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Anything is a movie starring John Carroll Lynch, Matt Bomer, and Maura Tierney. This is a story about the infinite possibility of love.

Drama, Romance
Timothy McNeil
John Carroll Lynch, Matt Bomer, Maura Tierney, Margot Bingham

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama, Romance
Director Timothy McNeil
Writer Timothy McNeil
Stars John Carroll Lynch, Matt Bomer, Maura Tierney, Margot Bingham
Country USA
Also Known As Bármi
Runtime 1 h 34 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description This is a story about the infinite possibility of love.

Top reviews

Sunday, 27 Sep 2020 04:03

An intimate, fascinating look at the lives of a class of lower-class white males in the South. The film is a portrait of an inner-city neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee, and the life of the white and black men who live there. The only black character in the entire film is played by a young man playing the role of a young black man. The neighborhood is very much like one you see in the big city, with a large number of black residents, many of whom are immigrants. There is also a black lesbian, an aging drug dealer, and a black doctor. The movie is shot in black and white, so the audience can follow the story in both color and black and white. This is a low-budget film, which helps in making the film more realistic and makes the viewer more interested in what is happening on screen. There are many interesting scenes, such as the drunken Mexican biker drinking and smoking pot in the street, a biker hitting a child on a playground, the biker getting beaten up by a drug dealer, and the biker seeing a video of his mother being raped. The acting is good throughout the film. The four lead actors all played their characters with an honesty and sensitivity that brought out the best in me. Some of the scenes are very disturbing, especially the shot of the Mexican biker smoking pot and drinking beer. The scenes are very hard to watch and the scenes tend to be somewhat graphic. This is definitely not a film for the squeamish, or for those with weak stomachs. I was very shocked to see that the film was almost entirely shot in black and white, so it was a treat to see a film that was truly in black and white. This film is very realistic and requires the viewer to be on their toes. I recommend it highly. My score: 9 (out of 10)
Sunday, 02 Aug 2020 22:44

As far as I'm concerned this is the only movie which has been produced in the last 10 years that has made me actually feel like I was actually in the same room as the actors. The soundtrack is also a total pleasure. I was lucky enough to see this at a movie theater, and at the time of the movie's release it was the only theater showing the film. It wasn't until weeks after that I started to find other movies to see. Now I've found other movies to see and I'd have to say this movie is still one of my all time favorites. As far as the acting goes, we have a wide array of people in this movie, but none of them stood out in particular. Gary Oldman is absolutely incredible and he's no doubt one of the most brilliant actors of our time. He really seemed to capture every emotion that his character was feeling, and you could really feel his pain. Alan Rickman was very good, but I felt that he didn't get enough screen time. He was very powerful and made you really believe that he was losing his mind, and even though he did have a role here, I could've just as easily watched his performance in "Saving Private Ryan" or "Cast Away". It was really nice seeing him again, and the same goes for the other cast members. They were all excellent. As far as the special effects are concerned, I was also impressed. I'm not a huge fan of computer generated images, but they really worked here and the film was not ruined by it. This was a real breakthrough for special effects in cinema. Overall, a very good film, and an even better one when you can actually feel the passion the actors had for the role they were given. I can only say that this is a film I would recommend to anyone.

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