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Watch Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes

Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes is a movie starring Tony Waag, Babette Bombshell, and Catherine Corcoran. A documentary that explores the rise and fall of the late Roger Ailes, from his early media influence on the...

Alexis Bloom
Catherine Corcoran, Tony Waag, John Reardon, Babette Bombshell

All Systems Operational

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Genres Documentary
Director Alexis Bloom
Stars Catherine Corcoran, Tony Waag, John Reardon, Babette Bombshell
Country USA
Also Known As Sex, Trump & Fox News, Untitled Roger Ailes Documentary, Manden bag Fox News, Divide y triunfarás. La historia de Roger Ailes, Diviser pour mieux régner: l'histoire de Roger Ailes
Runtime 1 h 47 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description A documentary that explores the rise and fall of the late Roger Ailes, from his early media influence on the Nixon presidency to his controversial leadership at Fox News.

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Sunday, 25 Oct 2020 23:00

The adage that people with power have a tendency to exploit it is often attributed to the late Steve Jobs. But is it the case that power corrupts? A look at the power of Fox News and Fox Business Network reveals a reality that could seriously damage the trust between the public and the media. "Fox News has a reputation for being the enemy of the American people," says Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC's "All In." "They claim to be 'neutral' and 'non partisan,' but that is not the case." Maddow shows that the network is anything but neutral. It is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a man who has an estimated fortune of $13 billion. He is a media mogul who uses his money to buy and distribute propaganda. Murdoch wants to control the media and wield influence over the population. He controls many media outlets, including Fox News, the biggest news network in America. At the same time, Murdoch has been trying to find ways to overthrow democratic institutions. In the early 2000s, he started a media watchdog group called the Committee to Protect Journalists. He would bring in reporters from other newspapers to try and discredit news stories that could hurt his business interests. And he hired a former member of the Nixon Administration to work at Fox News. "There is a picture that people can't see," says Maddow. "They say that Rupert Murdoch is a media mogul who doesn't want to be influenced by the press. Well, he is trying to buy up the press, but he is not interested in the press." The Fox News Channel is run by Roger Ailes, who has a reputation for bullying his employees. The network has a reputation for hiring and firing employees without explanation, and for interviewing their enemies without regard for the truth. For example, Ailes hired Gretchen Carlson, a conservative television anchor, to be a contributor to his show. Ailes has allegedly sexually harassed her and then fired her after a meeting. She took her complaints to the Fox News Channel, which agreed to discipline her for the incident. "Roger Ailes is the most powerful media figure in the world," says Maddow. "He controls what we see on TV and what we hear on the radio. He controls what we read, what we see on the internet, what we hear on the radio, and he controls what we hear in print." The Fox News Channel is owned by the Murdoch family, who control a group of media companies in America. Murdoch, who lives in New York, runs Fox News and Fox Business Network. In addition to making the media into a political tool, Murdoch is also a business man who has his eye on other media interests. He wants to build a media empire that will compete with the media conglomerates in the United States. As Ailes has built Fox News, Murdoch has poured money into other media outlets. He has invested in the National Enquirer, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and other publications. "There are so many people who
Friday, 23 Oct 2020 20:41

I was watching "Roger Ailes: The Fox News Mystery" on cable the other day and found myself somewhat enthralled by the story of Roger Ailes and his tenure as Fox News chief executive. Not all that long ago, the most prominent figure in the news industry was considered to be a misogynist, racist, and bigot. He made money by pushing out reporters who were critical of his personal beliefs and by eliminating those who would criticize his views. Yet, he was given a job at Fox News by Rupert Murdoch. The man had a vision of what Fox News would look like, and in his final years, he accomplished that vision. He created the television show "Fox News Sunday," which became the most watched show in the history of television. He created the Fox News Channel, which became the most watched channel in the history of television. The Fox News Channel is what is now called a cable news channel, which Fox News has promoted as a great news source. It is not. In fact, it is mostly the opposite. The story of Ailes is one of the many tales of Fox News, but one that, ironically, is mostly told by those who should know better. I will not say more about the movie because I believe that if you see it, you will know what I am talking about. This movie tells you how Fox News is a very dangerous place. It is a place where you can't really tell a story. One day, a story about a scandal at Fox News and the network's ratings was enough to fire a person who was just in the network, and it is a place where people who are loyal to Fox News and its owner are made to feel that they have to apologize for their actions or else. I am not talking about the "Weasel" scandal, where one of Fox News' anchor-kings was accused of sexual harassment. I am talking about the New York Times story about Ailes, where a group of journalists was threatened by the former chairman of Fox News. The journalists would not do anything about it because they were afraid of being on the losing side of a potential lawsuit from Ailes. The same thing happened with the "Weasel" scandal. I am not talking about the current accusations of sexual harassment or racism against Bill O'Reilly. I am talking about the complaints that Ailes was making about these women who were complaining about him. I am talking about how Roger Ailes made the women feel that they were doing nothing for their careers. He wanted them to know that they were not being taken seriously. That's what this movie shows you. The movie has a few good scenes. I have always liked Bill O'Reilly's antics and I thought the scenes where he was interviewed were amusing. But that is all. If you are not a fan of Fox News or you are not a fan of the company that it has become, then you may not like the movie. I am not saying that the movie is bad, but I am not saying that you will
Thursday, 10 Sep 2020 15:29

If you are a Fox News viewer, you have probably heard about the political events that took place in this film. In fact, I am a Fox News viewer and a Republican. I thought that this film was very good and worth watching. For example, I thought that it was very funny how many Republicans were crying on camera and saying how they were the victims of a witch hunt by the media. In the film, Fox News has been called the "Gateway to Terror" by many critics, who in reality is the most trafficked terrorist network on the planet. But there was a much more interesting side to this story. During the 1990's, when Fox News was in the news, there was a man named Robert Gibbs who ran the network. His son James would go on to be a White House counselor and the CEO of the Clinton White House. The "Gateway to Terror" is a very interesting and interesting part of this story. The Clinton White House's decision to hire Robert Gibbs as the "chief strategist" for the Clinton White House was a smart decision. I think that Fox News was a great choice for this role because they have a lot of political smarts. I thought that the film was very good and worth watching. I think that Fox News has been accused of being the "Gateway to Terror" but they are not. The people in this film did a great job telling the story of how the Fox News network became the center of the political system. I recommend this film to anyone who is a Fox News viewer, or if you are a Republican, you should watch this film.
Wednesday, 29 Jul 2020 23:38

I just saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival and I loved it. I found it to be an entertaining look at the controversial rise and fall of a man who was a household name for decades and became the face of the conservative movement, Fox News. In many ways, the film is like a period piece. It has a glossy look, a general feel to it and the actors are excellent. The story starts with Roger Ailes being selected by Fox News to run their Presidential campaign. Ailes is a small time Republican operative who doesn't like politics but is hired by Fox News because he has some political acumen. He was at the beginning of his career when his boss, Rupert Murdoch, offered him the chance to be the Chief News Reporter at Fox News. Murdoch wanted Ailes to be the first male to anchor the channel and his name was something that a lot of people knew. So Ailes was a hot commodity. The film is about his rise and fall, the rocky relationship with Murdoch, and the reasons that led to him losing his job. But it's also about the real-life battles between Ailes and his boss and the media and how the battle ultimately became a battle of media dominance and how Murdoch took over. The film is divided into two parts, the first focusing on Ailes and the second on the battle. This is a really good look at a man who had a lot of potential but became a very famous figure in a very short time. Ailes was a big deal in politics. His name was associated with the Republican party and his name was on everything. When Ailes was at the top of the list of candidates, he was very popular with Fox News. He had good ratings and the network had a lot of credibility and was respected by the Republican establishment. The film shows how he got the job at Fox News, and how he became the face of the conservative movement. Ailes and the Republican party were fighting a war of media dominance. The media was using the Fox News name to attract viewers and to keep conservative voters. The media was using Fox News to feed conservatives their talking points. Fox News was the right wing's propaganda machine. The film is a good look at the rise and fall of Ailes and his relationship with Murdoch. It's very interesting and well made.
Saturday, 25 Jul 2020 23:04

Roger Ailes, as many have been saying for years, is the new bad guy in the media. However, there is no evidence of this whatsoever. It is a conspiracy theory, that he is some kind of media genius who "wrote the script" on what the media wants to say. However, this was not the case. When I saw the documentary, I realized how much this person could control a news channel, and how much influence he had. The biggest problem with this documentary is that there is no evidence. There is a lot of evidence that his influence on the media was questionable, but I have never seen any evidence that he "wrote the script" or was the one who did all the work. He was a master manipulator, and I think his ideas on the media were bad. However, I am a feminist and that's why I want to know what his ideas were on the media. If he is not the one who wrote the script, then I think he should have done a better job in controlling the media, because he was one of the few people in the media who was worth paying attention to. I think that the documentary did a good job in showing how much he controlled the media, and I think that it did a good job in telling the story of Roger Ailes. It is interesting to see how the media reacted to this guy, and to see how much influence he had. It is a shame that he was not punished for his crimes, and that he got away with it, because he was a truly evil person. This documentary was really interesting, and I recommend it to anyone who has never heard of Roger Ailes. I think it is a good documentary, and I would watch it again.
Saturday, 25 Jul 2020 13:33

We all know that Roger Ailes was a self-obsessed media-hating genius. This documentary will get to the core of that. The point of this documentary is to document Ailes and the attempts he made to mold Fox News into the most powerful media outlet in the world. The reason he succeeded is because of the personalities he hired. One of the biggest names was Jeff Zucker, a famous CNN anchor and contributor, who also knew Fox News and its influences from the inside. Zucker played an important role in shaping Ailes' vision for Fox News. In the end, the biggest thing Ailes accomplished was to gain control of Fox News. However, the most interesting part of this documentary is to see how the most powerful man in the world, without question, could screw up and create an ill-conceived network. Zucker himself said that he was more like a private equity investor than a political consultant. And, he was the perfect choice. And, the "Company" was created. Zucker was able to spend his own money to create an alternative to what the Democratic Party has been working to build. He wanted to make the Fox News channel into a pure information source for the American people. With his ideas and money, Ailes managed to turn Fox News into the most powerful media outlet in the world. When Ailes died, it was thought that his wealth would benefit the media, but the truth is that his money went to pay off his investors. This documentary will get you to the truth, and put Ailes' legacy in perspective. The fact that Roger Ailes was able to get away with all of the things he did is simply amazing. I highly recommend this documentary to everyone who cares about the media. It shows us what really happened in the Fox News world, and how the Ailes family can be seen as a hero of the media. I highly recommend this documentary to everyone. I give this documentary a 9 out of 10.
Saturday, 13 Jun 2020 21:17

The movie begins in the early 80's when two liberal TV pundits debated the issues of their time: Reagan's domestic policies and the communist threat in Central America. The debate ended up in a decisive way as did the late 90's when the U.S. military invaded Grenada. The topic then shifted to the Clinton Administration and the Iraq War. This topic was tackled in a very compelling and factual way, and the movie doesn't skip a beat. It is very clear that the movie was made with the intention of influencing people to vote for Clinton in the 2000 elections, and this was the point of the movie. Unfortunately the movie misses that mark and shows the administration as either inept or simply incompetent. While the movie did not make me an advocate for Clinton's policies, I did see a new side to the man. The way the movie portrays him is definitely worth a look. As the movie progresses we see him turn from a man who has a strong conservative and a strong liberal stance, to a man who was really only interested in his own career and money. He had a strange personality. We also see him and Bill Clinton having a love affair at the same time. It is clear that Bill Clinton was the catalyst for his wife's policy decisions. But the movie does not show the impact of his policies on the lives of the people in the United States. Instead, we see Clinton as a rather nasty man who had no respect for anyone. He would have us believe that he was actually the good guy. I think the movie failed to convey this point. But the movie did make me understand that while Clinton is a good man, he is not a great one. The movie also fails to address the elephant in the room. Clinton did not have the popularity of Bush or Reagan. People were not buying his policies. They were not buying his wife. The movie also fails to show the difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties. Bush and Reagan were from the Republican Party. Clinton and Bush were from the Democratic Party. This does not necessarily mean that the Democrats are the better party, it simply means that the Democrats are the more conservative party. The movie doesn't go into a great deal of detail as to what the Democrats actually believe. It just seems that they are just a bunch of people who believe in small government and what they call "choice." As for the Republicans, I think they are all the same. They want big government and they want to take away people's rights. I don't think the movie should have been made. I think it is well done, but it was a bit too long and not as entertaining as I would have liked. I think it is an important movie for people who want to see more of the problems in our society. The movie does a good job at making you think and also shows us what was going on in the country back in the 80's.
Sunday, 26 Apr 2020 11:32

The movie does a great job in bringing out the insecurities of Roger Ailes as the CEO of Fox News. I can say that I was a very negative person about Roger Ailes because of the way he treated his employees and the way he treated women. I was just hoping that the movie would touch on some of the other issues that he was known for. However, there was a lot of content that was very sexist, racist and sexist. There was also a lot of content that was just plain embarrassing and disgusting. The film has an extremely balanced message about the way that Roger Ailes treated his employees and the way he treated women. The movie also covered a lot of other topics such as the influence that pornography has on society and how pornography is the only thing that keeps Roger Ailes in power. The movie also covered a lot of other topics that are not necessarily important to the viewer such as how Roger Ailes is the main reason that Americans hate Donald Trump. The movie also covers the many other controversies that Roger Ailes has faced throughout his career. I also liked how the movie addressed the fact that Roger Ailes was married with two daughters and that he had been married with his first wife for only two years. The movie also touched on the fact that Roger Ailes is a very private person and the fact that he is very controlling of his employees. I was surprised to hear that Roger Ailes had never married in his life. This is definitely a great movie to watch if you are interested in how Roger Ailes had been treated by society. I also liked how the movie showed the issues that Roger Ailes had to face while he was at Fox News. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in Roger Ailes and his various controversies.

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