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Hva vil folk si is a movie starring Maria Mozhdah, Adil Hussain, and Ekavali Khanna. The story of Nisha, daughter of a Pakistani-Norwegian family, who is kidnapped to Pakistan by her parents when her father finds her in bed with a...

Iram Haq
Ekavali Khanna, Adil Hussain, Maria Mozhdah, Rohit Saraf

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Genres Drama
Director Iram Haq
Writer Iram Haq
Stars Ekavali Khanna, Adil Hussain, Maria Mozhdah, Rohit Saraf
Country Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden
Also Known As Was werden die Leute sagen, What Will People Say, ¿Qué dirá la gente?, Vad ska folk säga, O que vão dizer, Ma yagidou koulam, La mauvaise réputation, Cosa dirà la gente, El viaje de Nisha, Co ludzie powiedzą, Mitä meistä puhutaan, Hvad vil folk sige
Runtime 1 h 46 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Sixteen year-old Nisha lives a double life. At home with her family she is the perfect Pakistani daughter, but when out with her friends, she is a normal Norwegian teenager. When her father catches her in bed with her boyfriend, Nisha's two worlds brutally collide. To set an example, Nisha's parents decide to kidnap her and place her with relatives in Pakistan. Here, in a country she has never been to before, Nisha is forced to adapt to her parents' culture.

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Wednesday, 17 Jun 2020 22:39

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