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A Principal was call on to rescue a critically broken school. Ten years later, she is now working on her second socially and academically failing high school with a high dropout rate, riddled with crime, drugs, sex and teenage pregnancy.


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Thursday, 27 Aug 2020 06:13

The average viewer is probably aware of the various efforts to end the US involvement in Iraq. However, the evidence is very weak, and the chances of success are not good. We should all remember that, if there were no foreign troops in Iraq, the US would be at peace. An opinion piece written by one of the most well-known military commentators, Mark Bowden, provides a nice explanation for why it is so hard to end the war. He has a great deal of background knowledge, and some of his observations are very insightful. In this piece, he has a personal story to tell. He is a decorated Marine who lost his friends in the war. He is now a social worker in a retirement home. He is not out of work and is interested in what the aging and disabled have to say about the war. The fact that he is an outspoken supporter of the war is not a deterrent to him. He says he has not met any of the families of the dead or injured. He meets veterans who have lost their homes and people who have lost their jobs. He meets a widow who lost her husband because of the war. He meets people who say that they have not spoken to their sons and daughters for years. And he meets others who have lost everything. There are many more stories that I could tell you, but they are too personal for me to do so. I have been an active Marine since 1982, and I have served my country in Iraq. I am proud of my country, and I am deeply saddened by the way the war has affected the people who have lost loved ones. I have worked with the elderly, the disabled and the veterans for many years. I feel a strong connection to all of them. I hope that Mark Bowden's story will encourage others to share their stories. He has a lot to say about what happened in the war, and how the war affected people. I believe that the more people share this story, the stronger it will be for our country. I have seen Mark Bowden's work many times. He is one of the best military commentators around, and his opinions are very accurate and eloquent. He is not an expert on the war, but his comments are very credible. The overwhelming majority of the stories he tells are from the US. The people who have seen this film do not know what they are missing. The truth is that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been devastating to people around the world, and the stories of the people affected by the wars are almost non-existent. I hope that people can see the wisdom of Mark Bowden's story, and then share it with others. If we all share his story, we can end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a very important movie. It is not meant to be an objective documentary, but it does its job very well. Mark Bowden's story has an impact on people because it is true, and it is very important to the American public.
Thursday, 30 Jul 2020 06:10

I did a bit of research into the story of the actual incident. I learned that it was the rape of a young boy by an adult (aka a school janitor) in 1963. The incident was then dropped on a whim of a disgruntled teacher, who "threw it out on a whim" - and then immediately forgot about it. One of the boys involved in the incident has said it was "nothing to be ashamed of". I don't think that's the case. The teacher was accused of raping the boy, but was never arrested. The allegations were never taken seriously by the school authorities and no investigation took place. The boy's parents did not file a complaint and were happy with the outcome. The teacher was never convicted and no charges were ever laid. The victim was emotionally damaged and was given a two-year sentence at the age of 15. The school was not charged. The victim was abused by his parents and had no one to turn to. The teacher was in his early 40's and was at a loss to explain the incident. He told the police he "just couldn't help it". I do not think the teacher was a good person. He did not provide any support to the victim, and seemed to feel no remorse. It is sad to see such a great story ignored. The other teachers involved were also bad people and did not provide any support for the victim. He was left to cope on his own and had a very difficult time. The teacher has apologised, but said it was a mistake and he does not regret what he did. I think it is important that people understand the case and that there is no satisfaction from seeing a great story totally ignored.
Friday, 17 Jul 2020 07:11

The long awaited documentary "American Dreamers" by journalist Nell Zink, takes a look at the most recent wave of millionaires coming to the U.S. from overseas. The documentary was just released on DVD and is available on a free trial basis. The documentary is somewhat slow-paced, and has a few scenes of talk, but it is not overly long. The documentary consists of interviews with a number of people who had their fortunes turned on a dime by the U.S. government and financial sector. The documentary also interviews some former students of the programs, who share their own stories of the money, the benefits, and the repercussions. There are many interesting topics in the documentary, and it is a good look at the life of these American dreamers. The documentary also covers the history of the program, which is interesting and worth the time. The documentary is not too accurate, as it tends to focus on the positive aspects of the program, and not the negative ones. It does have a few scenes of talk, but the majority of the film is focused on the positive aspects of the program, so it is not as bad as some of the other documentaries. The documentary is a little slow-paced, but does provide a good look into the life of these American dreamers. The documentary is worth the time, but I do not think it is as accurate as some of the other documentaries. The documentary does not focus on the negative aspects of the program, and I think that is what makes it better than some other documentaries. It is worth the watch. Overall, a good documentary. It is worth a watch, but not the best documentary out there. 7/10.
Sunday, 26 Apr 2020 23:20

The work of the filmmaking team behind "Gone Girl" is a remarkable one, combining great cinematography with a strong script and a clever plot. It is a bit too long, at around two hours, but that's really a minor complaint. The plot is interesting and it does a great job of setting up the characters. It is also very timely, as the election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency is a good example of how an inexperienced and inexperienced person can be used to manipulate the public. The film is also a very good movie to watch while driving, as it is able to keep the viewer in suspense and keep them engaged. It is also very funny, in a way that will appeal to most people. The best thing about this film is the cast. The film features a lot of actors who have had some experience in the business. The main character of Ben Affleck is a very talented actor, but he was not a household name when he made this film. I really liked the performance of Maggie Gyllenhaal, as she is able to bring the character of Amy to life and make her interesting. I also liked Rosamund Pike as the wife of Ben Affleck, she is very strong and controlling, but is also very endearing. The acting is very strong, but what really makes this film work is the writing. The script is excellent and I was completely gripped. I was also very impressed by the photography. The film is shot in a very good way, and it really adds to the feel of the film. I think this film is an excellent example of how a film can be made in a very short amount of time. It is also a great film to watch while driving, as it is able to keep the viewer in suspense and keep them engaged.

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