keep an eye on the future of the sport and not to be too distracted by the past. This documentary would have been more powerful had it focused on the issues facing the industry and not on the last few events that have been presented in the film.

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