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Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist is a movie starring Pamela Anderson, Christina Hendricks, and Kate Moss. The first film to encompass the remarkable story of one of the true icons of our time, as she fights to maintain her brand's...

Lorna Tucker
Pamela Anderson, Christina Hendricks, André Leon Talley, Kate Moss

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Genres Documentary
Director Lorna Tucker
Stars Pamela Anderson, Christina Hendricks, André Leon Talley, Kate Moss
Country UK
Also Known As Westwood - Punk. Icona. Attivista, Westwood, Westwood: punkówa, ikona, aktywistka, Westwood: Punkkari, ikoni, aktivisti, Westwood: Punkrockare, ikon, aktivist, Westwood - Punk, Ícone, Ativista, ヴィヴィアン・ウエストウッド 最強のエレガンス, Vivienne Westwood. Reina punk, Vivienne Westwood: Get a Life, De rebellie van Vivienne Westwood
Runtime 1 h 23 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description The first film to encompass the remarkable story of one of the true icons of our time, as she fights to maintain her brand's integrity, her principles - and her legacy.

Top reviews

Saturday, 26 Sep 2020 03:48

Some have stated that this documentary does a bad job of showing how punk can be a positive force. However, if you haven't already watched the film, I can guarantee you that this "negative" comment will be quickly dismissed. This film is much more than that. It has a clear message. It does not try to tell the audience how to think or what to think. It simply gives an overview of the way punk made in America, and the way punk started in England. We see what happened in the aftermath of this new wave. This is a documentary that is in no way, shape, or form, intended to be a drama. It's a docudrama. A documentary which, while presenting different aspects of punk, does not attempt to present a new storyline or a new twist on a traditional movie. It is simply a collection of facts about punk in America. It is a documentary which looks at punk from an outsider's point of view. This does not mean that the film is not a critical view of punk, or an easy and "safe" one. On the contrary, it is an honest and insightful look at punk, as well as how punk came into existence. It is also, for those that are interested, a documentary which does not sugar coat the situation. It is, as far as I can tell, not an opinion piece. The film was made with the purpose of giving the public an accurate account of punk, and how it has come to be. I can only hope that, if one can truly appreciate this film, they can appreciate the incredible contributions of punk and all the groups that have helped create it. The fact that punk has become an established and popular movement, and that it has inspired many people to follow its example. Not only that, but the current members of punk continue to be influenced by the punk that has come before. This documentary is definitely not the best film I've ever seen, and I have seen some. However, I can guarantee that it will be one of the best documentaries out there. If you are into punk and are interested in the documentary industry, this is a must-see for you. It will enlighten you, and will also challenge your opinions of what punk is. In other words, it will be fun. It is a documentary for people who are interested in punk. For those of you that do not know what punk is, or would like to see what it is like, I would suggest you take a look at this film. It is definitely not the greatest documentary ever made, but it will keep you entertained and informed for a few hours. I can guarantee that it will be on the top 10 list of your all time favorite documentaries. If you have any questions about the documentary, or about punk, or anything related to punk, feel free to contact me with them. I'm always happy to answer any questions you have about the documentary. Thank you so much for reading this review!
Thursday, 03 Sep 2020 03:11

No doubt we have had this conversation before. The first point that is worth noting is that so many of the actors in the film came from the indie scene. They were the ones who were the most active and creative in the real world, and who were the most open to the reality of the art scene in LA. It's one of the reasons that this film works so well. The film is so close to the scene because it feels like it could happen to you and you know it would happen to you if you just got out of the way. Not just "what if" scenarios, but "what would it be like if that happened to me." So many indie artists have had similar experiences, which makes the documentary such an important piece of work. It's both a conversation piece and an action piece in the same way the film works so well on its own. People who are not into the music, the art, or the people it influences are going to walk away from this film feeling totally alienated. But I assure you there are many other people in their same situation who are very much aware of the opportunities that exist in the scene and are going to enjoy the discussions. It's a documentary about the people of LA and one of the best things it does is shine a light on all of the people in it. I guarantee you that none of those people will be scared off from the possibilities of coming in contact with other artists, or helping them out, or even just talking to them. I guarantee that this film is going to become a classic that everyone will want to watch, and I guarantee that all of the people in it will end up liking the film more than they did before. They'll appreciate how they know that the artist is still alive, that they're still able to communicate with them, and that they can still have discussions about what's happening in the community. Most importantly, they'll appreciate that they've grown as people and can now relate to these folks more. In conclusion, this is a must-see film, and I'm so glad that it was released. I hope that the people involved in it are at the top of their game going forward.
Tuesday, 30 Jun 2020 18:01

So why am I giving it an honest 10, honestly? Well, because I truly believe in the documentary. Now I've read quite a few comments and also watched some of the trailers for this movie, I just felt that this was a fairly interesting documentary. Although I don't agree with the way the documentary was presented, I believe that it was worth watching. I'm going to start this review by saying that the content in the documentary was very different from what I've been watching lately. I feel that the focus on activism was different and it felt very real. It made you feel that you are living with the band, with the people, and especially with the situation of the band. I'm talking about the way the documentary was put together. Most of the information was well covered, but it had a very detailed presentation and it felt very well written. When I watched the trailer, I thought that this would be an incredibly detailed documentary, that would be able to put all the information in one place, but this documentary is much more than that. Now the film is focusing more on the band and their situation and they didn't focus much on it's history. I think that a lot of people would be disappointed by the history of the band. I'm a huge fan of theirs, but I didn't feel that the documentary really covered the history of the band. The history, I believe, was more important than the band. I felt that the majority of the information was done by the band and that was a huge flaw with the film. The band members were all interviewed and it was nice to hear their opinions, but you could tell that a lot of it was recorded from a computer and then printed out. I also felt that the interviews were very condensed and they were basically covering the band's history. Overall, this documentary was very well put together and was well put together by the people who made it. I loved it, and I would recommend it to everyone, but I also feel that it could've been much better. It could have been more interesting, better put together, and more comprehensive in its coverage. I don't feel that it was. This is just my opinion, but I felt that it could've been better, I just feel that it could've been much better. However, the documentary is still a great documentary and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. The way that it was put together was great and I think that the amount of information that was given was just incredible. It shows you the dark sides of punk music, and the way it was put together made it seem like the band was really there and the documentary really covered a lot of the information that they were given. It was worth watching and I think that anyone would enjoy it.
Sunday, 28 Jun 2020 06:11

Before he became an activist, it was John T. Watson who came from a little town in southern Wisconsin to a big city in New York City, taking a job at the local health department. The job entailed being a mule for major cities, carrying their weight and making a couple of thousand bucks a year. And from there, it became "John T." T.Watson, of course, became a rock star. Not bad for a guy who seemed to be a little out of his league. But he was so good at it, that he could actually make enough money to support his family. He made it big, and then he was happy to pay for the passion he felt in his work. He made a sacrifice that many rock stars today would find hard to accept. He started seeing a shrink. And, eventually, he was diagnosed with cancer. When the rock stars go through this, there is a little sting. It is a very honest look at a guy who could have done very well, but was too in love with his work. In reality, John T. Watson was a rock star, and he made it big. John T. Watson's health problems were not serious. John T. Watson's career was all about music, but John T. Watson saw what it took to make a name for himself and had the courage to take risks that most men would not have dared to take. But, unfortunately, John T. Watson, as many people will remember, died young. What can be done? What are we willing to do to protect the environment and the dignity of all living creatures? How do we stand up for the rights of all creatures, even when the evidence is stacked against us? This documentary will show you how to do it. It will also show you that rock stars can have the courage and the means to change the world.

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