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The Quiet One is a movie starring Bill Wyman, Suzanne Accosta, and Tony Chapman. THE QUIET ONE offers a unique, never before revealed and behind-the-scenes look at the highs and lows of the life and career of Bill Wyman, former,...

Documentary, Music
Oliver Murray
Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman, Suzanne Accosta, Tony Chapman

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Genres Documentary, Music
Director Oliver Murray
Writer Oliver Murray
Stars Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman, Suzanne Accosta, Tony Chapman
Country UK
Also Known As It's Always the Quiet Ones
Runtime 1 h 38 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description THE QUIET ONE offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the highs and lows of the life and career of Bill Wyman, former founding member of the Rolling Stones and renaissance man of rock and roll. Against the odds Bill escaped a bleak future in post-war, working class London to find himself at the very centre of a musical and cultural revolution. As a Rolling Stone he embarked on record-breaking world tours, dealt with feuding band mates and befriended some of the world's most iconic musicians, actors, sportsmen and artists. Then, to people's amazement he walked away from it all to commit to a new family and to set about documenting and preserving the memory of the 'rock and roll revolution'. Since leaving the Stones Bill has toured the world with his all-star band the Rhythm Kings as well as exhibiting his renowned photography. A keen archaeologist, Bill acts as a historical consultant on film and documentary projects and has written nine books on a variety of subjects. Throughout his career Bill shot hours of unseen film footage, took thousands of photographs, collected a vast archive of memorabilia and kept a detailed diary of each and every single day. Watching this footage and hearing the stories is like going back in time and standing at Bill's shoulder, experiencing this privileged access at first hand. The film uses his huge archive as the catalyst for stories about Bill's experience of wartime poverty, his love of blues music, the rise of the Rolling Stones, the 1960s counter culture, exile in France, his 1970s super groups, 1980s excesses and his life's work documenting and preserving the memory of such an important period of cultural and musical history.

Top reviews

Saturday, 10 Oct 2020 19:47

The Quiet One is a rather enigmatic film from the early eighties. Although I would normally not place myself in the group of people who would want to be interviewed in a documentary about the likes of Bob Dylan, I've now watched it and decided to sit down and actually discuss it with someone who might not know what to make of it. After all, it's a film about the life of Bob Dylan, so why not try and find out what it's about? However, I was surprised to find out that the Quiet One has quite a large amount of personality to it, and it's also not only very honest and straightforward, but also has a very unique and artistic style. A large portion of the film is dedicated to discussing the various stories surrounding the late Bob Dylan's life, with the main focus being his youth, his relationship with his father and his relationship with his mother. I found it interesting to hear about how he was a restless youth, especially in comparison to the rest of the kids he would be spending time with. The majority of the film is actually dedicated to looking at the stories and stories surrounding Dylan's relationship with his father. It's an interesting thing to see how the film is structured and what it has to say about his relationship with his father. The Quiet One is filled with scenes with Dylan, looking at the things he did, and this in itself is a great way of learning about the singer. The Quiet One is pretty much all about what Bob Dylan was up to, and that's the best part of the film. It's really fascinating to see what the singer was doing, and in the same time, it's interesting to see how he was doing. It's also interesting to see what was going on in Dylan's life at that time. What I did like about the film was how it left you with a lot of questions. There's lots of information here, and there's a lot of information left unanswered. You're left wanting more, and this is especially the case with the interviews. The Quiet One is a really unique documentary, but also one that you have to really pay attention to, because it really doesn't have a definitive point. It's really quite interesting, but I still wouldn't say it's one of my favourite documentaries.
Wednesday, 02 Sep 2020 21:21

If you haven't seen this, it is the best movie I've seen in years. Chris Bratt's narration was great, and his comments about the music he discovered and became a part of through this film was incredible. Great use of music is a very rare commodity, and this film has a unique art form. It is very interesting to see the evolution of the process of getting the sound into the film. Many people have said this movie was too slow, but that's not true. The music and the lyrics all work to add to the progression of the film. In the beginning, when he starts building the tape in the bar, and the film cuts to "Yesss" from Blue Cheer and "All Star" from Walk the Moon, it's very well done. When the singer is singing "Bitch", and it cuts to "Wu Wei", it's very well done. Even in the first part of the film, the music is a driving force. "Reverb", "Just Like Heaven", "Keep the Car Running", "I'm Outta Love", and "Chick Freedom" are very good. The music also helps bring you into the movie. When he begins to use his new found talent in the studio to write songs, you can see the music creeping in. He says the songs need to have more passion in them. That's what Chris Bratt is to a great degree. He loves the music. A musical background to the film is a nice touch. I felt so inspired when I walked out of the theater, and I can't wait to go see the film again. It is one of the greatest films I have ever seen. It is not only inspirational to the artists, but it's also an inspiring to people, to learn that creativity is real, and that it is a gift that should be embraced. Please, go see it!
Wednesday, 26 Aug 2020 16:20

I had heard about this documentary from my mom who was always telling me about the "songs" and I just had to check it out. I'm not sure if I'm going to be so sad after all that I want to cry, but I think I'm going to be sad a little more. I've never been to a punk show, but this documentary really showed me what it's like. I'm not sure why I was thinking that I needed to see it but I'm glad I did, because it really hit home to me. What's good and bad about this documentary? There's many things that I can say about it, but I won't because I would give everything away. Let me just say that I think the documentary really laid it on the line and the songs really brought me to tears. I was actually sad when I had to leave the theater because it really put me in a state of mind that I never thought I would be in. I never thought I could be happy with that feeling, but I was able to feel that way. I'm sure you can feel that way too if you were there, and you'll be able to relate to it too. I know a lot of people will hate it and I definitely understand. But I think the people that actually got the music just loved it, and that's what it was all about. I've heard some people saying they don't like it because it's too somber and doesn't show punk, but I can definitely see that they're missing out on something. I don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything because I loved the music. This is probably my first review on IMDb, so I hope that I've helped some people. But I'm going to go ahead and post this so people can see this documentary and they'll know what I'm talking about. 9/10
Tuesday, 25 Aug 2020 12:32

This is a very emotional film, and so far the best documentary film about Jimi Hendrix. The film isn't a documentary as we hear his voice through the music, but rather a documentary about the art of music, Hendrix himself, and the influences that made his music so interesting. The film ends with the closing credits of Jimi Hendrix's "Killer Queen," and highlights his life and music in a way that reminds us of our own passion and music, and also reminds us of the possibility of music, or whatever it is, making the world a better place. I'm not surprised that it didn't get Oscar noms, because it is not a popular subject. But I don't think that we'd get the same impact, if we were playing the guitar, or singing in front of a crowd of people. As a result of this, I have recommended it to my friends, and will watch it again. As a documentary, it is also very good. I can see the interest and passion in the director's eyes as he puts the music together. But the film is a wonderful art piece and a great testament to Jimi Hendrix and his music. The music, the light, the emotions, the feelings. The visuals are very well done, but in the end the visuals are more about the music than about the visuals. So many people don't know about Hendrix's music, but all the music matters in a way because Hendrix was unique. As someone who is interested in music, and saw his music as unique, I can see that I could identify with Hendrix, because I didn't know much about him. The film does a good job of explaining his music, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the music of Jimi Hendrix.
Sunday, 31 May 2020 19:19

One of the most fascinating documentaries I have ever seen about The Beatles, Silent Night (originally known as The Blackbird), is for the first time available on DVD. The film follows the story of the creative process of The Beatles, from their initial lack of access to the audience, through to their performance at the MGM studios, to the end of their career. The documentary focuses on the women who formed The Beatles, as well as the writers and producers who all contributed to their success. It is a heartfelt, multi-layered story about the creative process of The Beatles, and the amount of love and dedication they put into their music. It also offers a beautiful portrait of The Beatles as people and musicians. The film is essentially an all-encompassing look at the personal lives of The Beatles, the group's personal relationships, and their artistic output. It was shot in black and white, which is an interesting choice considering that it is not typical of most music documentaries. The photography of the film is wonderful, capturing the absolute majesty of The Beatles' music. The music itself is also amazing, mixing many genres with a hint of rock and roll. The soundtrack is also amazing, presenting a perfect blend of pop, jazz, and country. I highly recommend that anyone who is a Beatles fan, or has any interest in music should watch this documentary. I think that anyone who is interested in music, or has any interest in the Beatles' career, will definitely enjoy this documentary. It is a MUST-SEE!

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