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Forrest Gump is a movie starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, and Gary Sinise. The presidencies of Kennedy and Johnson, the events of Vietnam, Watergate and other historical events unfold through the perspective of an Alabama man with...

Drama, Romance
Robert Zemeckis
Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Tom Hanks, Sally Field

All Systems Operational

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Genres Drama, Romance
Director Robert Zemeckis
Writer Eric Roth, Winston Groom
Stars Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Tom Hanks, Sally Field
Country USA
Also Known As Forrest Qamp, Φόρεστ Γκαμπ, 阿甘正傳, Форест Гамп, フォレスト・ガンプ 一期一会, Forrest Gump: The IMAX Experience, Forestas Gampas, Forrest Gump: O Contador de Histórias
Runtime 2 h 22 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description The presidencies of Kennedy and Johnson, the events of Vietnam, Watergate and other historical events unfold through the perspective of an Alabama man with an IQ of 75, whose only desire is to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart.

Top reviews

Thursday, 10 Dec 2020 03:27

Of all the films I've seen this year, Forrest Gump is the one that does not get high marks. I see this film as a statement on life, on character, and on American culture. The simple premise is that an older man, Forrest Gump, is on his way to college, from a small town in Louisiana, and lives by the way of a truck. At the age of 6 years old, Forrest is fitted into a traditional old-fashioned jeep, and driven around in it. When he is 15 years old, Forrest is hitchhiking, and meets a girl named Maggie, who is a nurse, and a Southern belle. The two of them meet and bond. Eventually, they become inseparable. Eventually, Forrest is an adult, and the social classes of the Southern states, start to change. The new social classes, the coming of the 1960's, bring with it changes, and by the time Forrest gets to college, he is a different person. He is not happy, he is struggling to make his way in the world, and the film is a sort of self-conscious social commentary on the changing of class. The problem with the film, is that the main character is not interesting. The music, the scenes, the dialogue, the plot are not original. And, I believe it is the story that is original, and the characters who are interesting, are the main characters. Although, I am not sure that the ending of the film is original, in fact, I have not seen it yet. I believe that the film is a positive statement about life and the way in which social classes change, and is also a statement on social class itself. It is an interesting film, and I have not seen it yet, but I believe that I will find it interesting. But, it is not original, and I believe that there is more to the story than meets the eye.
Sunday, 22 Nov 2020 14:33

In the late 60's a millionaire named Forrest Gump is hired to be a personal assistant for a kind of world class journalist named J.T. Nelson, played by Tommy Lee Jones. As time goes on it is revealed that J.T. is not a journalist but a lay man who spends most of his time writing about things of interest to the wealthy. As time goes on however, J.T. reveals that he has a daughter named Daisy, and Forrest is discovered to be a serious writer. It is at this point in the film that we discover that Forrest has a "secret" which is not quite what he first thought it was. Also, it is revealed that he was not the only one to have a secret that had been suppressed by his parents and other members of his family. In this film Forrest Gump is all about Forrest Gump and, as the title of this film implies, it is all about Forrest. When I say Forrest I mean Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump is, as the title of the film states, a guy who has been ignored by his family and society. Forrest is a typical white rich kid that lives a very boring life. However, when it comes to his family, his parents, and society, Forrest is not a real person. When Forrest is not chasing around trying to get a date, he is solving problems with his own shoes. Forrest is not very athletic but he loves to use his body to do things that most people would not. When it comes to Forrest's love life, his girlfriend is taken by another man. This man does not seem to be very close to Forrest and he is a little jealous of him. When this man returns to visit Forrest, Forrest does not react to his return by breaking up with his girlfriend. Forrest tries to be more of a man, but he just does not get it. It is important for the film to have a protagonist who is both a "good guy" and a "bad guy". Forrest is one of those guys that everybody wants to be and everyone can look up to. This is the main reason that Forrest Gump is such a good film. Forrest Gump is a film that is not as close to the real life as I could have wished it to be, but still has a lot of people that will enjoy it. The fact that it is a really good film makes me think that, though it is a very good film, Forrest Gump could have been a little better. It does have a lot of aspects that make it great and it is a really good film, but it is not as good as it could have been. Forrest Gump is a movie that I would recommend to anyone. It is a great film and I think that everyone should see it at least once. Forrest Gump is the type of movie that is perfect for people who are 15 and up.
Friday, 23 Oct 2020 12:10

I just saw Forrest Gump for the first time last night. I haven't been aware of this film before so I went into it with very little knowledge of it, and I'm really glad I did. Forrest Gump is a brilliant film and it is extremely well made, so well that it is hard to get a handle on how good the film is. The film tells the story of Forrest Gump, a man who writes in to the newspaper, after he is left in the hospital and decides to write a letter to the people of the world. Forrest Gump is a man who never cries, yet when he gets to the hospital he cries so hard that he has to go in and out of unconsciousness. The film is amazing in it's storytelling and it's so incredibly well told that you actually forget you're watching a film. I have never seen a film like this and that is a massive testament to this film. It has it's good moments and it has it's bad moments but it's absolutely brilliant. The performances in this film are brilliant, Morgan Freeman as the director, and Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, are fantastic and the script by Steve Martin is one of the greatest scripts I have ever seen. The film has a real poetic feel to it and the ending is absolutely perfect. It is so perfect because of how well written the ending is, it's one of the best endings I've ever seen. I'm going to keep it short because I don't want to spoil the film for you but I'd say if you want to see a really good film with a great story go watch Forrest Gump. I give it a 10 out of 10.

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