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Instant Family is a movie starring Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, and Isabela Merced. A couple find themselves in over their heads when they foster three children.

Comedy, Drama
Sean Anders
Rose Byrne, Isabela Merced, Gustavo Escobar, Mark Wahlberg

All Systems Operational

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Genres Comedy, Drama
Director Sean Anders
Writer John Morris, Sean Anders
Stars Rose Byrne, Isabela Merced, Gustavo Escobar, Mark Wahlberg
Country USA
Also Known As Instant obitelj, Familie de-a gata, Familia al instante, Apprentis parents, Une famille immédiate, Família Instantânea, インスタント・ファミリー 本当の家族見つけました, Kiirperekond, Instant Family - Når 2 bliver til 5, Instant druzina, Plötzlich Familie, 速成家庭, Instant porodica, Instant család, Con Nuôi Bất Đắc Dĩ, De Repente Uma Família, Pitt'om Mishpakha, Rodzina od zaraz, Şipşak Aile, Στιγμιαία οικογένεια
Runtime 1 h 58 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Married couple Pete and Ellie Wagner, feeling a void in the marriage, visit a foster care center. Two social workers, Karen and Sharon, guide the hopeful parents on the steps to getting into becoming adoptive parents. The couples are brought to a fair where they have the chance to go up to kids that they are interested in adopting. Pete and Ellie walk by the teenagers, although Ellie shows hesitance over raising a teen, but one of the teens, Lizzie, informs Ellie that they all know no one wants to adopt the teens. Pete and Ellie talk to Karen and Sharon over potentially taking in Lizzie. The social workers inform the couple that Lizzie's mother is a drug addict who is currently in jail, and she set their home on fire because she left the crack pipe lit. It also turns out that Lizzie has two younger siblings, Juan and Lita. Although this seems like more of a challenge for Pete and Ellie, they agree to meet the siblings. Pete and Ellie have Thanksgiving dinner with Ellie's family, where they all make comments about never having confidence in the Wagners adopting kids. Ellie has enough and decides that they will go through with the foster care to prove that they can be good parents..

Top reviews

Saturday, 19 Sep 2020 23:16

I'm not sure where to start. I saw it in the dark, my very own house, and I didn't quite understand what I was watching. There were some great ideas, but I don't know that the pace of the film was a good idea in itself. I think that is what made the film work. It started slow and steadily took the film in a new direction, but that alone is what made it work for me. There were many great moments throughout the film. There was the first sex scene with Drew Barrymore, of course. There were the times when the teen cast members and the adults were dealing with their issues. There were the times where they were dealing with the gang and those dealing with their teens. There were some hilarious moments between the kids and some bad teens. And there were some straight forward moments with the gang. It was great. The ending was truly touching and original, and definitely thought provoking. I'm not quite sure how to sum it up, but this movie is definitely worth the watch. If you like Tom Shadyac or the other acclaimed Aussie gangster films, you should definitely check out this film. It's not high art, but it certainly entertains. And there are more hidden meanings than what you'll see on the screen. I do have a theory that the film is about to get stolen. It's already been released and it's getting out of it's localities and people are very excited to see it. It's very sad to see a great idea stolen by the local gangster, and it will be hard for the thief to steal the film. I'm guessing, that people will give it a second chance and re-release it in the local markets. For now, it's available for rent in a theater in North America, but it's not gonna be widely available for some time.
Sunday, 07 Jun 2020 00:34

In my review for THE MAN I KNOW, I compared the film to the Vietnam War film, TO LEAVE OZ. I was right. Not because the Vietnam War was the basis of the film. I actually liked THE MAN I KNOW. It was an independent film with an English-speaking cast. But, I do feel that the subject matter is complex and that the film could have been better. Having said that, the actors, the settings, the general idea of the film, the story and the themes of the film are very good. I believe that the subject matter of the film, in the hands of a better director, would have been the perfect vehicle for an art film. I thought the strengths of the film were that it was very different from any American film I have ever seen, with its real-life elements and its realistic portrayal of the differences between the cultures of the United States and abroad. I also thought that the film was very real, because of the manner in which it was shot. I thought that the cinematography was very good. I thought that it was very well done, because it was real. So, I have given the film a good rating, because I believe that it was an independent film that did a good job, and because of the strengths of the cast, the settings, the subject matter, the realism of the film, and the strength of the cinematography. I will still recommend it to everyone, but I will recommend it for people to go into the film with an open mind. And, when they come out of the cinema, they will not have any preconceived ideas about the film. They will come to it with a perspective that they didn't have before. I am not sure that the film could have done without the performances of the actors. They were excellent in the film, and they did a great job. I enjoyed the characterizations of the actors and the realism of the film. I think the film was well written and the acting was excellent. In summary, the film was good, but could have been a lot better.

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