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Kusama: Infinity is a movie starring Yayoi Kusama. Artist Yayoi Kusama and experts discuss her life and work, from her modest beginnings in Japan to becoming an internationally renowned artist.

Heather Lenz
Yayoi Kusama

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Genres Documentary
Director Heather Lenz
Writer Heather Lenz, Keita Ideno
Stars Yayoi Kusama
Country USA
Also Known As 草間彌生∞INFINITY, Kusama: Infinity-The Life and Art of Yayoi Kusama, Yayoi Kusama: A Life in Polka Dots, Kusama: Princess of Polka Dots, Kusama, Kusama - Infinity, Kusama. Infinito, Kusama: Infinity - La vie et l'oeuvre de Yayoi Kusama, Kusamas uendelige univers, Kusama infinito
Runtime 1 h 16 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Artist Yayoi Kusama and experts discuss her life and work, from her modest beginnings in Japan to becoming an internationally renowned artist.

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Monday, 17 Aug 2020 12:03

I loved the documentary "Superbabies: The Story of Baby Geniuses" from the 1980's, and this film about the life and times of "Baby Geniuses" is similar. The film tells the story of the founding of the Baby Genius movement, the three main founders, the women who are their children, and the people who follow them. They are joined by a variety of other famous people and people who are important to the Baby Genius movement, such as the inventor of the world's first automatic typewriter, a brilliant child who gave birth to the world's first vacuum cleaner, and a young woman who was the first woman to win a major international contest. The film tells the story of these women through interviews and recreations of their childhoods. I was really surprised at how well the film turned out. I am not a fan of documentary films, but this was a lot of fun. It was nice to see how these women grew up, what they did, and what they thought. I liked the way that they went back to the stories that made them famous, as opposed to focusing on the birth of the movement. The interviews with the Baby Geniuses themselves were very interesting, as well. I am not sure how accurate the film is about their childhoods. They do talk about how they did not have a lot of friends, but it was really interesting to hear about their childhoods and how they were different. It also gave me a lot of information about the history of the movement. This is not a documentary about the Baby Geniuses, but about the women who were part of the movement. This is a great film for people who are interested in the history of this movement. It is not a very deep film, but it is a very entertaining one.
Sunday, 21 Jun 2020 16:25

A special note: I have been trying to find a copy of this documentary but I think the DVD is out of print. I finally found a copy of the DVD in a flea market. It's not really worth much more than the price of the box. It's a decent documentary and covers a lot of ground but I am having trouble figuring out what to make of it. The producer is Michael Cizmar, a long-time friend of Koszma. The documentary shows how Koszma became involved with the Catholic Church and how his problems were often compounded by the church. It goes into what he did before becoming involved with the church and how it affected him. The documentary is not just about the "resurrection" but also about the abuse and cover-ups. I don't think anyone who's never been abused would be able to identify with the kind of feeling of "abuse" this man is talking about. It's very disturbing and a very human story. I think Koszma does a great job in making this documentary even though he is not at all what it is advertised. It is an unusual documentary. It's not really a biography. He doesn't talk about how Koszma was abused. He doesn't talk about how he dealt with it. It's more about the social damage the abuse did to him. His family was kept out of the story and he just became an emotional wreck after the ordeal. His family was taken away from him. His brothers and sisters did not want to know about this. It's not like he got a letter saying "Get back in the church!" Instead, they had no knowledge of his situation. There are no interviews with his ex-wives, his children, his children's parents. The reason for the documentary is to get at least some insight into the Catholic Church. It's definitely interesting but there are some very disturbing parts in it. It's not a "redeeming" story but it's a very interesting one.

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