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The Proposal is a movie starring Luis Barragán, Jill Magid, and Federica Zanco. An artist fights to make the archives of Mexico's most famous architect available to the public.

Jill Magid
Luis Barragán, Jill Magid, Federica Zanco

All Systems Operational

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Genres Documentary
Director Jill Magid
Stars Luis Barragán, Jill Magid, Federica Zanco
Country USA
Also Known As Niezwykla propozycja
Runtime 1 h 26 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description An artist fights to make the archives of Mexico's most famous architect available to the public.

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Wednesday, 11 Nov 2020 10:57

The Proposal is a documentary about the legacy of Margaret Thatcher's economic policies in Britain. This is not a liberal Democrat film, and it is not a liberal Republican film, as the left-wing Democrats often take a very critical view of Margaret Thatcher. This film is in the same vein as "The Trades Union Congress", "Dirty Wars", and "Trouble in Iraq". It is also a film that is incredibly important to the current American debate. Margaret Thatcher was a woman who understood that government should be responsible for the people, not the other way around. This film provides a great insight into her political philosophy and her political actions. The film also provides an insight into Margaret's personal life, which is extremely interesting. The film has an excellent cast. Not only is the film done extremely well, but the performances are wonderful. They do a great job of portraying Margaret Thatcher as a woman with personality and a personality that was sometimes bizarre. There is one of the most well-done performances, by Miranda Richardson, who played Margaret Thatcher's secretary. Her character is almost like a character in her own right, and she is fantastic in the role. At the end of the film, Miranda talks about her character in great detail. She describes her as a great actress and a great actress, and that she will continue to do the type of roles that she does. The actors are also very good. The best is probably John Hurt as Andrew Crosbie, a speechwriter for Margaret Thatcher. He is incredibly funny and great at his role, and the character is also very dramatic. Other performances are also great. On the other hand, the film is sometimes slow. There are a lot of scenes where the film doesn't go as fast as it should, and some scenes have an incredible length, that make the film seem a bit too long. In this film, they go a little fast, but it isn't noticeable. All in all, it is a great film. This film has some interesting themes and shows the political philosophy of Margaret Thatcher and some of her most important political decisions. The film also has some very interesting interviews with Margaret Thatcher, and also interviews with her political opponents. This film is not for everyone, but it is very important and I think everyone should see this film. It is also a great movie that can be watched a number of times. This film is also not just a documentary about Margaret Thatcher, but about the woman herself, her actions, and her political philosophy.
Saturday, 12 Sep 2020 06:12

I'm really sad to see that this movie has fallen so short of its potential. The 'proposal' in this movie is a great starting point for this film. A good first step would have been to have had this scene after the first one, rather than before it. We see from the movie that a couple of these actors have to date other people, or at least they have to have a great chemistry with each other. The chemistry doesn't seem to be there here. And the sex scenes are extremely graphic. There was a scene where one of the actors, Julianne Moore, is making out with a guy and his face is covered with a blanket. The whole time she is laying on top of him, all of this is going on in this small space. What's so bad about this? How do you not want to watch this? This is one of those films that really gets you thinking about it. It's almost as if you get a couple of hours of pleasure from watching it. And if you have to ask yourself why is this film so disappointing, there are some good answers. The first one is the fact that this movie has very few laughs. The sex scenes are very graphic, but there is no chemistry between the characters. It's almost like the movie was written for the porn industry. The second one is that this film is a great idea. It could have been so much more. We've seen this before. A documentary about a relationship and all the ups and downs. But this movie is different. There is more to it than just sex and it's not just a sex film. It's an extremely deep, emotional film about love and relationships. But this film is so bad in so many ways, it's almost impossible to recommend. It has one of the worst endings I've ever seen. And it's so corny and corny. The music is bad, the acting is bad, the story is bad, the editing is bad. There are so many things wrong with this movie, and I can't recommend it to anyone. I'm sorry to say, but this is a terrible film.
Tuesday, 01 Sep 2020 09:32

When I heard about this documentary, I had my doubts as to whether or not I could stomach the torture of watching it. But after watching it, I have to say that I have never been so impressed with a film. It's a real eye-opener and I'm glad I watched it. It's about a 14 year old boy who fell in love with a 14 year old girl and had to tell her his true feelings about her. The boy was bullied and in love with another girl. At the same time, the girl was very much in love with the boy. There was no way they could be together and this fact was hidden from the parents. One day, the boy saw the girl again and decided to go to the prom with her. It was the best day of his life. He could not believe his eyes when he saw the girl and she turned out to be a pretty girl. But, that's not the end of the story. The boy's mother knew about the prom and she tried to stop the boy from going. The mother even threatened the boy with his life if he did not go. Eventually, the boy was too afraid to go and the prom went on without the boy. However, it is the mother's decision that he is not going. When the mother found out, she tried to make the boy go to the prom. But, she failed and now she is alone with the boy and the girl. The boy's mother is now trying to find a way to get back at the boy for ruining the prom for him. The girl's mother is now trying to prove to the girl's father that she is in love with him and she is not. The father is a pretty nice guy and he knows that his daughter is too much in love with her father and that he is the only one who can save his daughter from being in love with the boy. I would like to say that this is a story that will make you think. But, the story is told in a way that the viewer would have no idea if the story is true or not. It's like a Hollywood film, but the truth is told through a documentary. The writer and director did an amazing job. I think that the movie will change your opinion about the subject. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to learn about real relationships and real love.

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