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Love, Gilda is a movie starring Andrew Alexander, Anne Beatts, and Chevy Chase. In her own words, comedienne Gilda Radner looks back and reflects on her life and career. Weaving together recently discovered audiotapes, interviews...

Lisa D'Apolito
Chevy Chase, Anne Beatts, Bill Hader, Andrew Alexander

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Genres Documentary
Director Lisa D'Apolito
Stars Chevy Chase, Anne Beatts, Bill Hader, Andrew Alexander
Country USA, Canada
Also Known As Love Gilda
Runtime 1 h 28 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description In her own words, comedienne Gilda Radner looks back and reflects on her life and career. Weaving together recently discovered audiotapes, interviews with her friends, rare home movies and diaries read by modern day comediennes (including Amy Poehler), LOVE Gilda offers a unique window into the honest and whimsical world of a beloved performer whose greatest role was sharing her story.

Top reviews

Tuesday, 20 Oct 2020 12:30

This movie is one of the best documentaries i have seen in a long time. I just got back from seeing it at a film festival in Hollywood and there was a big uproar when the screening started. I haven't heard any complaints about this movie from anyone. There was a lot of comments about how this movie glorifies violence. Not true. The reason violence is glorified is because it is the way most of us have chosen to do violence. Just because we don't use it for good doesn't mean that the violence is wrong. But there are a lot of movies that glorify violence because they are made by Hollywood. People need to understand that when we make a movie we are supposed to be entertaining ourselves and we are supposed to make people feel good. There is no way we can make a movie that is more entertaining than killing people. I really enjoyed the documentary but it was never meant to be a movie about an artist's life. If you are a fan of Gilda Radner then I highly recommend you see this movie but I am not a fan of the artist or Gilda Radner herself. I think she is a great singer but i just didn't find her to be an interesting artist. I also thought that some of the people were trying to push the music business into this movie. But it's a movie. I do think the movie could have been made better. But I think the filmmakers did an excellent job. It is a great movie and it is just perfect. If you are a fan of Gilda Radner and the music then see it. If you are not a fan of her and you are just looking for a good movie to see then you should see this. And even if you aren't a fan of the music you should still watch it.
Monday, 07 Sep 2020 01:38

Director John Powers (a.k.a. Scott Cawthon) wanted to make a film about an individual's life and his struggles in life. Gilda Radner is the subject of the film. Gilda was a child actress who would go on to star in several major films. She is best known for playing Polly Marshall in the 1954 film "A Streetcar Named Desire" and later as a child star in the 1980's. She was also a successful screenwriter. While this documentary was making, Gilda made a number of lifestyle decisions that resulted in her ending up homeless. These decisions included her "death" from alcohol, a death from drugs, and her suicide. Gilda's performances on the big screen led her to be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, but she never won. Gilda and her life story is the basis for this film. There is a lot of telling of her life. The film really works when you look at Gilda Radner as a young child actress. She is such a fascinating person to look at, but she was also a sensitive person. Her dialogue in this film is both honest and somewhat touching. She is great at telling her life story, but there are times when she lets her emotions get the better of her. The performances by Anna Faris and Jurgen Prochnow are equally good. Faris is always great at playing a teenage girl and has a great sense of humour. I really liked her performance in this film. Her supporting characters are also good. Prochnow is good at playing a typical American businessman who finds himself in a situation that makes him question his life. He is also an actress who is comfortable in English. He is great at this type of role and there are a lot of funny moments with him. I thought that the supporting characters were also good. I particularly liked the one-on-one interactions between Faris and Prochnow. Overall, I thought this was a good documentary that tells Gilda Radner's life story. She is a very interesting and interesting person to look at. There are also a lot of great moments in her life, and it is a great story.
Thursday, 18 Jun 2020 16:08

Gilda Radner's alleged death in 1982 is a topic that's pretty much shrouded in mystery. "Gilda," the woman who most of the public associates with the woman who's probably the true source of the rumor, was a little girl and mother in the 1940s who lived in the small town of Waco, Texas. She may have been the mother of Louisa May Alcott's character in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" who also took up residence in the house next door to hers. The man who most people believe to have been responsible for the rumored death of Gilda, a sadistic nurse named Marie-France Lathem, had a long career before he went to prison for drug smuggling. Now, all the facts surrounding this famous, tragic figure have been deemed too painful to bring out into the open. So, for those of you who don't want to know all the facts and just want to hear a few stories about the strange, mysterious woman who's famous for keeping the family away from the media and hiding behind a rock, the DVD has you covered. That being said, I'd like to make the point that there's no doubt that Gilda would never have been killed by anyone, and no one seems to know who her real killer was. The fact that Gilda was arrested for murder and then locked away for five years for taking bribes has fueled many rumors surrounding the murder. There are a lot of strange things going on with the current status of this story. In the meantime, I recommend the documentary "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" that details the investigation that the police did in the case. You don't have to have anything to do with the real Gilda to understand why she's still a legend. Well, I guess that's the thing, a legend is always a little bit strange. Rating: 7 out of 10

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