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Watch The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2019: Documentary

The 2019 Oscar nominated documentary shorts are Black Sheep, End Game, Lifeboat, A Night at the Garden, and Period. End of Sentence.


All Systems Operational

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Friday, 12 Jun 2020 09:53

First, a couple of remarks: This is a movie. And movies are, for the most part, excellent things. And the quality of the work in this docudrama is certainly high. Many of the actors are chosen to do well in the story, and they are. They can be cliched, and they are. And you know what? I liked them. I also liked the characterizations. A movie doesn't need to have great acting to be good. The film-makers chose actors who are believable and charismatic. They aren't going to be great actors, and they aren't going to be great people. They are going to be human. But they are believable. And the best part about this film is that it isn't cliched. It isn't even good cliched. The actors are either great or really, really good. Some of the supporting characters are great. And the film isn't meant to be some intellectual rant on the nature of good and evil. It isn't meant to be anything more than a well made story. The film is about grief, which is a natural emotion. It's about losing someone and wanting to find that person again. It's about knowing that you have lost someone you love. It's about dealing with the tragedy. It's about finding that person again. It's about finding the truth. And it's about accepting what you've lost. In this film, I don't mean the emotional aspect. I mean the truth. It's about relationships, about people who love each other. It's about what is truly important. It's about healing. It's about finding a way to move on with your life. It's about letting go. I was looking for the truth, and I didn't find it. But I did find a film that is, as always, very good. I've seen this film at least three times and will probably see it again.

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