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Watch National Theatre Live: Fleabag

National Theatre Live: Fleabag is a movie starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge. A rip-roaring look at some sort of woman living her sort of life. With family and friendships under strain and a guinea pig cafe struggling to keep afloat,...

Tony Grech-Smith, Vicky Jones
Phoebe Waller-Bridge

All Systems Operational

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Genres Comedy
Director Tony Grech-Smith, Vicky Jones
Writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Country UK
Also Known As National Theatre - Fleabag, ナショナル・シアター・ライヴ 2020 「フリーバッグ」
Runtime 1 h 20 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description A rip-roaring look at some sort of woman living her sort of life. With family and friendships under strain and a guinea pig cafe struggling to keep afloat, Fleabag suddenly finds herself with nothing to lose.

Top reviews

Friday, 02 Oct 2020 23:44

This was an extremely well made film, and I'd say that it was more than well made because it seemed to be seriously made, and not just some other actors and actresses were going through the motions. This film is actually a tribute to some of the greatest actors and actresses of the '70's. Let me get that out of the way first. James Woods is the best part of the film, he really reminds me of the guy in Alien, and he's a true bad ass! And the real star of the show is the man who plays the puppet master, Mr. Bowie. What a great actor! But there was something about Johnny Depp's performance that really touched me. It's the same thing that he did with "Forrest Gump" and "Edward Scissorhands". He played characters that were completely detached from the point of view of the audience, but it was such an integral part of his performance that I was unable to look away. This is one of those films that is absolutely an all around good film. It's not some great comedy of the year, and it's not some great movie of the year. It's just a great film, and I think that it's worth watching because it really is a tribute to a lot of greats. The performances by the actors are great, and the directing and script are solid. The movie is made by the legendary John Woo, and the film is directed by his son/brother, Joe. If you're a fan of John Woo, you'll really enjoy this film. For me personally, I'd say that it's the best of the three films that John Woo did after his famous "Red Cliff".
Monday, 28 Sep 2020 19:06

Ladies and Gentlemen, FINALLY a great movie to view that is NOT an A-List celebrity or group of A-List celebrity actors. "Fleabag" is a comedy of manners, a tongue-in-cheek story about a poor family that just can't afford their mortgage and has no one to turn to for help. After being evicted from their home for not paying their rent, a family of eight - including the widowed father, the elderly mother, and a young daughter - are forced to move to a bus depot. Once there, they're treated like pariahs and must abide by a strict curfew until they can be turned over to the authorities. Unfortunately, things are more difficult for the mother, who finds it increasingly difficult to pay her rent, and who receives many angry letters and other insults. Eventually, she becomes so desperate that she takes on a job, working as a mail carrier for the local mail company. This job isn't all that lucrative, but it is financially secure. She soon finds herself sharing her home with four other roommates and their pets. If they don't pay rent, they are evicted. If they don't pay, the landlord comes knocking. They have a right to be out of their home. One of the roommates, Stella, has just bought a VCR. After Stella takes it to the mail box, the family discovers that the VCR has a very unpleasant secret. What Stella doesn't know is that it's not just the mail that is being sent to the wrong address, but also their very existence. So, as the family prepares for their next move, they begin to realize that there is more to their situation than they can ever imagine. The "Fleabag" takes on a very serious tone, because of the tragedy of having no one to turn to. I know a lot of you are like me, and you know that there is always hope. If you have the time, you might want to give "Fleabag" a try. It is a very easy movie to relate to. You can see the struggle of the characters, and the realization that you are one of them. You have to admire the people that we see in this movie. I know it is a very hard movie to watch, because there is something wrong with all of us, and it really is difficult to watch.
Saturday, 26 Sep 2020 07:29

So here I was, at the theater, and it was not showing the live versions of the plays I had heard so much about, it was just me and the hilarious New York improv comedy troupe that had performed so well at the big Uptown playhouse. I wanted to get to know the cast, who were wonderful, and I wanted to see their work, so I thought it might be cool to see what they were up to, and it was cool, because it was actually pretty funny, and I definitely can recommend it! I was surprised at the amount of people I saw who were laughing just as much as I was. The play was centered on the concept of a Fleabag that was in crisis, and it dealt with questions of money, responsibility, and social class. It had a very social and moralistic attitude to it, with the actors coming up with the same questions and talking about it, and the characters were all so very different. It was definitely a double feature, and the guys had a little bit of chemistry going on between them, and I really liked it. The play was the classic "don't walk in your own shoes" and "it's okay to be who you are, in your own country", kind of play, but I also thought it was quite funny, with all the different cultures and values the actors talked about, and they were all very unique and original. They were so passionate about the idea of it, and it was very enjoyable to see the play from their perspective. It was funny, but it was very uplifting, and it had a very positive ending, and I liked it. I gave it a seven because I did feel that it was a little less than optimal, but that does not mean that it is bad, it just means that it is not perfect. I do not want to give anything away, but you can definitely see the play without it, and you will definitely enjoy it. I would definitely recommend this movie, but I would not recommend it to everyone, or people who are not interested in comedy. It is not a big blockbuster film, but it is a nice little comedy that anyone can enjoy.

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