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Watch Der Mann aus dem Eis

Der Mann aus dem Eis is a movie starring Jürgen Vogel, André Hennicke, and Susanne Wuest. The Ötztal Alps, more than 5300 years ago. A Neolithic clan has settled near a creek. It is their leader Kelab's responsibility to be the...

Felix Randau
Sabin Tambrea, Susanne Wuest, Jürgen Vogel, André Hennicke

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Genres Drama
Director Felix Randau
Writer Felix Randau
Stars Sabin Tambrea, Susanne Wuest, Jürgen Vogel, André Hennicke
Country Austria, Italy, Germany
Also Known As Omul de gheaţă, Iceman, Człowiek z lodu, 5300 évvel ezelőtt, El hombre que salió del hielo, Otzi, l'ultimo cacciatore, Ötzi, el hombre del hielo, Ötzi, l'homme des glaces
Runtime 1 h 36 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description The Ötztal Alps, more than 5300 years ago. A Neolithic clan has settled near a creek. It is their leader Kelab's responsibility to be the keeper of the group's holy shrine Tineka. While Kelab is hunting, the settlement is attacked.

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Friday, 02 Oct 2020 02:08

This is the story of a couple, Aline and Romain (Robert Duvall and Sarah Polley), who moved into an apartment building with their four-year-old son, who is now a very young adult. The apartment is in a quiet suburb, and the neighbors are the kind of people you'd not expect to be so quiet, and there are no cars. Yet, Aline is happy. This is an interesting film, especially because it has so many subplots. It's not one of those films that is going to be famous for one reason or another, because it has a great deal going on. But the film has a lot of things going on, and it doesn't really matter what one of them is. This is one of the best films I've seen in a while, and it's a bit like a cross between "Wicked" and "Raging Bull." It's a film that is funny, sad, and interesting all at once, and it has a message about being true to yourself and having integrity. The acting is superb. Duvall and Polley are great, and Duvall really does a good job in this film. But I've always thought Polley is very beautiful and this film shows that. Duvall's performance is excellent, too, and he has some great scenes. This is one of the few films that I've seen Duvall in that is not a comedy. But this film is not really about comedy. It is about a couple dealing with the problems of growing up, and it deals with the issues of the beginning of a relationship and how people deal with their problems. This is a very interesting film that is very well made, and I recommend it highly.
Wednesday, 29 Jul 2020 07:27

This is the story of an artist, Simon, whose wife dies. The artist is about to be evicted from the flat he lives in. The artist decides to make a film about this event and decides to shoot it in a small, dirty apartment. It is the first film of its kind and it is about the transformation of a woman, Clara, who is the daughter of a wealthy art dealer, Roland. Clara is completely helpless, a bit of a tomboy and she is the last to have a boyfriend. Roland is also completely helpless, even though he is a good-looking man. When Clara finally gets to know Roland, she is very upset because she does not want to be a part of his life. When Clara finally becomes pregnant, Roland, the father of the baby, loses his job and his girlfriend. He does not want Clara to have a child and wants to make sure that Clara does not have a child. Clara finally agrees to have a baby with a rich man, Renner. However, she does not want to be a part of the husband's life. Clara is a very good actress and has great chemistry with Renner. However, the film is not an easy one to watch because the viewer has to watch the film, listen to the film and think about the film. But it is very enjoyable and the viewer feels very sad and sad about Clara's situation. Clara is the main character and her situation is very interesting and I am not sure how she will be able to live on her own and how she will react to the situation she has in her apartment. She also is a very interesting character and I would like to know more about her. The film is about the process of the change of the character, Clara, and the transformation of Roland. The film is a very interesting one to watch because of the actors and because of the difficult situation the viewer has to watch. I have to admit that I liked the film and I have to recommend it to anyone who wants to see a film that is not about war and violence.

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