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How Do You Know is a movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, and Owen Wilson. After being cut from the U.S.A. softball team and feeling a bit past her prime, Lisa finds herself evaluating her life and in the middle of a love...

Drama, Comedy, Romance
James L. Brooks
Owen Wilson, Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Director James L. Brooks
Writer James L. Brooks
Stars Owen Wilson, Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon
Country USA
Also Known As ¿Cómo saber si es amor?, Alt hvad du har, Poznás, az to prijde?, Nerden Biliyorsun?, Kā lai to zina..., Kuidas sa tead, Poion apo tous dyo?, How Do You Know?, Come lo sai, Tens a Certeza?, ¿Cómo sabes si...?, 愛在心裡怎知道, 幸せの始まりは, Untitled James L. Brooks Comedy, Eh a'tem yodim?, Kako ves, Ποιον από τους Δυο;, Honnan tudod?, Woher weißt du, dass es Liebe ist?, Comment savoir, Is kur tu žinai?, Como Você Sabe, Skąd wiesz?, Everything You've Got
Runtime 2 h 1 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Star softball player, Lisa, has just been cut from the national team; Scholarly business man, George, has just been indicted from his father's company. With everything that they know in their lives taken from them, Lisa and George attempt to find romance. Lisa's potential boyfriend, Matty, however, is as clueless and perpetually single as they come, and George's girlfriend just dumped him. A chance hook-up through mutual friends, Lisa and George may be able to form a friendship, or more, that can help them climb out of the piles of lemons that life has handed to them.

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Wednesday, 13 Jan 2021 15:07

The young man driving the black limousine from Brooklyn to New York City looks an awful lot like Sean Penn. But the key difference is that Penn was an actor before he became a director, while the young man is just a guy who got into the business of acting, and has made a name for himself in the business. The young man in question is Vince Vaughn, and when I say young, I mean relatively young, as a movie director. Vaughn is essentially playing himself, but in a sort of "John Hughes" style, as he picks up a hitchhiker, and then acts like a guy he might meet along the way. Once again, I'm not saying Vaughn is a better actor than Penn, but he's definitely better in the leading role than the supporting role. So the young guy is supposed to be all this guy, but he doesn't exactly come across as a likable individual, but just a guy whose life is going to be complicated if he continues to go in the direction he's going, and there are no guarantees that he can pull it off. He's basically dealing with people who seem to have had it easy, and he's seeing his best friend going down the same path. The young man's best friend doesn't know any better, and he starts to invest all his time in a kind of "mad scientist" sort of work. But that work isn't completely done until the young man has to give up his childhood friend. And by the time the old man is gone, the young man has a new friend, and a new relationship. As the movie goes on, things don't get any easier for the young man, and all of a sudden he's made himself into a sort of revolutionary, and all his friends have the same effect on him. There are some things that make you appreciate the young man's character, and you sort of have to look past the fact that he's very likable. And you have to see that there's a logic to this behavior. But in the end, I wasn't very moved by this movie, and I was a little disappointed. But I don't think it's in the least bit as interesting as a Sean Penn movie. In my opinion, this movie isn't just as good as his other work, but it's also really good. And that's no small accomplishment.
Friday, 01 Jan 2021 01:39

I think we can all agree that Judd Apatow's films have improved immensely in their last two films. This one is no different, but not quite as well as the first two. The funny thing is that the previous two movies were hilarious, so why does this one leave us with a sense of uneasiness? While the first two were funny and somewhat thought provoking, this one is almost a dry cough. The film deals with a group of people who meet by accident on a road trip. One of the group's leader, Blake (Chris Diamantopoulos) is played by Will Ferrell. Ferrell plays an arrogant, self-absorbed jerk who never learns from mistakes. He doesn't seem like the typical "smarmy guy" in this movie. He seemed more like a competitive sadist. This movie was too disjointed to be as funny as the first two. The closest that this movie came to comedy was when Blake (Ferrell) randomly calls a character named Lenny (Wyatt Russell) the first person he calls. This is funny, but the joke does not seem to have a point. If you can make a joke about someone and expect people to laugh about it, that is not the joke. It's just a funny name. And what about the rest of the jokes? They aren't funny either. It just seems like they're saying the same thing over and over again. The movie also has a very funny scene involving a feline and a non-existent toilet. The feline sounds like something from a 90s-era sitcom and the toilet sounds like a novelty. This scene is basically the only funny part of the movie. It's the funniest scene I have seen in the last ten years. The movie was overrated in my opinion. The first two were great, but this one was awful. It was disappointing because I really loved the first two. I'm not a fan of Mr. Apatow's style of humor. This movie was entertaining for the most part, but the jokes just seemed random and did not have any point. It's a shame that this movie was such a disappointment to me, but it's an alright comedy to watch on a lazy Saturday night. It's only average, but that's why I give it a 7/10.
Monday, 14 Dec 2020 12:44

The high hopes that could have fueled this film have run dry. Despite some plot twists and a sudden ending that may be explained by the director, this film just seems to become a little too drawn out. There are a lot of elements that are left unexplained, most notably the train conductor, or the connection to the main character. The train conductor has a lot of potential as a character, and it is intriguing to see how he deals with the situation that he has. Unfortunately, he is just used as a plot device to try to draw out a nice, flowing story, instead of developing the character. The central character is a neurotic, unhappy young man who is struggling to connect with his mother, and it is almost impossible to care about this character, unless you are trying to make him seem more sympathetic. The relationship that he develops with the wife is interesting, but he just doesn't seem like a likable character. The main character has a tendency to go out of his way to do things for other people, and not himself, which adds to the lack of likability, as well as his inconsistent and inconsistent actions. He's still pretty likable, but he lacks the consistent emotions that one would expect. When he is suddenly happy, he seems happy, and when he suddenly becomes depressed, he seems depressed. I know that the ending is interesting, but the emotional impact of it is rather boring. Some of the other actors had good chemistry, which made me happy that I watched the film, but the emotional impact is rather lackluster. The major flaw of the film is that the ending was never explained to me, which I think makes the movie even more disappointing. Overall, I still recommend watching this film, but it just doesn't provide enough emotion to it, and it doesn't make for a very interesting movie.
Monday, 23 Nov 2020 04:42

This movie is a wonderful tale of a man who travels across the world and has to face the problems of being a guy, in spite of that he still finds the beauty in all the struggle. The guy is Dwight (John Cusack) who is a guy who is different from the other guys. He has the unique idea to go to meet the boss of one of the companies. The guy is Jimmy, he is a tough guy who is hired as a cleaner in a company that was around for decades. The boss is an old guy who sees what is happening with the environment. After seeing how the world is changing, he shows him how to solve the problem. He is known as "The Boss" by Jimmy. The movie has a great story that brings to the viewers the idea of being a guy in the world. This movie is based on the idea of a guy in a world that he can do something about it. It has a lot of funny scenes that can put the viewer in the state of a humor. The story is amazing, the movie is wonderful. John Cusack was excellent and the role of Jimmy was so different from other movies that I have seen him in. The guys are so different that it is a pleasure to see them in the movie. John Cusack deserves the applause for his role in this movie. The movie is so charming. John Cusack and Jessie Eisenberg are terrific in their roles. This movie is very colorful, it is a movie that has great humor and one can say that it is a fun movie to watch. I was very impressed that the movie had such a great story. The movie will make you smile, and you will feel sad for the characters because of the way the characters were written. It was a pleasure to watch the movie.
Saturday, 12 Sep 2020 03:00

It seems to be a new trend to be remaking movies. When asked for remakes, everyone from Ridley Scott to Chris Nolan to Steven Spielberg say they'd love to see another remake of a movie, and each of them have offered different ideas. Some ideas are good, some ideas are not. But there are some that are just as good. Let's start with the good. Seth Rogen's Rogenbabe is very much in the same category as Michael Douglas' John Cusack. Both of them share similar personalities, the typical bumbling nerdy sidekick, but they also have these very complicated secrets. Douglas has the younger brother who always has the wrong ideas about everything. Rogenbabe's character is more extreme, where the brother becomes so obsessed with the self-made image that he has gotten himself and his best friend, who tries to keep him in check. The ending of this movie is very interesting because of the relationship between Rogenbabe and his best friend, even if this is kind of weird. Also, how Rogenbabe sees his best friend and his hidden feelings, which he never would admit to his parents. A good idea to give a twist to a movie. It doesn't happen that often, but this is a good idea to create a story without revealing too much. The reason to make the story more interesting is to make the viewer to question what exactly is going on. I think the greatest quality of this movie is the way it goes over the top. The movie never gets to boring, but it can get so intense at times, that the viewer will be completely lost. I think it's a good movie to watch if you have a heart. 7/10

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