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In Search of Greatness is a movie starring Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice, and Pelé. Through the eyes of the greatest athletes of all time, IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS is a cinematic journey into the secrets of genius.

Gabe Polsky
Ken Robinson, Pelé, Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice

All Systems Operational

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Genres Documentary
Director Gabe Polsky
Writer Gabe Polsky
Stars Ken Robinson, Pelé, Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice
Country USA
Runtime 1 h 17 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Through the eyes of the greatest athletes of all time, IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS is a cinematic journey into the secrets of genius.

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Saturday, 05 Sep 2020 06:11

This is an extremely interesting and engaging documentary about a man who is not what he seems to be. This film opens with interviews with his wife, his brother and his brother's wife. When they are in a heated argument, the camera lingers on the almost hostile family. Afterward, we hear from both the brother's wife and the brother's wife about their reactions to the incident. When he first makes the documentary, I thought that the subject was going to be the subject of another documentary and it would have followed this. This film ended up being a bit different and much more in-depth. The film opens with a number of different incidents that occur, including the video that has been mentioned previously. Then it goes on to the personal life of this man, his struggle with the police and the police. This is followed by some interviews with a number of people who knew this man, including his brother, his daughter and his son. There is a lot of information in this film about this man, including a quote he made when he first came out of prison. He said, "What I'm doing is teaching people about their brother, giving them some tips about their life and what their family is like, and what they can do to help." What I like about this film is that I see this man's real life. It's a struggle, but there is more to his life than what is shown in this documentary. It's not just a love story between this man and his wife. It's also a story of a person who is struggling with the end of his life and how his life is going to end. It's a very interesting and compelling film and I recommend it to anyone who is into their life story. Overall, I give this film an 8 out of 10. If you are interested in this topic, you should definitely check it out. It's very interesting and I think it is one of the best documentaries about this subject that I have ever seen.
Saturday, 29 Aug 2020 23:27

I have only recently become aware of how many great, inspirational books, films, and films have been made in the last 50 years. When I first heard of "I've Seen All Good Men," I was stunned. I was enthralled by it. But as I have watched this film more and more, I have come to realize that, to some degree, it has a much darker and more tragic message than I had first envisioned. The main character, Jeffrey Toobin, is a man in the highest ranking in the Justice Department. His life has been bright, his wife a wonderfully compassionate woman, and his children are all extremely intelligent. He has been in the Justice Department for almost 20 years. He is a very capable and well-respected man. One day, in a night of passion, his wife leaves him. He begins to spiral downward. His children, in a sense, are responsible for the way he is, and for that reason, they must be punished for the way he has lived his life. He is blind to this fact, until one day, his wife begins talking to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist has the idea that, since Jeffrey has been mistreating his children, he could be "wounded." He decides to see how he could go about doing this. Jeffrey is initially not very interested in seeing his own children. He is interested in seeing his wife. But, as the psychiatrist says, "there's more to life than death." As the psychiatrist prescribes him, he begins to see that his children are extremely intelligent, and that he is indeed going down a dangerous road, and he begins to understand what he must do to save himself, and his family, from the seemingly impossible situation. As I watched this film, I realized that I had seen many great films. I have seen "The Godfather," "Citizen Kane," "The Apartment," and "The Godfather Part 2." I am aware of the great importance of films, but I have never seen one that was so powerful as this. I have also seen films that I have considered classic, like "The Godfather," "Manhunter," "Dancer in the Dark," and "Wings of Desire." But "I've Seen All Good Men" is my favorite. It is a film that has a sense of danger and that is so much more than just "Moral of the Story." This film is a film that reveals, in a very deep way, the pain and pain-filled existence of an ordinary man who has become trapped in a nightmare of self-destruction. I think this is a film that everyone,
Sunday, 31 May 2020 06:48

It's a hard movie to watch, even the footage with CIA leadership is 'confusing' when it should be a 'confused' confession of the CIA's role in the murder of three American sailors in the Persian Gulf. Who's to blame for this horrendous, unnecessary, needless war, and how can anyone say the CIA was not involved? However, as usual, the CIA and its lieutenants can say that their leaders never had a 'hand in' or at least 'concurred' in the actions. Sorry to say, those leaders and those responsible for this crime were and are still alive and the media's cowardly 'hand in' has done nothing to protect their memory. They had every opportunity to speak up and defend their innocent colleagues from this horrible attack. But instead they allow their disgraceful actions to remain unanswered. If anyone has access to the full audio of the Pentagon press conference where President Bush justified this attack and others like it, please contact me. I'd love to hear what he has to say. In any case, the film leaves out the real reason for the attack and the many other horrible things that followed. As I have said, the information that the CIA did or didn't participate in the Iraqi attack and war of aggression is still classified. The filmmakers did a good job of showing the complexity of the problems in Iraq and it is not just about one incident. The film demonstrates the need for a truly independent, bipartisan, and bipartisan Commission to look at the facts of what went wrong in Iraq, and more generally the American public and the world. Those with access to the full audio and video of the Pentagon press conference, please contact me.

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