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Ni hao, Zhihua is a movie starring Xun Zhou, Hao Qin, and Jiang Du. Attending the reunion in lieu of her late elder sister, Zhihua accidentally runs into Yin Chuan, on whom she had a crush in her youth. As old memories are evoked...

Romance, Drama
Shunji Iwai
Hao Qin, Xun Zhou, Jiang Du, Zifeng Zhang

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Genres Romance, Drama
Director Shunji Iwai
Writer Nan Wu, Shunji Iwai
Stars Hao Qin, Xun Zhou, Jiang Du, Zifeng Zhang
Country China
Also Known As Last Letter, 你好,之华, 你好,之華
Runtime 1 h 54 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Attending the reunion in lieu of her late elder sister, Zhihua accidentally runs into Yin Chuan, on whom she had a crush in her youth. As old memories are evoked Zhihua slowly uncovers the intricate story of the trio.

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Sunday, 13 Sep 2020 17:32

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Tuesday, 21 Jul 2020 22:21

We have heard this story before. But it has been treated very poorly, here in the United States, so the Chinese audience may be surprised. This is not a pretty picture. There is a scene that is all too graphic, but that is the kind of movie that you see at home with your family. You don't have to be a Chinese to get it. It's a story about prejudice, and about the impact of Chinese on American culture, by the way it is not about Chinese history. There is a small dose of racism, but it's a relatively minor, short-term impact on the story. The story and the acting are the primary point of the movie. The movie is not about the origin of this country or about the conflict between the rich and the poor, the American dream and the Great Depression. What matters is the story of a few boys growing up in a small town in the Chinese countryside, all of them being orphans, and how they try to get along in a world where anything can happen. This movie is about friendship, and about children in that kind of environment. One wonders what they would have done if they were real orphans. The story is very realistic. It is also very affecting, in that the ending is very moving. It makes you think about what would you do to make it through. It is a very emotional movie. The actors are doing very good jobs. So is the direction. But the movie is not for everyone. One should have an appreciation for the culture of China. Some might find this movie as painful, or as fake, or as racist. But that is not the point.
Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 15:06

Although not an expert on contemporary Chinese cinema, this film is interesting. It's a fine piece of film-making and a worthwhile watch for those interested in the Hong Kong scene. This film takes a look at the underbelly of Hong Kong and explores the activities and problems in that part of the world. It is a case of how exactly do you approach a subject? In my opinion, it is a very effective film because it speaks about something that is very real, that is not normally talked about and that is also true in this day and age. The script is written very well, which makes the film even more interesting and enjoyable. I particularly liked the dialogues between the three main characters. They were quite fresh and they were very well thought out. I think the actors were also good. Wang Chung-Ting and Yuen Biao had good chemistry together and gave a very believable performance. I was impressed by the performances of Yuen Biao and Yuen Chung-Ting. I really liked them both and it made me like their characters very much. The film was extremely well made and it was obviously the director's vision, but it was definitely an artistic production, so the direction was great. The photography was also great. I especially liked the way the film was shot, because it was very creative. The sound was also a good addition to the film. I loved the music and it was so well chosen. I also liked the transitions of the film, because they were very well made. Overall, I highly recommend this film. It was one of the most unique films that I have ever seen. It was very original, thought-provoking and definitely worth a watch.
Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 05:49

There are many people that seem to like "3 Days to Kill" - in fact, I was surprised to read that a college film course rated it highly, given the admittedly low critical standards of the film. While I certainly appreciated the extremely beautiful and all-around brilliant cinematography, the plot was quite cliche and the ending was rather shallow. But perhaps that is why I liked it so much. I loved the idea of a young boy who cannot read and suddenly falls in love with a young woman. I also loved the use of real-life figures. Not just extras in the film, but real-life people, like the couple in the beginning and the girl who is hit over the head by her father. The real life story is not necessarily the most intriguing, and perhaps that is why the viewer is drawn to the film. The young man's parents seem to have had nothing better to do. He's still living with them, despite what the parents tell him to do, and they constantly expect him to be a good student, and to be more self-sufficient. I believe this has a huge impact on his life and his mentality. He does everything that his parents want him to do, but when they ask him to do something different, he finds that it is not good for him. He even finds the idea of killing people when he meets a young boy who just wants to protect the little girl from her father's cruelty. He decides to try it out, and has a few good results. He is, and I feel, very much like the boy in the story, in the sense that he is always aware of the problems that he is having. So much so that he tries to learn and find solutions. He even tries to go back to his friends' house, just to give them a sense of security, and to find out what happened to his little girl. I loved the fact that he was showing his problem with his mother in front of his friends and his father, and yet he would try to find the right answer. There was no one telling him to do the right thing. He was choosing for himself. It is truly amazing that a little boy would do something like that, and it shows how far a child can go. I loved that the film ended on that note. However, the end of the film also had a cliche feel to it, as well. It was sort of sad and muddled in a way. The ending did not really leave much of an impact on me, and I was very sad for the little girl who was hit over the head by her father. And I felt the story needed more in the way of plot twists, or more realistic characters. So overall, I think the film did well, but the plot could have been much better. So, while I think it was a good film, it is not a perfect film. There are things that are easily missed, and the film could have been much better, and it could have been a little more realistic, if the director and the writer would have been able to make the film feel more realistic.
Saturday, 02 May 2020 07:12

This movie is more about the illusion of a girl than reality. Its message is about the importance of family and to accept that all is not quite right. The story starts out at a time when the farmer's daughter has moved in with her husband and daughter and to this date their relationship is strictly business. Little does she know that their lives are about to become very, very different. To the surprise of all, the daughter is a girl of considerable size. She makes it her mission to be as tall as she can in order to have the boy she loves. This is not just a small thing, she does it because she loves him so much. All the while she is making changes to her family, her childhood and the fact that she is a woman, just to please her husband and to show off for the world. The film explores the conflict between the relationship of family and work. In the end the farmer must accept his daughter, and his own ambition, as he does not wish to give up the one he loves. As for me the story is a little bit too boring, but I think this is because I am a very impatient person. I do not like the story because of its realism and because of the sudden changes in the relationship of the characters. There is little sense in everything, but that is not the point. The point is that this movie is about real people who do not always know what to do with themselves and their family. So it is a little bit far-fetched, but I enjoyed it and the message was not too far-fetched. It was realistic enough to be fun.

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