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The Trump Prophecy is a movie starring Chris Nelson, Paulette Todd, and Karen Boles. A fireman and public servant Mark Taylor hears a special message from God about change in our nation. When Mary Colbert, a networker and connector...

Stephan Schultze
Chris Nelson, Don Brooks, Karen Boles, Paulette Todd

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama
Director Stephan Schultze
Writer Mark Taylor, Mary Colbert, Rick Eldridge, Jimmy Hager
Stars Chris Nelson, Don Brooks, Karen Boles, Paulette Todd
Country USA
Also Known As Commander
Runtime 2 h
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description A fireman and public servant Mark Taylor hears a special message from God about change in our nation. When Mary Colbert, a networker and connector of Christian ministries, hears Mark's message she feels called to start a national prayer movement which grows to thousands of people across our nation praying together for the leadership of America and a return to the godly principles we were founded upon. The Trump Prophecy tells the story of Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert through the election of 2016 followed by a reflective time hearing from leaders in various sectors of faith, business, finance, military, and world affairs who respond with their perspective on what it takes to make America great again.

Top reviews

Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020 08:40

There is a scene in the film which simply blows you away. "In The Red Corner" (see here for the plot) is an incredibly well shot film with some very powerful imagery. It is totally 'hard to look away' at this point and that is the real star of the film. The real strength of the film is the really real-world setup and execution of the script. I absolutely love the delivery of this film. I am so grateful that the filmmaker actually took the time to shoot the film as it was meant to be shot. Although there is some well-done wire work, the first half of the film felt like an amateur documentary, I could tell that the direction was shaky but that was the only thing to detract from the film. This part was really great, I can say that the director was spot on with how to shoot the film. The opening scene is the best part of the film. The images that are presented are not what you might expect. A glimpse at the world of the modern day 'liberal' Trump's, and the sheer horror that a Trump presidency would mean. I was pretty blown away by the depiction of the revolution, and the reaction of the population. The movie in many ways feels like a documentary of this moment in time, and the powerful imagery. The film is wonderfully shot. It is edited well, the cinematography is solid and the film is shot with skill. The film is well shot, has a great pace and flow to it. The acting in this film is great, there are several performances that are amazing. Julianne Moore shines as well as Amy Ryan and Jenny Slate. In the film, Moore and Ryan have an incredible chemistry and performance. The script is really strong. There are some really powerful scenes and moments in this film, the script is very well crafted. The story is not your run of the mill Hollywood formulaic. The film is true to its subject and does not try to throw in a new angle on the story. This is an incredible and powerful film that I think will be remembered in some years as one of the best films of 2016. This film is definitely worth seeing.
Wednesday, 09 Sep 2020 09:42

The Trump Prophecy is an interesting film that covers the saga of the American political operative, Roy Cohn. The film features Roger Corman and William Friedkin, and shows the true focus of this man. Roy Cohn was a very respected man, who has been a good friend of mine for a long time. He helped me understand the media, the whole business of politics and media. He was always a man I could learn from. He was an easy person to learn from because he was a person who knew how to take advice from others, and always had good things to say about his colleagues. There was a strong loyalty that he had to his work, and he was always well-respected by all. He was an outspoken man, who didn't get offended easily. He never became arrogant or rude, because he understood the importance of his work. And he made sure that his work was always the best in any situation. He always put others before himself, and this is why he was a very respected person. He was very shy, but he did not show this weakness in his interactions. He was a very sharp-witted man, who was very critical about what he had to say, but also very hard to be offended. He never gave up and he was never afraid to tell people how he felt, and not everyone was willing to listen to him. He was a man that was very committed to his work and had a very clear-cut vision of the future for the country. Roy Cohn was a man who knew how to build a campaign, and was a highly skilled politician. But he also had the gift of having a very clear-cut vision of the future, and it was very important for him to make sure that he had it right. This is how he built his reputation, and this is why he was so influential in the world of politics. But he also had some of the issues that a politician is confronted with. He did not like bullies, and did not want to be one. He was too honest to say that he loved women, and he did not like to take advantage of people. He was very strong in his opinions, but also sometimes had problems with the same type of people. This is a complex person. But this is a person that is a very smart man. But Roy Cohn was also a very smart man. He was a very well-educated man, who made many valuable contributions to the world of politics. This was because he was a highly skilled politician. He had all of the experience that he needed, but
Saturday, 01 Aug 2020 22:29

Definitely a film with a message and a message worth hearing. I am not religious but I grew up around Christian church. I was stunned at the lack of Christian faith in the church. The film is based on my own experiences as a teenager, and even as a leader of the church. As a gay man myself I felt so uncomfortable in the church as a man, when I started dating and beginning a relationship with my wife, in my mid 30s, my mother would tell me I was a sinner. I am still the same believer in God, even though I am in my forties, I am still the same believer. I was a teenager in a home that was run by God. In fact, the only one who would stand up to his father. He was a powerful man, and was not afraid to have me become a leader. He stood up for me, which I have to say, even though my father never stood up for me, he was proud of me and raised me to be a man. He was the real source of authority for me. I am so thankful to have his support and my faith was just as strong as his. The film is well worth seeing. This is what happens when faith is strengthened in the midst of ignorance, greed, and even Satan himself. The strength comes from knowing that one's God is greater and he is there for us. It takes a leader to give a voice to the minority and allow the majority to hear him. I would recommend this film for anyone who is having a difficult time of believing in God. God is still in control, even in the midst of chaos. He is still there for us, even in the midst of suffering and for the majority, he will not leave us. This film is very well done and very well written.
Wednesday, 24 Jun 2020 01:32

There's no denying that Trump has made a living off being a racist and bigot. Now his personal business has been associated with racist behavior. In light of Trump's hate-filled remarks and actions, it's no wonder that so many in the media are demonizing him. But the truth is, Trump's rhetoric is a reflection of his real-life behavior. He's a racist, albeit a person with a deeply rooted and well-documented personality disorder that involves the damaging cycle of bigotry and intolerance. The Trump Prophecy, while not saying that this is the case of a presidential candidate, it's saying that the American people are very much aware of the racism, and are ready to protest the bigotry of Donald Trump and his followers. This is particularly true of this election. The ultimate anti-Trump rhetoric has a very specific target audience. And, as a consequence, the rhetoric of hate is taking hold of the American people. It's not hard to see why. It's true that Trump's rhetoric is harmful and outrageous. But the vast majority of Americans, and the media in particular, have only one single target audience, and that is the American people. As Trump has said, we have a country, not a race. And, as people of color, we are the minority of our race. So, as we go to the polls, we will have to choose sides. There are those who will be voting for Trump in order to vote for the people of their own race, and those who will be voting against him in order to vote for the people of their own race. If we want to change this country, we need to remember that, as a nation, we are all Americans. That we have a right to elect our leaders based on their ability to lead. And, as American citizens, we have a right to expect our leaders to be free from the influence of bigotry, including Trump's rhetoric. The Racist Trump phenomenon is rooted in American history and is very much alive today. So, don't allow the media, the media in particular, or anyone else to demonize Donald Trump. If Trump's hate-filled rhetoric doesn't scare you, then you are not ready to vote for him. You need to do your own research on Trump's rhetoric before you cast your ballot. And remember that Trump has attacked you and your neighbors based on things you didn't do. He has insulted you and your neighbors based on things you have done. That is no doubt what made him a presidential candidate in the first place. Because he is leading a
Saturday, 13 Jun 2020 17:54

I can't recall ever watching an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and really not wanting to. I wanted to, but never did. So, my opinion of the series has changed. I still like it, but I can't recall ever really liking it. Then I saw the "Trump Prophecy" and decided to watch it, and it actually has more than I thought it would. The humor and humor is pretty good, but there are some really funny scenes in the movie. It has a really great story line that keeps you interested the whole time. I can't remember the last time I was so involved in a movie. There are some really nice one-liners in this movie that I actually laughed out loud at. The story is just as good as the show and it really does go for the jugular. It's a really nice story line that really ties everything together and keeps you on your toes. I have to say, the main problem I had with the movie is that there isn't a lot of action in it. I mean, it's definitely action packed, but the movie is really more about the story than anything. The only thing I didn't really like was the way the movie was edited. I mean, if the movie was longer, it would be an 8.5 out of 10. It was too short for me. I don't really like the cut scenes in movies, but it's just not my thing. I just don't like them. The acting was good, and the special effects were good. I wouldn't say this is one of the best movies I've ever seen, but it is certainly not the worst. It's definitely a movie worth watching, even if it is just to see what's going to happen.

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