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For years, Miles Lagoze served in Afghanistan as a Combat Camera, shooting footage and editing videos for Marine Corps recruiting purposes. In this devastating film, Lagoze assembles his own footage and that of his fellow combat cameramen into a never-before-seen look at the daily life of Marines from the ultimate insider's point of view. More than a mere compilation of violence, the edit ingeniously repurposes the original footage to reveal the intensity and paradoxes of war in an age of ubiquitous cameras, when all soldiers can record themselves with helmet-cams and cellphones. Combat Obscura revels in the chasm separating civilian from military life and questions the psychological toll war exacts on all that it touches.

Miles Lagoze

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Tuesday, 01 Dec 2020 15:21

So, you've heard about the recent work of the Canadian artist David Cross, who had a hand in the creation of a new drug called Captagon. You've heard of the addiction that comes with it. You've heard about the experiences of people who have made the switch. But you've probably never heard of Andrew Knopfler, the man who created the drug and the people who loved it. And that's what this documentary is about. Knopfler was a man with an interesting career. He was a science fiction writer who was also a sculptor and a painter. He made all of his own clothes, and he lived in a small apartment in downtown Toronto. He was in the habit of meeting people on the street, and would sell them the drugs he made from food scraps. His stories of the drug and its effects were captivating. And when he was asked to come up with a story for the movie, he said he would make it up as he went along. He created the Captagon (or D-7) drug, and made a new drug called D-9, which he sold as "Peso." (it is now used by police officers in their drug raids) He is credited with creating an invention that could revolutionize the drug trade in Canada, and all over the world. But he also knew that the drug was dangerous. And it wasn't just dangerous to people who were addicted to it. It was dangerous to the people who sold it to him. The movie itself is not perfect. The interviews are a little dry, and the editing is a little choppy. It is a little hard to follow what is going on in some of the scenes. And the information is more or less covered in one long interview, as if Knopfler was writing a book. But for a film about the man and his work, it is a very good film. And it is very much worth seeing. Knopfler was a very interesting man, and one who is remembered in the arts world as one of the great artists. And it is interesting to see what he had to say about the drugs that are still legal today.

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