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Postcards from London is a movie starring Harris Dickinson, Jonah Hauer-King, and Alessandro Cimadamore. A stylish, sexy film about a young man's journey into an unusual form of escort work, set in an imaginary vision of London's...

Steve McLean
Jonah Hauer-King, Alessandro Cimadamore, Leonardo Salerni, Harris Dickinson

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama
Director Steve McLean
Writer Steve McLean
Stars Jonah Hauer-King, Alessandro Cimadamore, Leonardo Salerni, Harris Dickinson
Country UK
Also Known As Pohledy z Londýna, Pocztówki z Londynu
Runtime 1 h 30 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description A stylish, sexy film about a young man's journey into an unusual form of escort work, set in an imaginary vision of London's Soho.

Top reviews

Saturday, 12 Sep 2020 20:22

I love a good British crime thriller.I love it when it's clever and well thought out,when it's scary and twisted and when it's a "noble savage" tale. I was expecting the best but was very disappointed. I know it is a bit late to say this but the movie has very little to do with the book. Not only is the book badly written and all the most important plot points missing but the book is incredibly slow and very slow. The movie is not. And not only is it very slow but the movie has no pace. The pace is very low,the acting is not very good,the characters are all not developed and you just feel like you are watching a totally different movie. I feel like I have seen the book and been completely disappointed. And then the movie picks up again and goes back down again to the very bottom of the book and again and again and again and again. I really think that if it was a book that was worth reading that it would have been better. The movie is too slow and too slow and too slow. I had the same feeling with the first Hobbit movie. If the movie was more of a action packed movie it would have been better. And I also felt that this movie was way too long. The movie has a very slow pace and that's not good. If you want to see a good British crime thriller and have a great time I would recommend watching the original novel version of The Lord of the Rings and not this remake. There is so much to like about the original book. That is why I love the book and I love the Lord of the Rings. I hope they do a trilogy. I also hope they do a movie based on The Return of the King. I know they are hard to do but I would love to see it. They need to use all of the new characters to keep the story going. There are a lot of great new characters in the movie. I can't wait for the movie to start.
Thursday, 13 Aug 2020 18:00

Just watched this film again and was very moved. It's a brilliant story about how difficult it can be to leave a country and a country like England. Some people will have trouble understanding the message. I've found that most people that have watched it have found it really moving. I can understand how it's not for everyone but I think that's the point. It's about relationships. It's about a man trying to escape the oppression he's been subjected to. He's in a mental institution and the psychiatrist is trying to help him. He's having a lot of difficulty with this and he has to rely on his sense of humour to overcome it. There's this one scene where he has a couple of beers and he gets drunk. He sees a couple of young girls that he meets at the park. He likes to have a good time. He tells them his life story and they're shocked. He also has a very strong sense of humour. He tells them that he is trying to get to Europe and he's been rejected from the French embassy. They're in tears. They don't understand his joke and they don't understand what he's trying to say. He says that he was asked to come to England to become a diplomat and to help Britain. He was accepted into the British embassy but he hasn't been able to leave. They think he's an important man and he doesn't know what to do. They think that he's a spy and he's lying about his time in the British embassy. They are also very confused and shocked. The whole film is about how difficult it is to leave your country and about the hardships and difficulties that you have to go through to get to another country. This is about the message and about the message that this film has. I think it's a great film that everyone should watch. I would recommend it to anyone.
Tuesday, 28 Apr 2020 17:39

This is the best film I've seen in quite a while. It takes a long time to get to where it is going, and it does go on quite a bit, but that's part of the beauty. The movie is centered around a bunch of people. One of them is the handsome guy in the wheelchair, who I don't think is a total waste of talent, but he is very different from most of the other characters. There are the deaf blind guy who is the big hearted one, who has a pretty, independent and open-minded girlfriend, and who is very much in love with her. There is the woman who is very beautiful and very passionate about having a baby. And then there is the guy in the wheelchair who is also a big hearted guy who likes to party, and who is really in love with the girl from his wheelchair. There is a couple of other characters who are in the film but are not really important in the story, but they are very good in their roles. It's really fun to see these people together and how they interact with each other. It's not all about them though, it's about all of them, and how they interact with each other. The music is amazing. I love the music, and it's very different from what you would expect from a John Williams movie. It's very sad and very beautiful, but it is also quite entertaining and fun. There are a lot of things that make this film so unique and so fun. There are a lot of musical numbers, and I think that's what makes this film so special. The movie is basically about a lot of people who are in love, and they get a chance to share their feelings with each other, and they do it with such style and style. It's very much like a Broadway play, but it is not a play, it's a movie. It's a lot of fun. The film is really beautiful, and I really recommend it to anyone who is in love or interested in romance. It's an interesting movie, but it is very romantic. If you like romantic movies, then I recommend this movie to you. I give this film a 9/10. It is a great film, and I hope that you will watch it. Thanks for reading my review, and I hope that you'll watch this film as soon as you can.

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