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Watch The Test & The Art of Thinking

For decades, the SAT & ACT have loomed colossal as a teenage rite of passage for those aspiring to college in the U.S. The experience, and the score, remain indelible for many. Students, academics, and test-taking professionals expose the bias and influence, both cultural and psychological, in this surprising documentary.

Michael Arlen Davis

All Systems Operational

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Thursday, 13 Aug 2020 04:28

This is an interesting film about the concept of thinking, or what to think about. This is not just about the subject of thinking, but the art of thinking. It is a study of the thinking of a group of people, and the very different ways in which they think. This is a great subject for a film, and it is very interesting. There are a number of different styles of thinking that we are given as an introduction to the topic. From a meditation style of thought to the more common style of the abstraction of thinking, we are introduced to a wide variety of different thought processes. We get to see the thought processes of the different subjects and how they think. Some people seem to focus more on what they need to do to be able to think, while others like the main character are looking for a point of view that is different from that of everyone else. At the end of the film, we get a couple of different points of view. There is a thought that is held by one person that is an observation on what we are doing in our everyday life. There is a thought held by another person that is a reflection on the current status of our world. The point of view is interesting, and it is interesting to see how people respond to different styles of thinking. There are some things that are held by the main character that seem to be the same as the people who are talking about the style of thinking. There is also a point of view that is held by a man that is a reflective on the meaning of life. This is also interesting to see. Overall, it is a very interesting and enjoyable film that is worth watching. I recommend it to everyone.
Sunday, 02 Aug 2020 07:48

A few weeks ago, I watched a TED talk by physicist Stephen Hawking, about the risk of artificial intelligence. Hawking, who has recently been diagnosed with motor neurone disease, was telling the audience the story of how, in a black hole, a black hole is created in a star, but the star eventually becomes too big for the black hole to escape. Hawking states that the black hole is in fact created as a result of this black hole's size, and Hawking suggests that it will end up becoming a black hole, rather than a star, and this black hole will end up going "too far away" from the Sun. This makes Hawking, who has not been speaking in public for some time, very interesting, and the talk is quite thought provoking. It's also the first time I've seen Hawking talk in a very long time, since his doctor died. I thought that this was a great talk, with Hawking's incredible scientific mind, and that he's a very interesting person to watch. The fact that Hawking is also a professor is also a big plus, and he gives a really good overview of what he's doing, and what he thinks about it. The only problem I had with this talk was that I was expecting Hawking to be all serious and science-fiction-ish, and that he's also a "mathematician", which he clearly is not. He gives an entertaining, humorous, and very interesting interview, but I also have to admit that it was a little bit boring. However, this is definitely the best talk I've seen from Hawking, and I recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about Hawking's mind. The other nice aspect about this talk is that it's not just a one-sided view of Hawking, but also gives Hawking's perspective on other scientists. It's also interesting to hear from other scientists about Hawking's views on AI and how he thinks about it. It's not an entirely positive or negative talk, and it's also not a scientific talk, so I'd recommend this to people who want to hear more about Hawking's views on science, but don't want to get too bogged down with science-fiction. It's also interesting to hear what Hawking thinks about the ways that science has been applied to other fields, like in medicine. Overall, this is an interesting, thought-provoking talk that is definitely worth seeing.

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