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Watch David Crosby: Remember My Name

David Crosby: Remember My Name is a movie starring David Crosby, Jackson Browne, and Jan Crosby. Meet David Crosby in this portrait of a man with everything but an easy retirement on his mind.

Music, Documentary
A.J. Eaton
David Crosby, Jan Crosby, Cameron Crowe, Jackson Browne

All Systems Operational

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Genres Music, Documentary
Director A.J. Eaton
Stars David Crosby, Jan Crosby, Cameron Crowe, Jackson Browne
Country USA
Also Known As Untitled David Crosby Documentary
Runtime 1 h 35 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Meet David Crosby in this portrait of a man with everything but an easy retirement on his mind.

Top reviews

Saturday, 22 Aug 2020 05:16

That's exactly what I'd like to say about this superb film. It's very difficult to get an accurate look at the life of someone who makes such a lasting impression. David Crosby, is an incredibly charismatic individual who is both a virtuoso musician and a deeply religious man. He is the musical genius that his label is known for, but his life and his music are so much more than that. The film begins by showing us Crosby's childhood, a very raw and tumultuous one. His father is a religious man, but doesn't have much to do with the children. Crosby is born in a church but is later baptized in the family chapel. At this time, Crosby is not yet a musical genius, he only likes to play piano and piano. Crosby has an extraordinarily active imagination, and this develops into a talent for writing and composing. As a young adult, Crosby has some of the most extraordinary experiences of his life. One of the things that is most impressive about this film is how well it shows Crosby's ability to manipulate people. From his early years in the church, to his psychedelic experience in the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds," to his battle with drug addiction, Crosby manages to manipulate people and create them. It is often difficult to view Crosby's performances, but this film manages to capture all of the images that we associate with Crosby. The film also shows the beauty of the sounds of Crosby's music, and how it has influenced every era and generation. The soundtrack is really the most amazing part of the film, with the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" and "Caught On Tape" in particular. The film manages to capture a very raw and poignant moment where Crosby says "I've lost all the memories I want." It's truly powerful stuff. The film also features interviews with Crosby, his children, his band members, and his closest friends and fans. These are very interesting, and it's very interesting to see these people talk about the man who has played on some of the greatest records ever made. The documentary is very funny, and the music is beautiful. It's an amazing collection of footage. It's a very fine documentary, and a very interesting look at one of the world's greatest musicians.
Thursday, 02 Jul 2020 04:22

This is an excellent documentary by Ron Silver, and this documentary is in my personal Top 10 of all time documentaries, not just documentaries. It covers a wide variety of topics and the subject of documentary making, the value of documentaries, the culture of documentary making, and the problems with the documentary industry. The interviews are well thought out and provide insight to a variety of topics. The pacing is fast and the tempo is excellent. The film is very well edited and it flows very smoothly. The interviews are well selected and provide the information needed. It does a great job of showing the challenges of documentary making and how it differs from the usual. It is nice to see how things are different when working with television. It also covers the challenges of a documentary being made in front of a live audience. The short interviews are very insightful and provide the information needed. They are often the highlight of the film and show what the documentary is about and why it is important. It also covers the differences between documentaries and feature films. It is very important to know this when working with these subjects. This documentary is not for everyone. It is quite a bit longer than usual and there are many different topics covered. There are interviews with directors and producers and other industry experts. This documentary is not for those that enjoy film criticism. It is for those that enjoy the art of documentary making. This is an excellent film. It covers a wide variety of topics, it has interviews with experts, and it has a fast pace. This is a very good documentary and it is very well edited. It is an excellent documentary and it is a must see for anyone who is a film enthusiast. This is an excellent documentary that is well worth the time to watch.
Thursday, 04 Jun 2020 13:49

Wow, what an amazing documentary about one of the greatest, if not the greatest, rock band ever to emerge from this country. The Beatles: they had to be around to produce the other Beatles movies and get their songs, songs like "It's Not Unusual", "A Hard Day's Night", "Love Me Do", "Let it Be" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" put together. And they were around for over twenty years, making a musical history of the world. How? They had to be around to make the other Beatles movies. Because of the money they had made from the Beatles' success, they were able to write and direct the others movies. Even the music was taken from the other Beatles' music, and made into movies for them to be released. I think the most interesting thing about this movie is how much people still talk about this group in the culture today. The Rolling Stones, the Stones, all the rock stars of the 60's, even the Beatles were discussed in the beginning of the movie. The truth is, they were one of the most successful and influential bands in history. In the end, this documentary only comes out to be a collection of interviews with people who had a personal connection to the band. I think it's one of the greatest documentaries about the Beatles ever made, and the most important and complete one. I think it would be a good documentary to watch with a group of friends. It could also be interesting for those who are new to the Beatles or rock and roll. It would be a great addition to any music collection.
Wednesday, 29 Apr 2020 08:41

After the demise of rock and roll, new generations were born. Rapper Tupac Shakur was a one of these new artists. Born a black teen, he was at the top of his game when the "Pac" rolled into the scene. His music became a big deal in the scene and led to him becoming a feared street gang member and a global celebrity. This movie goes in a different direction and chronicles his rise to stardom. You can watch it for the storyline alone, but it's much more than that. I don't want to give anything away but the director, David Crosby, does a great job at telling the story. This is not an overly lyrical documentary or a documentary about his rise. He does his best to depict what he has to say and how he has to say it. His voice is pitch perfect. It's very inspiring to see how he overcame the obstacles he had to overcome. It's also very entertaining to see him in action. He's always been an engaging and entertaining performer. It's a story about a young man's triumph over the odds, but it's also a story about a boy who had to overcome the odds, despite being a son of a mother who wasn't a very good mother. When you watch this movie, you'll get to see the kind of movie that the first rap was made. It's not a musical. It's not the kind of movie that was made to entertain. It's a story about a person's struggles and triumphs. It's about growing up in a poor area and how you overcome it. The documentary doesn't dwell on his music, which is cool. It focuses more on his life and his struggle to make it as a rapper. It's also very interesting to see him act. You will see some of the best acting you will ever see in a documentary. One of the most remarkable things about this film is how it showcases the life of a young man and his struggles, but it also shows him as a person. Tupac grew up in a neighborhood that was very poor. His mother wasn't very good. Her relationship with her father wasn't very good. He ended up having a rough childhood. He was given up by his father at a young age and was kicked out of the house. He ended up being raised by his older brother. Tupac was very intelligent and a genius, but he never really experienced a life free of adversity. He ended up being a street hustler. He's an inspiration for millions. It's also cool to see him as a young man who was still a teenager when he started making music. His voice is pitch perfect and it's incredible how well he sings. He's so good at singing

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