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Tyrel is a movie starring Christopher Abbott, Trust Arancio, and Nicolas Arze. Tyler, a sole black man, attends an otherwise all-white weekend of drunken bro debauchery on a birthday trip to a cabin in the Catskills.

Drama, Comedy
Sebastián Silva
Nicolas Arze, Trust Arancio, Christopher Abbott, Max Born

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama, Comedy
Director Sebastián Silva
Writer Sebastián Silva
Stars Nicolas Arze, Trust Arancio, Christopher Abbott, Max Born
Country USA
Also Known As Tajrel
Runtime 1 h 26 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Tyler joins his friend on a trip to the Catskills for a weekend birthday party with several people he doesn't know. As soon as they get there, it's clear that (1) he's the only black guy, and (2) it's going to be a weekend of heavy drinking. Although Tyler is welcomed, he can't help but feel uneasy in "Whitesville." The combination of all the testosterone and alcohol starts to get out of hand, and Tyler's precarious situation starts to feel like a nightmare.

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Tuesday, 17 Nov 2020 16:53

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Sunday, 13 Sep 2020 04:17

As with many films in this genre, this one does take itself too seriously and as a result is not the least bit funny. Its purpose was to show how successful other films have been in bringing the blood and gore of the genre to the screen. The problem is that the film is not really about violence itself. It's about how the violence is used to raise the stakes. The only truly funny scene is when Iggy, the police detective, was trying to ask his superiors about the head of the gang, who is out for revenge against the "old fashioned" cops who kill and even rape their victims, through the force of law. Iggy's superiors dismiss this as a "hoot" as they tell him that he's been killed and he's being chased. They then ask him if he's a good cop, "like a good cop would be." This joke is made funnier by the fact that Iggy is the lead character. How can you go from "good cop" to "the head of a gang of degenerate killers" so quickly? This movie could have been so much more than it is. One big problem is that the gang of degenerate killers is very stereotypical, which only makes the violence more effective. There is plenty of violence in the movie, but for some reason it has to be gruesome. That's the other problem. The gang is not real. There are no true gang members, only people who have become crazed and twisted by their experiences. One could say that they are really just gang members, but that is not true. One person is really an innocent bystander, while the other is truly a gang member. This is why the violence is so effective. Another problem is the character of Kazaam. It's clear that this character is not real. He's just a figment of the writer's imagination. But the movie tries to hide this by having Kazaam tell the audience that he is really a real gang member. This is a major flaw. The writer can't make it seem that his characters are real and that the gang is real. It becomes a mystery why they are so obsessed with the gang. They're not. One of the great strengths of this film is the acting. I could see just about everyone in this movie. Morgan Freeman is an excellent director, which is what this movie really needed. The reason the movie is not as funny as it could be is that the script doesn't allow the actors to stretch their acting chops beyond where they are comfortable. Kazaam is the perfect example of this. He is very good, but the writers have taken away the humor of his character. Freeman is a talented actor, but his character is so obviously a figment of the writer's imagination that it's really hard to get the enjoyment out of him. Another of the greatest strengths of this film is the acting of Dennis Hopper. He is one of the most under-rated actors in Hollywood. He is very good, and is what this film needed. I will say that, since I'm not an expert on Hopper, I could be wrong about his performance. But I did find that he was very good in the movie. Also, the film did have a great script. I'm not sure if that is because of the writers or the director. But both deserve props for creating such a funny movie. I really can't recommend this movie enough. It's a great comedy with a great plot. It's a comedy without the blood or violence. It's a drama with the action and violence. It's a mystery without the mystery. It's a love story with the action and action. It's a comedy without the comedy. I give this film an 8/10. Don't miss it.
Friday, 28 Aug 2020 12:56

This is an interesting movie, even if it is a bit on the dark side. This is not your typical TV movie, but it is nonetheless a very good one, especially if you are familiar with the world of British Columbia. The story starts off when Lucy is a new immigrant to British Columbia, and her parents have moved there from the city, where she grew up. When she learns that her new neighbors are a couple who are living in a small house, Lucy goes to meet them. The couple she is with is played by the writers of the movie, and the director of the movie, David Cronenberg. They are very good actors, and I found myself feeling very sorry for the lead actress, who is so terribly earnest. She is portrayed as a very very, very poor person, and the director takes great pains to show her in a very bad light. Cronenberg did an amazing job at making this film, and has managed to make it into a wonderful and entertaining movie. His films usually have a very distinctive visual style, and he uses this in this film to great effect. The soundtrack is very good, and there are lots of great shots in the movie. The cinematography is also very good, and the editing is very good. The movie has a very dark and depressing tone to it, and Cronenberg makes the ending very sad and sad. The acting is very good, and the viewer can easily identify with the characters, and there are very good performances all around. I think the only real problem that I had with the movie was that it is very, very slow, and it takes quite a bit of time for the movie to get going, but I think that this is what works in the movie's favor. It takes a very long time for the movie to get going, but the movie does not drag. It is very engaging, and the movie keeps you interested the whole time. In the end, this is a very good movie, and definitely worth seeing.
Sunday, 02 Aug 2020 14:59

The movie opens with the life of five-year-old Jack and the life of his father, who is dying of AIDS. It is a tragic, but not entirely unexpected story. The same holds true for the movie itself. Jack's father dies shortly after he gives his son a pistol and tells him to shoot to kill his mother. Jack, having been raised by his mother, is convinced that he must kill her, and is in constant fear that his mother's disease will kill him. The film is about Jack, who has never been exposed to any sort of homosexual activity. He is drawn to men's penises, but not a single one of them is gay. He comes to the realization that his mother's disease is responsible for her death, and is determined to get rid of it. Jack is a good, honest, hardworking kid. The movie is so real that it almost becomes sad. Jack is the picture of innocence and generosity, and the viewer is drawn to him, even though he is the only gay boy in his school. The portrayal of Jack is excellent. I feel that the film has a very real message. One can't help but feel for the boy who has been raised by a mother who is sick, and who has no idea of the true love of a man. One can't help but feel the terrible loneliness of the man who is unable to communicate with his son, and who is almost completely lonely. I understand the reasoning behind the fact that Jack is not allowed to interact with his mother, but this does not make him less of a boy. It is the opposite. It is the exact opposite. He is the epitome of the typical "tough, straight, heterosexual" kid. The film is also highly original, but in the same way that a good movie is original, so too is the film, but in a much more humorous, uplifting way. The film is extremely funny, but also has a deep, affecting message. The message is that no matter what we may have been through, the world will always be worth saving. For some reason, Jack is given the special gift of having the power to talk to his mother, and it seems that this gift has been a great gift to him. He does not realize it until he realizes that his mother is dying. The movie is so good that it is almost impossible to stop watching it, even though it is almost two hours long. The film is so good, that it is almost impossible to leave it. In the end, I was just as thrilled as
Monday, 20 Jul 2020 16:00

Although the movie is not as good as the book, I still thought it was an interesting and smart movie. I was impressed with how interesting the main character was, especially with the transition from rich to poor. I think the best thing about the movie was how it moved along at a steady pace. Some people have been complaining about how slow it was. While I didn't feel it was too slow, I did think it was a bit slow. I think that it was too long. It had some good scenes, but then, it was also too long. It could have been shorter. I think that it would have been better to shorten the movie, and make it shorter, but then I think the movie would have been even better. In the book, the main character was an orphan. This made the transition from rich to poor very interesting. There were two scenes that I thought were outstanding. The first one was when he was with the police officers, and they were all the way down in the basement, with the ice creams and candy bars in the fridge. It was interesting, because they were talking about how horrible it was to have to live in this basement. The second one was when he was talking to the warden, about how he had been trying to get his daughter's past from his ex-wife. I thought that was very interesting, because you could see that the girl was trying to get at him. I think that the movie did a good job of showing how the rich people were different than the poor people, and how they treated the poor people. If you liked the book, then you should probably read the book first. I did not read the book, but I think that if you read the book, you should see the movie first.

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