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Romeo Akbar Walter is a movie starring John Abraham, Raghuvir Yadav, and Jackie Shroff. Prior to the India-Pakistan war of 1971, an Indian banker is recruited by the Research and Analysis Wing for a covert operation deep inside...

Thriller, Action, Drama
Robbie Grewal
Jackie Shroff, Raghuvir Yadav, Mouni Roy, John Abraham

All Systems Operational

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Genres Thriller, Action, Drama
Director Robbie Grewal
Writer Ishraq Shah, Robbie Grewal, Shreyansh Pandey
Stars Jackie Shroff, Raghuvir Yadav, Mouni Roy, John Abraham
Country India
Also Known As Romeo. Akbar. Walter., RAW
Runtime 2 h 21 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Prior to the India-Pakistan war of 1971, an Indian banker is recruited by the Research and Analysis Wing for a covert operation deep inside Pakistan.

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Tuesday, 09 Feb 2021 12:47

Directed by Zeenat Aman, 'Argo' is a rather long, but very worth-while, film. Much has been written about the film and its origins, but what really matters is this: The film sets up the idea of an elite group of international diplomats stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran, during the 1979 Iranian Revolution, when it is thought that the Iranian government may be planning a terrorist attack against the United States. The film opens in 1979 when the revolution has broken out. The Embassy is in a tense and chaotic state. The four Americans are in Tehran to cover the events. The four are CIA operative Frank Abagnale (Clifton Collins Jr.) and his diplomatic team, who are working with the Director of the CIA (Bruce Greenwood). The four have been helping the CIA but have become disillusioned with the way their mission is being handled by the White House. The film focuses on the day of the raid on the Iranian nuclear facility, where the U.S. shot down the Iranian airliner with a guided missile. The ambassador to the United Nations (Nadezhda Rostapova) is angry and wants to know what went wrong. It is then that Abagnale and his team are summoned for a meeting. The film continues to present the reality of what went on at the time. Abagnale and his team learn of an explosion that took place at the plant, and is said to be a terrorist attack. The scene is then flashed on a live video feed of the explosion, revealing that it was in fact a mistake. The team is sent in to investigate and discovers that it was a false flag operation and that the U.S. was the target of the attack. These events are connected to the efforts of the CIA to find the plane's flight recorder, which is sent to Washington in hopes that it can prove the Iranians attacked the U.S. Embassy. This is an action film, so it is not going to be for everyone. However, those who are interested in history and understanding how the Cold War was played out may find value in this film. 'Argo' does an excellent job of keeping the audience focused on the events. The characters are developed, and the emotions are well handled. The action is exciting and well staged. What has stood out to me is that the audience learns more about what happened in the day that the film begins, and learns more about what happens when we return to see it in the end. The film was made in 2005, so it is almost 30 years since the events that occur in this film occurred. The U.S. government is said to have learned nothing from the events in 1979 and the attacks on the embassy. However, history has proved that the U.S. was not that innocent and not fully aware of what was going on back then, and 'Argo' makes the case. The film has a strong message, that the U.S. government can never be trusted with such sensitive information and that the U.S. government should never get involved in any nation's politics. I would say that this film is the best American film of 2006 and would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in history. 'Argo' is a film that really makes you think about the events that took place during the 1980's. The film deals with the events in an original way and it is a film that is unique. The film's makers have done an excellent job of presenting the events and the ideas behind them, and it is a very good film.
Saturday, 01 Aug 2020 18:36

When one feels that he is not able to play with his best, he begins to play with his best. The script of "Romeo Akbar Walter" has been revised several times in the past, but we get one of the best interpretations of the film. The film is about a cop who has always been a nice person, but has lost his ability to be a policeman. His daughter, who has a fiance, was killed by drug dealers who got caught up in the police work. A son comes up with a plan to get rid of the dealers and bring the family back together again. The daughter, when asked what her husband wants, tells him that he wants him to be a cop. But the cop, gets mixed up with a couple of corrupt cops. He gets caught in the middle of the dirty deed. He tries to get out of the situation, but gets himself involved with the dirty cops. In the end he tries to get the bad guys. The movie is a combination of comedy, action, and drama. The film has some great scenes, such as the scene where Akbar Walter uses a knife to take the ring from the corrupt cop's hand, when the fight takes place. The film also shows the true meaning of the word "respect", which is shown in a scene where a cop tries to get rid of Akbar Walter. The acting of the actors is good, especially the daughter. There are a lot of good lines that are shown in the movie. One of the best lines is when the father says "I know you, but you can't take my daughter." The last scene of the film is the ending where Akbar Walter kisses his daughter. If you have not seen the film, then go to your local video store and rent it. The film is not bad, but it has a lot of elements which are not realistic. The acting is good, and there is a lot of acting in the film, but it is not always good, so it is not a good film. The film is worth to see. It is a very good film, but I would not rate it a 10.

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