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Watch Juvenile Delinquents: New World Order

Juvenile Delinquents: New World Order is a movie starring Demitra Sealy, Silvia Dionicio, and Amanda Greer. Broken teens trying to claim somethings their parents failed to provide - A Future and Purpose.

Neil Goss
Marie Smalley, Silvia Dionicio, Amanda Greer, Demitra Sealy

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama
Director Neil Goss
Writer Neil Goss
Stars Marie Smalley, Silvia Dionicio, Amanda Greer, Demitra Sealy
Country USA
Also Known As Juvenile Delinquents
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Broken teens trying to claim somethings their parents failed to provide - A Future and Purpose.

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Sunday, 29 Nov 2020 10:22

Based on the real-life events of hundreds of children who were subjected to terror during the Nazi concentration camps and held in secret internment camps in the former Soviet Union during the war, "My Russian Sister" (2017) is a thoughtful, heartbreaking and powerful film that provides an unprecedented look at the dire consequences of taking children from their families and placing them in a different environment with no trace of their previous lives. Director Alexei Sayle-Liu not only found out of his own Holocaust experience, he made it known to the world that it can happen to anyone. The film begins with a young boy who was taken from his family, not knowing that he would have to suffer untold suffering from war and neglect. As his parents struggle to survive, they desperately try to find an orphanage to bring his younger brother home to. However, they are unaware that the Russian government had their baby taken away. This heartbreaking scene is the beginning of a painful series of flashbacks. We see the Boy's former parents, now living in the United States, trying to cope with their son's life, his handicaps and the tragic events that occurred at the concentration camps. At the end of the film, we learn that his mother, the second oldest child in the family, was returned to Russia after her husband was killed in the war. We are not told what happened to her husband or to her husband's younger brother. They were not even allowed to see him for two years. He was simply left in an orphanage. We learn that his mother is still waiting for a home. Unfortunately, it is not an orphanage, but a boarding school. She is abandoned by her husband and her two children, who are now locked in their rooms without food or water. We see her staring out the window at the snow covered landscape. We see her cowering in fear in the street. She is lucky to have a chance to see her husband, but most of the children who were taken have only one chance to go to a school and a school year in which they are free to roam the streets. It is a life of crime and abuse in Russia that is simply impossible for most of these children. We learn that one of the parents is a talented composer and violinist and that this man has lived in the United States for decades. We see that this family is not happy and they are not happy about their situation. They are anxious and depressed and they are constantly searching for an answer to their woes. They are afraid that they will be deported to the Russian prisons and that they will be killed if they return to their homeland. They are afraid that they will be separated from their father and from their mother. It is clear that they are under an unspeakable burden. We learn that one of the children is an orphan who has been trained in prison music. She now works in a music theater and plans to study abroad. She also has a difficult time adjusting to her new surroundings. She does not feel that she belongs anywhere. She is still not in love with her father and does not believe that they will ever be able to reconcile. We are given several glimpses of the children. One is a boy who is very intelligent and appears to be the only one in his class who has a note of hope. His music is beautiful and his expressive eyes give the viewer a sense of what he is thinking. Another child is a poor boy with a cleft palate who is extremely difficult to deal with. He is ashamed to be there and refuses
Monday, 26 Oct 2020 03:35

Fourteen-year-old Daniel and his wife have been married for three months. He is a well-behaved and happy boy, who is invited to spend some time with his best friend Justin, an adult who is well-behaved too. As they spend time together, a series of disturbing events unfolds, one that leads to Daniel's parents getting involved, one that leads to Justin having an unexpected seizure. What results is a series of events that leads Daniel and his family to discover their shared fears and prejudices about a new world order that some children of the elite would be part of. There is something extremely disturbing in the fact that the character that the four teens came up with for this movie, Justin, is an adult. We only get to see him in the form of Justin's "ambient perception". Yet there are moments in the film where Justin behaves as if he is in his "true" state, as if he is not a child, and we see the horror that his "ambient perception" was inducing in Daniel and his family. Unfortunately, this kind of horror is not a side effect of Justin's "ambient perception", but is a special feature of Justin, which shows what has become of the civilization that he lived in. One could argue that it is the modern-day society that has created these "privileged" children, with its own special talents that they have been trained to have, and the whole world is corrupt. But this argument misses the point that this movie is actually about the family in a modern-day society that is dangerous and corrupt. The world is getting richer, but there is no way to escape from this reality. And as we all know, this world is not always dangerous, but there are still people in it who can make you think you are living in a dangerous place, where you have a moral code to follow that can turn you into a fascist. What we can only speculate about, is how exactly the security of the four people became such a concern for these kids. But again, the answer is a secret, because you only get to see it in the last scene of the movie, where they are standing with the "three guards" and the police officer. In the same scene we see them smiling in the sunshine, when they should be embarrassed by their situation. In my opinion, it was very important to not see these kids laughing about their predicament, because we know that Justin's dreams were made to be as disturbing as they were. In my opinion, when they were laughing and discussing about their present predicament, they were also imagining a worse nightmare that their minds had had, and the laughter was just a trick. It was very important for them to not feel happy or relaxed, but to be in a very bad situation. This way, we can understand that Justin was not imagining a nightmare, but rather what was happening in his mind. But that was only half of the mystery. I really wanted to know more about the philosophy that these kids had studied, to find out if there was a book or seminar that they had been attending. Did they read the book or the seminar? I do not know. So I will not go into any more detail about what we did not see in the movie. As for the first five minutes of the movie, the effects are creepy and well-executed. However, the movie turns out to be very dull. Although the movie had a similar effect as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I think it could have been
Thursday, 13 Aug 2020 17:12

The idea that the government might be plotting to destroy the world by putting all the world's adults in the same room for a little chat or a secret meeting is nothing new. However, when the government does manage to break into the homes of everyone in a specific town and seduce them into a secret meeting in a remote cabin, things start to get a little weird. The film is divided into two parts. The first is a very suspenseful series of events that unfolds in an open-ended fashion. We don't know what is happening or what is really going on. But, we are all convinced that something is wrong. The second part is when the adults start to disappear. What is going on? Are the adults in the cabin the government or are they just acting crazy? There is a lot of unexplained happenings in this film and it is hard to really tell what is happening. But, the film does have a very clever and unique ending that is so creative. It is hard to explain. The characters are very likable and you really do care for them. The acting is good. The film is not a lot of fun. The ending is a little bizarre. It is hard to figure out what is going on. But, I was very impressed with the end of the film. The film was very clever. If you like mystery or suspense, this film is for you. It is not very scary or gory. However, it is a very clever and original film. It is not a bad film but, I would recommend that you see it once. It is very unique. If you like strange films, this is for you.

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