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Spaceship Earth is a movie starring John Allen, Tony Burgess, and Jane Goodall. A look at the group of people who built the Biosphere 2, a giant replica of the earth's ecosystem, in 1991.

Matt Wolf
John Allen, Tony Burgess, Jane Goodall, Kathelin Gray

All Systems Operational

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Genres Documentary
Director Matt Wolf
Stars John Allen, Tony Burgess, Jane Goodall, Kathelin Gray
Country USA
Runtime 1 h 53 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description The true, stranger-than-fiction, adventure of eight visionaries who in 1991 spent two years quarantined inside of a self-engineered replica of Earth's ecosystem called Biosphere 2. The experiment was a worldwide phenomenon, chronicling daily existence in the face of life threatening ecological disaster and a growing criticism that it was nothing more than a cult. The bizarre story is both a cautionary tale and a hopeful lesson of how a small group of dreamers can potentially re-imagine a new world.

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Sunday, 23 Aug 2020 01:32

With an introduction that explains how these robots work, how they make their billions, the scientific details about how they fight and behave and the humour that they have made into them, this film is for all the viewers that wanted to know more about these amazing robots that are probably not here yet. The film is a drama of which one of the main actors is the robot that has been named Tucker, played by James Earl Jones. Tucker is really a robot that doesn't have a human mind, but has the ability to learn new things by watching movies. He is trained by his director that has programmed Tucker, his programming that has been set to learn new things. With the robots in there keeping up with the people that are talking to them, it is kind of a mixture of everything that was discussed during the films dialogue, with the robot acting a little bit of it to make it more realistic, and all the communication. All of the different groups that work in this organization are represented by people like Admiral William McRaven (Robert Patrick), Director Harrison Wells (Patrick Dempsey), Director Jeffrey Toomim (Kathryn Erbe) and he main executive Amanda Rogers (Linda Cardellini), who is a leading scientist at the NASA Center for Advanced Robotics. The story is just a little bit long but in all of it it has something that makes it different than any other one. It is one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time that all people should see and enjoy. In this film, some of the performances are really amazing and it is really amazing how they have been put in such a good situation where they have all had to do everything that a regular human being has to do. This is why this film is really important for all people that want to be scientifically educated and understand these amazing robots.
Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020 06:48

This is the movie of the year. It's an international documentary by New Zealand filmmaker Simon Willenson about one of the most interesting and controversial artists in history - Pablo Picasso. In 1966, he decided to create a new type of painting that he would be called "Le Coeur d'Or". This painting had to do with the story of the human being, and was a true homage to Picasso's mother. When his mother died of cancer, Pablo Picasso decided that he should also die. He began the process of "the Last Supper", and gave a painting that he would never see again, as well as he wanted to be remembered. All of this was done in his studio in Picasso's native Spain. Once again, he would take a new painting from his collection, create a new one, then give it to his mother. The album that this is a film of, is a new version of his painting, called "La Vita e Me", and it is a work that is not being sold. It is, however, one of the most recognizable paintings in the world. It is a picture of a woman standing, and she is speaking to a boy in a very personal way, telling him about her life. This is the only time that Picasso said this to the public. After this, he began to do his life's work of death. The documentary then focuses on the photographer John Hurt, who was the first person to photograph this painting. John also spoke about this painting. The interviewees were French, and the director was an American, so that the audience could be able to understand the meaning of it. In conclusion, this is the most important documentary of the year, and it is a must see for everyone. It is also one of the most thought provoking. The movie contains some amazing, artistic and artistic interviews. The director Simon Willenson is a great documentary filmmaker. I have seen his film on a number of occasions, and I always learn something new. I recommend this film to anyone who is into art, or even just art in general. The film itself is great, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Rating: 8/10
Monday, 13 Jul 2020 21:31

I have never seen a documentary before about the science of space travel. That is a shame, because this is a story I am very familiar with, and should be more widely known. The title is very apt because the film is about an exciting experiment on the International Space Station. I like the story line, and the story the film tells, but I feel there is a lack of science information. The movie goes a little out of its way to tell the story of what happens during a series of spacewalks, but I think that was to keep it in the spirit of the film. It did seem to get a little tedious at some points, and that is to be expected of a documentary. The main problem I have with the film is the lack of information on the space shuttle Columbia, which went to the moon in 2003. The shuttle was the only one that had the ability to provide communication between Earth and the moon, so the movie shows astronauts chatting with each other in space and in Earth orbit, but no one is talking to the shuttle Columbia. The film goes on to explain that the shuttle Columbia was the first and only to have an unmanned orbital flight, so it was definitely the highest priority of the space program. Yet the film doesn't say that, and I do feel like there should have been more information on the Columbia, particularly since it is the only shuttle in the world to have such a mission. The biggest fault with the film is the lack of information on the space shuttle Challenger. It went to the space station, but the film doesn't even mention that, and I feel like there should have been more information on the Challenger because it was the first shuttle in history to have a fatal accident. The film has a number of great scenes, such as when the shuttle Columbia comes to rest in the ocean, the sequence on the Space Shuttle Atlantis in space, the events on the International Space Station, and the scenes of the astronauts on the shuttle Columbia before they return to Earth. I think the makers of the film need to take a little bit more time to understand the shuttle Columbia and the events that led to it's tragic accident.
Friday, 10 Jul 2020 02:23

I saw the 'All You Can Eat' dinner theater program on the Sci-Fi Channel. The program had some great pieces of video history. This one, this one on the big screen, was made by the Institute for the Future of Entertainment, a prominent video game studio based in New York. That is the subject of this featurette, a four-part documentary on the very seminal game "Space Invaders." Space Invaders was the first video game to use the famous space theme music. One of the things that makes the game so interesting is that it's as much about cultural ideas as it is about just looking at the screen. The whole experience is based on the gameplay and the memory that plays in the players' minds. "Space Invaders" is one of the first video games I ever played, and it's pretty amazing how it shaped my lifelong sense of what video games are about. Watching the film, you'll see that the game has a lot of historical significance, and also that it has a lot of "old school" heritage that was often overlooked in the 20th century. The game is a cornerstone of video game culture and represents a milestone in the history of game development. The video game companies, it's interesting to note, were based on real game studios in Hollywood, and this one was pretty much the start of the company. The film has some great interviews with some of the developers and game historians, and it's definitely worth watching. The production value is very good, with lots of locations, backgrounds and in-game sequences, and the interviews with those involved with the game are great. The fact that the film is based on the game makes it even more interesting to watch. The game seems like a natural subject for the film, and it's only fitting that the director was also the producer of the game. The film will definitely appeal to fans of the game, as well as game-makers, fans and movie makers in general. Space Invaders was made for adults, and it's great to see that it's still popular, and that it's a great game.
Thursday, 11 Jun 2020 07:18

This documentary was a treat. It starts out as an argument between real life geologists and professional scientists who think that the earth is flat and that humans must be at least 6,000 years old, but instead follows the views of a small group of self-proclaimed experts who claim that they are in possession of the last 40 years of scientific evidence proving the earth is flat, and that the idea of God exists. These men and women go on about the decline of civilization, the fall of the Roman Empire, the downfall of the New World Order, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of the Islamic Caliphate, and so on. They are certainly not out of touch with modern scientific evidence, but they are certainly preaching a very strange idea, and I found myself amazed by the zeal and zealotry of these people. I was afraid that I wouldn't like this film, but I found it to be incredibly entertaining and educational. And it had a great voice-over by Colin Powell. The scientists and experts are absolutely horrible people. They are greedy and evil and the ones they are speaking about are just going about their business, their lives and not giving a hoot about anybody else. That's why I felt that the world of these individuals is so frustrating and hollow. But the science in this documentary is one of the best I've seen in a long time. I loved the way they played it up to its logical conclusion, as if these people really were scientists. I love the idea that God exists. I love the fact that this documentary made it impossible for me to dismiss the existence of God. There are so many of us who believe in God, and I think that God exists, and that the notion that the universe is 6,000 years old is ridiculous. It's one of the few ideas I find the most frustrating. I'd have to believe in God to dismiss the idea that the universe is 6,000 years old. But this film has made me think, and that's one of the best things a documentary can do. I hope the people who watched this will think about the things they believe in and see this film and think. This is a wonderful documentary that I highly recommend.

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