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La camarista is a movie starring Gabriela Cartol, Agustina Quinci, and Teresa Sánchez. A look at the working environment of a chambermaid in one of Mexico City's most luxurious hotels.

Lila Avilés
Teresa Sánchez, Gabriela Cartol, Agustina Quinci

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama
Director Lila Avilés
Writer Lila Avilés, Juan Márquez
Stars Teresa Sánchez, Gabriela Cartol, Agustina Quinci
Country Mexico
Also Known As Kambarine, La camarista. The chambermaid (2018), A Camareira, The Chambermaid, A camareira
Runtime 1 h 42 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description A look at the working environment of a chambermaid in one of Mexico City's most luxurious hotels.

Top reviews

Sunday, 24 Jan 2021 00:33

This film is directed by Olivier Assayas, who has come up with an intriguing story. Here, the police keep on watching every criminal in order to reduce the number of offences and they end up closing one small corner in the city. The main focus is a local young man named Mauricio, who is so poor that he doesn't even have a heater for his room, which is why he ends up sleeping in the street. In the end, he comes to some sort of understanding with the other criminal, but it seems like it is more of a business negotiation than a friendship. The documentary style gives us a very interesting view about what happens to this man and why he comes to this conclusion, which is something we never see in the other movies. Here, we only see Mauricio's side of the story and it is also interesting to see that he himself seems to be in a relatively stable situation. What I liked about this movie was the dialogue, the voice-over, the soundtrack and the pacing. In particular, the actor who portrays Mauricio, Adriano Garcia-Montero, gives a very strong performance, which gives us a good insight into the kind of life Mauricio lives. We can see that he really wants to be a policeman but he has many other priorities in life. The only thing he thinks about is his job and to get it, he is willing to be ruthless and to kill others in order to do that. And when he does that, he doesn't care about the consequences, as long as he gets the job. On the other hand, Mauricio's supervisor, Eddie, who is the only policeman in his department, shows us the dark side of Mauricio. He makes things difficult for Mauricio, because he wants to remain in his job and not allow Mauricio to have any close ties with the people around him. Eddie is a very strange man, who has the attitude of a ruthless serial killer, but he also likes to talk about his work. Eddie gives Mauricio all the necessary information to deal with the criminal problem in his area but he does not want to harm Mauricio. Mauricio is apparently not a very good detective, but he has to do the job and he is good at it, although he has problems about his cold-hearted attitude. Even if we don't like Eddie, we can see that he is not completely bad, but he is a very strong and domineering person who wants to remain in the job and gets very upset when Mauricio leaves the force. He is a very important figure in Mauricio's life. The other important person is Mauricio's long time girlfriend, Claudia, who is a very young woman and she is a very good fighter for Mauricio. We don't know much about her character in the film, which is why we don't know what kind of relationship she has with Mauricio. One thing I think is very important to the movie is the sequence of events that take place. This is because it seems as if Mauricio is not exactly a cold-hearted man but rather he is always looking at the future. At first, he is always trying to get the job to get money, but after he has the money, he changes his mind and decides that he can't work anymore and he is not going to continue his job as a policeman. It is also very interesting to see how Mauricio faces his own problem. When he is going out to find people to kill, he cannot even deal with his personal problems. He is extremely depressed and thinks that the only thing that matters is his job and that he should put the others in their place, but eventually he has to face the real world and he has to find a way to deal with his problems. We know that Mauricio has no friends in the police department but we see that he has some friends outside the department, particularly Vincent. He is very close to Mauricio and we see that he has given him the money to buy a gun, which is important to Mauricio because he always wanted a gun that was automatic. On the other hand, Mauricio seems to always have a short fuse and wants to take things to the extreme. He gets angry when he is not given a special order or when he is treated in a humiliating way. This also includes people from the police department, which is interesting because they don't think that Mauricio is worth to be a police officer. Mauricio
Sunday, 22 Nov 2020 17:29

Jacobo Enrile, from the Osorres, is one of the most famous and most accomplished actors in South America. At the age of 18 he acted for 2 years in a television movie for El Salvador in Santiago, which he played the role of a migrant worker. Then he had a few other movies, which mostly were played by minors and they were not very good, but he has played other roles in Chile. He was still at the age of 14 when he made this movie. It was in the era of dictatorships, from the 1st with Pinochet in Chile, to the 2nd with Suharto in Indonesia. In a country where young people had to choose between jobs and college education, many of them went for college and went out of it without going into the service industries. This film is about a girl, a typical Chilean girl, whose parents, or both of them, are still at home, in the middle of the night. The family thinks they can sleep all night. But during the night the mother goes outside, a strong wind blows her clothes off, and suddenly she is in the middle of the street. She is taken to a house, but it is not the house she thinks she is in. Then she finds out her family is in the middle of a battle, she tries to escape, but, instead of helping her, they kill the friend of her boyfriend. The next morning she wakes up in a hospital, where her parents are waiting for her. And when she wants to go home she finds a place in a hospital, where they wait for her. This film is not the least about Pinochet, it is about the horrible past of Chile. I think this film should be watched for Chilean history and the young people that play in the movie. The acting is excellent, the direction is good. I recommend this movie to all, it is an excellent movie. Overall this movie is good, but it is not the best movie in the world. 8/10
Friday, 23 Oct 2020 15:06

When an American critic called this film "The best Mexican film of all time" it was a little puzzling. The "original" film was a comic-book adaptation of the book "El Tigre de Cuatro Mil Gringos", and that was supposed to be one of the most brilliant films ever made, with a huge cast of stars, a beautifully stylized plot, a brilliant director, a script that went over the top with a shocking subtext, an original score, and a body of work that is now looked back at as an influence. And that's when I finally realized what the critics meant when they said this film was "The best Mexican film of all time". The film was made in 1986 by a young director who has never made a real film, and it's a very different sort of movie. It's a film that has no great stars, the actors are unknown, and it is a strange film that offers some of the most unique scenes I have ever seen in a film. I can only speak for myself when I say I enjoyed this film quite a bit. One of my favorite scenes is the one where the mother (his daughter, it seems) accidentally finds the corpse of her son when he returns from a bar and gives a speech. It's a fantastic scene and it seems to be a little homage to the likes of the A Clockwork Orange. What makes the scene so surreal and interesting is that the mother isn't really believing in the experience. She knows she killed her son, but she doesn't care, because the world has been rude to her and her father, so she doesn't want to be blamed. And in the bar, there is a drunk who is chatting away on a single bar-line while the mother does some topless shots and the drunk has a "good thing" to tell. The mother thinks she's doing the mother's son a favor by doing what the drunk is doing, but she can't stop herself from being attracted to him, until one day when he has returned from the bar and he gives her a bottle of wine she's been drinking and she doesn't know what to do. After all the wine and being home alone, she goes out and finds a bar and a man in it who does a funny little dance and she becomes more and more attracted to him. This is one of the most memorable and most interesting scenes in the movie. The next scene is where the father is in bed with a friend, smoking a cigar while they talk. He doesn't tell them the whole story, because the more he tells, the more his friend tells him. And then there's a scene where the father is talking on the phone to his ex-wife. She says that she is going to a party where she'll have a very memorable day. What happens is that he goes and wakes her up and she starts talking to him. He tells her that he is going to be back for the party. She has an idea. She wants to have a caipirinha and she wants to drink it, because he was a good guy when she left him, but now he's a bad guy and she doesn't like him any more, and she can't live with that. Then there's the scene where he returns home from the bar, and his ex-wife shows up, and he thinks that she's still married, and she doesn't even look him in the eye when she returns. The mother finds out that his ex-wife is having an affair with the man who has a dance with her, and the ex-wife offers to use drugs and seduce him. The father (the drunk) then goes to the bar and asks the drunk if he knows what her name is. The drunk says "Teresa" and then he goes and says "Teresa Tezira". He says "Teresa Tezira", and the mother responds "Teresa Tezira", and the drunk replies "Teresa Tezira". And this is where the father notices that he is back. All this is done in one day. The mother's son returns from the bar, and he asks her if she is still married. She says "No, I'm still married, but now I have a son". This is all just so random and surreal and weird that I don't know how to explain it. What I can say is that this is definitely one of the most unique films
Monday, 15 Jun 2020 19:12

My father was a bordello flack and later a voodoo-master in this country. He has lived in France and Italy. He told me a story of the aftermath of the civil war in his native South Africa, where white rule was finally overthrown. He said that in South Africa he was a death sentence for being a white. He was condemned to death, and he had to watch the execution in a prison. "One of the guards was holding a pistol to my head, and the other one had the knife with which to cut my throat. He had it out with the knife for a long time. I thought the worst was over, but I could not believe it. It went on and on and on. I knew then that my father was going to die. He told me that in his native country he had to stay in a cell or be hanged. I think the prison guard was in on it." The film was the first time he had watched such a thing. It was so shocking that he thought of it only once. "I am never going to be able to forget this. When I was a kid I was terrified of death. I had no idea what was going to happen to me. I had no idea of what the next day would bring. I would get so excited about something, and then I would get frightened." That is the last time he ever mentioned it. He has watched it several times and I am glad I have seen it. I think it is great. The film was well-done. It shows how life in a flack was like. You would be afraid of the police, and the executioner was the one who would bring you to execution. The film was true to the period, and it was believable. The director was able to show how life was in South Africa during that time period. I was impressed with the acting. There were a few times when the actors made me laugh out loud. The film was not so much about the story, but the people. I liked the way the director created the atmosphere in the prison. It was a beautifully shot film, and it was enjoyable to watch.

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