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Xiao Q is a movie starring Simon Yam, Gigi Leung, and Him Law. Adapted from the Japanese novel Goodbye, Khoru, following a guide dog and his conflicted master.

Wing-Cheong Law
Simon Yam, Charlie Yeung, Gigi Leung, Him Law

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama
Director Wing-Cheong Law
Writer Susan Chan
Stars Simon Yam, Charlie Yeung, Gigi Leung, Him Law
Country Hong Kong, China
Also Known As Little Q
Runtime 1 h 47 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Adapted from the Japanese novel Goodbye, Khoru, following a guide dog and his conflicted master.

Top reviews

Sunday, 24 Jan 2021 11:23

After seeing this film, I felt as though I had been in a strange dream. The film tells the story of a young woman named Xiao Q, who is a police officer in a small town in China. Xiao Q is a Chinese movie, but it's definitely not a Chinese film. The director's name is Zhang Yimou and he has made many of his films with international audiences. In this case, the audience is more than likely American, so I guess he is a bit of a celebrity. He also directs films about the Japanese during WWII, but I haven't seen his film about the Japanese during WWII. The film opens up with a flashback of a young woman, Xiao Q, who is a police officer in a small Chinese town. She's in the middle of a brutal gang rape and a man is killing other gang members in her town. The young woman is afraid to leave the town because she has been threatened by her father and because she can't get away. However, Xiao Q is in love with the man who is raping her and she doesn't know what to do. She has no way out. She feels so hopeless that she begins to do everything she can to stop him. This film has many elements that are familiar to most Western audiences. It's almost as though it was filmed in California, because there are scenes of many scenes filmed in California. There are some really surreal scenes, like a scene where Xiao Q is riding a motorcycle through a desert and another where she's on a bridge while the wind is blowing. The film also has a very humorous ending. The two main characters in this film are the young woman and her father. Xiao Q's father is an alcoholic, and he constantly berates his daughter for drinking. Xiao Q tries to convince him that she is not a drunk, but he is not listening. She is so frustrated and has no hope of getting out of the town. At one point, he throws her a lot of wine, but she refuses to drink it. She doesn't want to become a drunk, but she doesn't want to be a mother. She just wants to stay with her father and never go to college. She wants to keep a low profile, but her father isn't listening to her. At one point, he tells her that he loves her, but she doesn't hear it. He's drinking too much, and she wants to get out of his life. The film is told in flashback, but the story is told in the present. We see Xiao Q as a child, then as an adult, then as a woman in her 40s. She is not depicted as a poor girl. The film is told through a series of flashbacks. When the flashbacks are told, we see the events that were the source of the flashbacks. It's a very simple film, but it's told in such a way that it's difficult to not understand. It's not a film for the audience to understand, but it is a film for the audience to watch. It's difficult to watch, but it's difficult to not watch. I would recommend this film to people who want to see a very unusual and very realistic film.
Friday, 25 Dec 2020 09:00

I watched this film a couple of days ago and I can't believe how good it was. This film was shot in Shanghai in 1997 and was one of the first pictures made there. The title and credits list the director as Chen Yiren but I was told the film was never released in China, so it must have been a Chinese film. The film takes place in rural Shanghai in the early 90s. The lead character, Zhao Cai is a young and naive farmer boy who has just returned from a family trip. He is taking a shower when he spots an old woman sitting at the urinal, who is beautiful and very active. She gives him a plate of food and a drink and he is taken to a small house where she is kept. It turns out that this woman is the mysterious Madame Chen, the ruler of the city. The two of them get to know each other very well and become friends. She gives Zhao some money and tells him that he must return to her in the evening to marry her. He does and they live happily ever after. A girl named Niu (Li Lei) is also living in the same small house. She is a poor, beautiful girl who knows little about the outside world but knows that Madame Chen is the ruler of Shanghai. Zhao visits her one night in the evening and they meet. Madame Chen appears to be very happy to see Zhao. He takes her to his palace where he takes her to see his sister, the very beautiful Madame Zhu. She invites Madame Chen to the palace and they kiss. Madame Chen seems very happy and promises to marry him. This scene is completely unrealistic and would have never been in any film made by the Chinese government. It was shot in 1997 and they used a Chinese actress who was never seen or even heard from again. It was the first film of its kind to be shot in Shanghai, which is really a very good thing because the city is still a ghost town. This film had a very unique and compelling story and was filmed on a shoestring budget. The locations were excellent, especially the rural village. The characters were very well developed and the acting was very good. The only problem with the film is that it was so dark, which made it difficult to see. It would have been better if it had been shot in daylight but that was a small issue.
Wednesday, 16 Sep 2020 18:52

If you're an adult who has some sense of humor, you should see this movie. It's the best film I've ever seen, in fact I think it should get the top prize at the Oscar's. The story is about a husband who becomes a master of a peculiar art-the art of making cinema. He gets his hands on a rare DVD, and he makes a movie. It's called "Phenomena" and it's about the destruction of the universe. You know, I thought I would never find something so entertaining as the acting in a movie. The two leads, Song Kang-ho and Gong Li, are the absolute gold of the film. They're both fantastic actors, and they bring out the best out of each other. They have a perfect chemistry and their relationship is heartbreaking. Gong Li is a very likable lead character. She has a good screen presence, and she fits the role perfectly. She brings out the best in Song Kang-ho, who is a very good actor. And this relationship is a perfect complement to Gong Li. When Song Kang-ho is in character, you see the best of him. The problem is, the movie is slow. When Song Kang-ho's character is in his character, it's almost comical. But then, when Gong Li is in character, the movie really kicks into gear. It feels like the characters are really in a fight to the death. And it's not overkill or anything. The fight scenes are brutal and long, but they're a lot of fun. They're actually very erotic. It's pretty much the worst thing I've ever seen in a movie, but it's one of the best. They're very erotic and actually have some touching moments in them. But I would recommend that if you watch this film. And what I mean is that I would recommend the last 45 minutes or so. It's the most brutal part of the movie and it's one of the best parts of the film. I think that the last half-hour of the movie is so intense and the stuff with the cult, is so brilliantly done. It's all done very cleverly. I have never seen anything like this before. I think that most people would rather watch the action on the screen, because they're not watching these heart-pounding scenes. But they're very meaningful. They're very well executed. Even when it's quite the boring part, they still manage to make it interesting, because there's something interesting in it. I think that this movie is a really good thriller. It's the best
Monday, 07 Sep 2020 15:01

This film was absolutely brilliant, I highly recommend this film. The cinematography, the score and everything else are stunning. It was brilliant in every way and there is so much heart felt. The characters are so real and the characters are so alive that it makes you feel connected to them in a way that you wouldn't feel in a normal drama. This film really captures the intensity of life when you don't have the benefit of modern technology and technology isn't always everything. In this film the technology really brings life to the film and brings you into this life of a struggling middle class family, a father and his two sons. The father is a factory worker and is getting very tired of the family problems. They are struggling so much that the father has to do something drastic for his family, something he has been wanting to do for many years. The father takes the young boy and the mother to a seedy manor that he built for them to live in, and they are put in a room that is supposed to be the company's boss's house. The father has two rooms, one for himself and one for his wife and children. He seems to have a lot of power and control in the company, but he has no idea how to get out of it. It is obvious that he is very tired of dealing with his problems. The young boy, Ma, is really very sensitive and insecure. Ma tries very hard to win his father's heart and so he tries to go out with him to many different stores and he even gets an opportunity to become the chief of staff for the company. The father is taken aback and very emotionally upset by this and after all these years of avoiding him, Ma makes the decision to go to him and try to make things work. This film really brings out the humanity and the real meaning of family and loves. The relationship between the father and his son was very touching and emotionally powerful. The father loves his son more than any other parent has and so he pushes Ma to go out with him. The son really believes that this is the only way that he can get his father's love. He even brings his dog to him, who tries to understand what he has been missing from his father. In this film the relationship between father and son are real and the father wants to win Ma over. The father even tries to tell Ma that the boys love for each other is "good" and that is the way to keep their relationship strong. The father even admits that he loves Ma because he can feel what it's like to have the type of relationship that his son has with his father

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