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Shazam! is a movie starring Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, and Asher Angel. A newly fostered young boy in search of his mother instead finds unexpected super powers and soon gains a powerful enemy.

Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Comedy
David F. Sandberg
Jack Dylan Grazer, Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Mark Strong

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Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Comedy
Director David F. Sandberg
Writer Bill Parker, Darren Lemke, Henry Gayden, C.C. Beck, Henry Gayden
Stars Jack Dylan Grazer, Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Mark Strong
Country USA, Canada
Also Known As シャザム!, Shazam! 6 Güç, Sazam!, Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam!, Šezam!, Σαζάμ!, Franklin, 沙贊!, ¡Shazam!, Шазам!, Šazam!, 雷霆沙赞!
Runtime 2 h 12 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description A newly fostered young boy in search of his mother instead finds unexpected super powers and soon gains a powerful enemy.

Top reviews

Monday, 30 Nov 2020 05:31

I loved this movie. It was absolutely hilarious and amazing. I laughed so hard, that it hurt. It was a "The Hangover" meets "The Force Awakens" (which, like "The Force Awakens", was awful, and I would never recommend watching this one). I felt like I was watching a parody movie, but not one of those that's set in Hollywood. This is not a spoof. It was a fun, and believable, take on the modern "super hero" story. I had no idea what this movie was about, except that it seemed like it was about a superhero named "Shazam". It is set in modern times, and the main characters are (spoiler) named after real people from the 1800's. So the story starts out with Shazam. He's a demi-god, and he's the God of Justice. He's the only hero, and he takes on the forms of people to protect the people of the city he lives in. When a crime lord named Mephisto is framed for his brother's murder, Shazam must use his powers to find the truth, and bring him to justice. And then he does. The movie does a great job of taking the super hero genre and making it a fun, and realistic "super hero movie" (similar to "The Force Awakens", but with a more serious story). I laughed so hard, that I had to leave the room for a while. The script was fantastic, and the voice-acting was top notch. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone that has never seen a superhero movie before. If you've seen a superhero movie, you might find some parts of the movie difficult to follow. If you're a fan of superhero movies, this is one you'll want to watch again. It's very fun, and it's highly entertaining. There's no dull moments in the movie. It's a 10/10. This movie was awesome. It was the best superhero movie I've seen in 2017. I'm already planning to watch it again. I'm even going to watch it with my friends in the future, because we didn't know it was about a superhero before watching it.
Sunday, 03 May 2020 13:46

From the trailers and the preview, I thought it was going to be a bunch of Dwayne Johnson slapping around a bad-ass Adam West or even a Bruce Wayne (Christopher Nolan), but it turns out that's not what's going on. In fact, I think it's more of a Zod character. There's definitely a reference to him in the movie, but it's not the one you might expect. Dwayne Johnson is doing what he does best, fighting evil. In this movie, he has the power to do it in different forms. It's not just fist-to-the-face type stuff. It's also really cool fighting with a bow and arrows, which he uses to take down bad guys who are basically soldiers in a field. It's like he has superpowers for when he fights with the bow and arrows, which is good, because the movie doesn't do anything to explain how it works. It's just how he uses it. The fighting scenes in the movie were really cool. It's really hard to talk about them without spoiling it, but they were really cool. The jokes and stuff that he says are just so funny, and even though he's not the main character, he's still really good. Chris Pratt, who plays Steve Trevor, a superhero, is really good too. He also does a really cool Superman-esque voice. I really enjoyed watching his character, and he did a good job, but there are so many other good actors that I really liked in this movie too. The dialogue is really good, especially in the fight scenes. It's not super-meta, but it is pretty darn good. The music, which is a huge part of this movie, is really cool too. It's a really cool mix of classic rock and hip-hop. It's great. There are a lot of really awesome songs in the movie. The music is awesome, but the voice actors are the only reason why the movie is great. I'll probably watch it again, I'd recommend that to people who want to watch a movie with really cool fighting and really cool writing. The writing is pretty good too. The characters in this movie are pretty good, but not really good. I'll admit, the villain is pretty cool. He's a really cool bad guy. He's a really good villain. He has a lot of personality and really is a villain. He has some really cool gadgets. One thing that I did like was that he had a really good motivation, like in the comics, for why he's a villain. He's really good at showing a villain's motivations. He's the perfect villain. He's really good at what he does. The movie itself isn't a bad movie. I think it's pretty good. It's not a movie I would say that it's one of the best superhero movies ever made. But it's good, it's really good, and it's fun. It's not the most amazing movie ever made, but it's pretty good. It's fun, it's pretty cool, it's just good. I recommend this movie to people who are into superhero movies and super heroes. It's worth watching.

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