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Active Measures is a movie starring Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Jeremy Bash. Russian president Vladimir Putin attacks the 2016 American presidential election in collaboration with the Trump campaign.

Jack Bryan
Jeremy Bash, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Nina Burleigh

All Systems Operational

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Genres Documentary
Director Jack Bryan
Writer Marley Clements, Jack Bryan
Stars Jeremy Bash, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Nina Burleigh
Country USA
Also Known As Aktīvie Pasākumi: Tramps Krievijas Pavadā, Intrygi - superbron Kremla
Runtime 1 h 49 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Russian president Vladimir Putin attacks the 2016 American presidential election in collaboration with the Trump campaign.

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Monday, 14 Sep 2020 07:24

I just loved the footage they shot at the Nixon Presidential Library and it was well documented and entertaining. Interesting to see how some of the footage was not documented at all. I agree with another poster that they filmed all of the Nixon campaign rallies, but that may not have been captured. The footage also showed how the media became a part of Nixon's campaign, and how this fueled Nixon's 'War on the media'. The coverage of the JFK assassination and the Watergate break-ins may have been included too. I was surprised at some of the footage that was not included. I was expecting more of the Nixon's secret activities as president, the pictures of his secret liaisons and the way that the President often hid behind the cloak of secrecy. The Nixon tapes were used extensively. The show also showed footage of Nixon and the media's reaction to the riots, as well as the film that came out about how the media was hijacked by the Nixon's. I was excited when I heard about the Nixon tapes and it seemed like Nixon would have been the perfect person to use them for his power play. As I had heard that all the tapes would be made public, I was a bit surprised that no tapes from Nixon's first six years in office were made public. I was hoping that would happen, but it wasn't, so I was happy that no tapes of his presidency were made public. I thought that the documentary was well done, but it was a little hard to believe that all of the tapes were completely released.
Tuesday, 28 Jul 2020 09:34

The reason I wanted to see this film was because of the reason that I feel a great deal of justice and equality should be applied to all men and women. As a man who was not raised in a patriarchal society, I saw this film as a necessary part of the overall picture. I also believe that it is the role of the filmmaker to create a film that illustrates this role. This film was about how men were treated as though they were second-class citizens. I am not going to bore you with details of how men were treated in this society, but I will tell you this. I grew up in a very different world. The women I knew were treated like equal to the men. I had a friend who was an honor student. She was the best at everything she did. I also had a friend who was the best at everything she did. However, this was not the case for most men. I was a misfit in many ways, yet I always thought of myself as a man. This was the case for me. It was an era where a man was considered the superior man, and most men in this society were so concerned with the status of women, that they did not think twice about using violence to maintain that status. This film shows this in a very graphic manner. I can only imagine what life must have been like for the men in this society. There is a lot of violence in this film, and it is brutal, but it is also very realistic. The violence is so intense that I was surprised at how much pain these men must have been in. Men were treated like cattle. This film also shows the effects of this on the young men. It is difficult to watch, but I would strongly recommend it. This film is extremely important because it shows that men were treated like cattle. This film is a very powerful, but also very realistic and very important film.
Wednesday, 22 Jul 2020 02:50

In the midst of the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, the United Nations has been issuing reports on "Who Moved My Cheese?" and "The State of the World's Food," as part of its World Food Program, and one of the reports released in 2012 was entitled "The World Food Situation: Rapid Decline." At that time, the US had a record number of refugees coming to the country, and the situation was getting worse. The documentary reveals the plight of the thousands of Syrian refugees in Turkey, and the appalling conditions in which they are living. The children who are in the camp with their parents are incredibly ill-treated, and the adults are treated like criminals, while the children are separated from their parents and thrown into the middle of a war zone. The children are not allowed to take a single step without the adults' permission, which is a serious violation of human rights. The film shows how the Turkish government has been turning a blind eye to the fate of the Syrian refugees, and why they are in such a desperate situation. The documentary explains that the refugee crisis is one of the most serious problems the world faces, and that the government of Turkey has ignored it. The Turkish government should not have ignored the situation, but instead should have done everything to help the refugees, but instead, they have been ignoring it. The documentary has an almost documentary-like feel to it, but it is extremely powerful. The film is about the plight of the Syrian refugees, and it is highly recommended.
Friday, 12 Jun 2020 11:51

I was recently involved in a process with a previous client (who had been recently released from prison) that required me to compile a list of 3-4 trustworthy friends and acquaintances who could serve as a reference point. I called on my friends, and none of them were willing to provide a recommendation for this project. I was too stunned that I had only ever known one friend that was willing to provide a recommendation. While I was not sure if my recommendation would be on the up-and-up, I then called a few friends in my list of people I could trust. Almost all of my friends said they would be willing to recommend people they had known for many years. I then did some research, and there were two people in my list that were able to provide a recommendation. However, as it turns out, both were either in prison or had been incarcerated at some point in their lives. Both people had contacted me as a reference point because they knew the individuals who I was referring to. So I then took the time to research the other 2 individuals, and to ensure that they were able to serve as references. However, both of the people I chose to recommend also had served time in prison. I believe that the only reason why they did not serve prison time was because of the circumstances that would have made it difficult for them to ever have been released from prison. They were living with their mother and had custody of their younger sister. My recommendation was to recommend them based on their ability to remain independent, have a working job and be a good influence for their younger sibling. This is a pretty common circumstance for people in prison. My recommendation would be to recommend them based on their ability to remain independent, be a good influence and to continue to be a positive influence in their younger sibling's life. I then proceeded to research a few more people in my list that could be of use to the clients, and I was able to find 2 additional people that were willing to recommend people who had been incarcerated. I then took the time to research the two additional people in my list. As it turns out, both of these people had been incarcerated at some point in their lives. While both were incarcerated, they had been able to serve their sentence successfully and have maintained a positive impact on their younger siblings. The fact that they had been incarcerated for the same period of time was their important reason for serving time in prison. As a result, they were able to serve their time successfully, and not serve prison time. This may not be the most popular thing to say, but these two people were able to serve their sentences successfully and have a positive influence on their younger siblings. As a result, they were able to remain in contact with their younger siblings, and could now provide an independent source of information for the clients. I am happy to report that I was able to receive this recommendation, because I am a very independent person who is able to live my life independently, and would be able to provide this individual with a very dependable source of information. It was also a very highly respected name in the law enforcement community, and is very well respected in the community. I think that the clients have used this information to gain a great deal of insight into the system of prisons and how they have been treated. These individuals have shown the clients that prisons have a different experience and are not like other prisons that we may have been to. They have shown the clients that prisons are not run by criminals, but are run by prisoners. I hope this information is of value to them. Thank you for taking the time to read my commentary on this film. I truly appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into making this film. It was a process that took months, but I am very glad that it was able to be completed in such a short time. I am very proud of the professionalism of all of the people who worked on this project. Without these people, this project would not be possible. The people who put forth the work that they did to make this film, and are doing so again, are amazing.
Tuesday, 02 Jun 2020 09:14

As a former teacher of 3rd grade, I can tell you, this documentary was interesting. The interviewees were interesting. This documentary is about the causes of what is happening in America. The school shooting in Newtown, CT, was just a "tempest in a teapot" of horrible events that will cause a generational crisis in our country. What is happening in our schools is a wake up call that the country is not ready for the responsibility that comes with guns. The news coverage of this documentary was fantastic. I thought that it was good to have the interviewees talk about their views on guns, and how they feel about it. I also thought that the documentary was interesting because it gave us a good view of what the leaders are thinking and how they are doing it. I am a strong proponent of guns and the right to bear arms, but I do not support the government banning them or taking away the rights of citizens to own them. I am also a strong proponent of gun control laws, and I have been to a number of gun shows to see what is going on. I also believe that everyone should have a right to bear arms. However, I do not think that everyone should have a right to carry a weapon around in public. I also believe that anyone who has a gun in public should be responsible for it, and not let the government tell them what to do. This documentary should be viewed by everyone, and I hope that people can take it from me and make their own decision about what is happening in America. I hope that this documentary will help the nation see what is going on, and also that it will help to put a stop to these senseless acts of violence.
Saturday, 25 Apr 2020 10:56

I think that the documentary is well worth seeing. It provides an insight into the inner workings of the CIA and other intelligence agencies. It's a well researched, well produced, and entertaining documentary. The filmmakers did a great job of presenting information that many people would find surprising. It is certainly not a film for everyone. But it's definitely one that I recommend to anyone who likes intelligence or is interested in intelligence. It is a good introduction to the subject. It also has a lot of interesting information about the Iraq War. One of the most interesting parts of the film is when the CIA director gives an interview in which he explains that when he was in the CIA, he never felt like he was in a war. He saw that the CIA was not engaged in a war in which the U.S. would be fighting to win, but rather in which the U.S. would win the battle. He also said that the Iraq War was a huge failure. I think the point is that the CIA has a long history of being involved in covert operations. It has always been involved in covert operations. And it always will be. It's a real shame that the CIA has become so involved in these types of operations. It's not that the CIA is not interested in these types of operations, but it just has a lot of baggage with it. The documentary also touches on some other important issues, such as torture, illegal wiretapping, and a lot of other issues that are raised by this documentary. It's a good documentary that I highly recommend. It's definitely worth seeing. But don't expect a great movie because you can't expect it to be the best film ever made. It's not a documentary that is a masterpiece. It's a documentary that is worth seeing. 8/10

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