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Wildlife is a movie starring Ed Oxenbould, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Carey Mulligan. A teenage boy must deal with his mother's complicated response after his father temporarily abandons them to take a menial and dangerous job.

Paul Dano
Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Travis W Bruyer, Ed Oxenbould

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama
Director Paul Dano
Writer Richard Ford, Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan
Stars Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Travis W Bruyer, Ed Oxenbould
Country USA
Also Known As ワイルドライフ, Vadon, Under en öppen himmel, Mežonīgā dzīve, Kraina wielkiego nieba, Wildlife: une saison ardente, Vida Selvagem, Divljina, Wairudoraifu, Tmouna Mishpakhtit, 狂野生活, Lo que arde con el fuego, Metsik elu, Yangın Yeri
Runtime 1 h 45 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description A teenage boy must deal with his mother's complicated response after his father temporarily abandons them to take a menial and dangerous job.

Top reviews

Thursday, 10 Sep 2020 10:03

The film starts with an exceptionally good preview of the film, showcasing two of the main characters, a Russian man and a West German woman who are going to be married in the coming year. The trailer opens up a lot of potential for the film, as the film starts with a quick montage of the two main characters - one being a man and the other a woman. The opening scene takes place in the rural German countryside, where the two protagonists meet, and the film quickly takes the viewer into their world, which takes us from the seemingly typical local German town, to a remote village in the mountains. The couple then head to the mountains, where they meet an unusual group of young people. The film opens with a couple of seemingly average characters, and builds from there. The film is visually stunning, and the two main characters do a great job of portraying their characters in a very human way. I would not call this film the most original film in its genre, but it is a solid film that, at its heart, is an intelligent, thought provoking film that is not just an easy to watch romantic comedy. The film is shot in a very unique style, with the setting taking place in the mountains, and the two main characters walking through the woods. The actors who play the two main characters are also really good, especially the man playing the Russian, who plays his character to the hilt. The film is really well shot and the soundtrack is also very good. The film is a dark comedy, and I think that there were some parts in the film that did not make sense, but this does not detract from the overall quality of the film. The film is a seven out of ten for me. The film is very well shot, and the acting is great. The film does not go in the direction that it does in the second half, which was a bit weird. The film was very good, but there were some parts in the film that did not make sense.
Thursday, 23 Jul 2020 01:58

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that "Wildlife" is a gay film. It is not, and it is not a "gay" film, period. It is a character study of two estranged brothers. They are both married, but their marriage is on the rocks. One brother, James, is a great American. He is a newspaper editor, and his brother, Frank, is a lawyer. Frank is homosexual and much more successful in his profession than James. Frank has a history of drinking, and a lot of problems with his wife and son. Frank is a good father, but he is somewhat of a lazy man. He is not very encouraging of his sons. The other brother, Tom, is very resentful of his brother's homosexuality. He hates his brother's new lifestyle. He has a history of drug use, and his brother has no reason to take it up. He doesn't seem to be terribly happy in his life. This is a film that deals with issues of guilt, and guilt is a powerful emotion. It is often used as a metaphor for a man's emotions. There are many layers to the film. I have watched this film many times and I will continue to do so. I believe that "Wildlife" is one of the best films I have seen this year. It is a great character study of two brothers. I am also impressed with the work of director Gregory Nava. I would like to see more of his work. This film is an interesting character study. It has some great scenes, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys character studies. "Wildlife" is a great film, and I recommend it to anyone.
Tuesday, 23 Jun 2020 20:45

I recently saw "Under The Shadow", the movie of the same title. It's an old fashioned "Nautilus" story with an urban slant that's influenced by the great Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. The movie opens with a dream sequence involving a man in a hospital bed. He sees a figure who is somehow part of his past, and he remembers what happened to him at a very young age. He also remembers the words he heard as a child from a ghostly voice: "I'm sorry, I just had to say it." This dream sequence is the beginning of the story, and it serves as a lens through which the story unfolds. When we see the man in the hospital bed, he's clearly a hero. He's a white collar worker who works for a big company, and he has a family to support. He is in great shape, and he looks forward to retirement. His wife is an easygoing, older woman who is clearly not a part of his life. She's single and very content with her life. The young man in the dream sequence is a very different person. He's a child who is an inmate in a juvenile detention center. He's a very troubled child. He has an angry outbursts, and he thinks his mother abandoned him. He has two older brothers and a younger sister who is part of the other family. The father of the family, Mr. Chow, is a very religious man who is very concerned about the well being of his children. Mr. Chow has been in jail for several years, and he sees this young boy as a brother. He's willing to give him a chance to try to make his life better. When the child is released from jail, he is given an apartment, and he and his family take up residence in a spacious apartment. He is a rather distant father who has no time for his children. The young boy gets along well with his older brother, but his mother doesn't seem to care much about him. When Mr. Chow comes home from jail, he discovers his son has spent some time at the detention center. He's very upset that his son is there, and he also has a problem with the prison guards. The prison guards are very nasty to Mr. Chow, and he also makes some of his own problems worse by his own selfish actions. When Mr. Chow hears that the young boy has committed suicide, he is furious. He blames the police, who are responsible for his son's death. The police officer who is investigating Mr. Chow's case is a very skilled investigator, and he believes that Mr. Chow's actions are a murder. He does not believe the man who had been watching the boy over the past few years, and he is convinced that Mr. Chow is guilty of the murder. Mr. Chow also believes that his son's death was a result of sexual abuse, and he is determined to get at the truth. He does not like the idea of Mr. Chow getting a fair trial, and he and his lawyer fight to get him out of jail. He even threatens to kill Mr. Chow if he does not confess to the crime. This is a very interesting movie, and I highly recommend it.
Sunday, 21 Jun 2020 18:26

It's true that I am a little bit of a Celine Dion fan, I mean I don't care if it's the same song over and over, but I also like to see movies that aren't necessarily about music. There are a lot of films out there that are not about music that have been good and I would not be surprised if this was one of them. It's hard to pick out the characters and there are a few interesting things that I did like, but there are just too many holes in the story. The movie was about three people, a male and a female, that meet up on a fishing trip and while they are out fishing are forced to live together. The male is the head of the family and the female is a shy and inexperienced fisherman. The male's wife is so driven to be a good wife that she would rather not see her husband in danger. The male has a tough life in the family and the female has a terrible life in the family. The male is played by Bruno Ganz, who I really like and he is a great actor. His character is extremely passionate and strong, but is at times somewhat passive and indecisive. He really comes off as a rough and tumble leader. I like him in this role and it seems that he was trying to make the best of the situation. The female is played by Elisabeth Shue, who I really like and I was also surprised by her performance. She is very beautiful and I think she is a good actress. She plays the shy, inexperienced and perhaps a little too much of a princess and the character is also an extremely passionate and strong woman. The two characters have some great chemistry and I think that this is where the movie really takes off. The male is a very strong and independent character and the female is a weak and timid one. In the end, the two of them manage to come together and they work together to save the day and the male and female actually become good friends. I thought that the movie was very touching and emotional and it did have some good points. It is really sad to see the male in this situation and I think that the female has to make a very difficult decision and I think that she does it well. I also think that the movie is kind of unreal. I think that there are a lot of people who have very little contact with wildlife, so I was surprised at how realistic the movie is. The male and female are real people and they did make a difficult decision that they were forced to make. I think that they made a very difficult decision to become friends and I think that that is very realistic. The movie does show how important friendship is and how important family is and that's what I liked the most. It shows how important it is to have a close relationship with your family and friends. I think that this movie is very important and I think that it is a very important movie. I give this movie an 8/10. It was a good movie, but it was a little too long. The characters were great, but there were too many holes in the story.
Sunday, 14 Jun 2020 14:15

I just saw this at the Toronto International Film Festival and I was blown away. It was directed by Tyler Perry, who was also the writer and director of "Frozen." The screenplay is by Tina Fey, who also wrote the screenplay for "30 Rock." It stars Will Ferrell as a woman who is pregnant and struggles with the idea of giving her baby up for adoption. After meeting a man who seems to be perfect for her, the idea of the adoption comes into play. She decides to get a court order to put the baby up for adoption. The father is the best-selling author of a book called "Dead or Alive" (which is where the film is based). He is willing to let his child go with the adoptive parents. Ferrell's character, played by the late Ashley Judd, is not as good as Will Ferrell's character in "30 Rock," but it is hard to believe he is not really funny in the movie. The movie is very funny and there is a lot of humor. I think that it was also important to show that it is the father's decision and not the adoption. The father is looking for a baby who can be his son. Will Ferrell's character has the same type of problems. It is almost like Will Ferrell is the adopted one, but he is still in a new environment and has to adapt. It is not really a horror movie, but it is a very funny one. I really liked the way the movie ended. The father had a really good message for Will Ferrell. I really enjoyed the way the movie ended. I think that it was really moving. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedy.

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