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Uncut Gems is a movie starring Adam Sandler, Julia Fox, and Idina Menzel. With his debts mounting and angry collectors closing in, a fast-talking New York City jeweler risks everything in hope of staying afloat and alive.

Thriller, Drama, Crime
Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie
Adam Sandler, Julia Fox, Idina Menzel, Mesfin Lamengo

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Genres Thriller, Drama, Crime
Director Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie
Writer Benny Safdie, Ronald Bronstein, Josh Safdie
Stars Adam Sandler, Julia Fox, Idina Menzel, Mesfin Lamengo
Country USA
Also Known As Csiszolatlan gyémánt, Diamanti grezzi, Kim Cương Trong Đá, Hiomattomat timantit, 原鑽, Необрађени драгуљи, アンカット・ダイヤモンド, Diamante Bruto, Neobrađeni dragulji, 原钻, Nieoszlifowane diamenty, Άκοπο διαμάντι, Der schwarze Diamant, Drahokam, Diamantes en bruto, アンカット・ジェムズ, Joias Brutas
Runtime 2 h 15 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description With his debts mounting and angry collectors closing in, a fast-talking New York City jeweler risks everything in hope of staying afloat and alive.

Top reviews

Thursday, 03 Sep 2020 13:38

This is the second documentary I have seen recently that demonstrates the dangers of exposing a young woman to illegal drugs. I was actually terrified when my friend's son was slowly dying from a fatal drug overdose. We have always been taught to not push an age where your life is over, and as a parent, I have tried to always keep my son's life going. I was not ready for the death of my boy. The scene was hilarious and will leave you questioning everything you did. She says she was brought up in a state of constant fear, but when it came time for her to smoke, she was paralyzed and died from a large overdose. We still have not found out the cause of her death and have to wait until she is reunited with her son and the rest of her family. The most touching scene was when she saw her son getting home and actually apologized for what happened to him. I will never be able to watch a scene of this documentary and not feel a bit of pain for the young woman. I thought I would never see another movie that portrays the horrors of drugs and what it does to our society. How it destroys families and how it has a devastating impact on the young and old. This documentary has great acting and an amazing director that gives us the tools to tell a story in such a way that we feel every emotion. We are so grateful to be shown this story and hope that it gets to more people. We will never forget our beautiful and beautiful friend and thank her for her incredible story.
Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020 12:40

I came across this movie on Netflix recently and instantly fell in love with it. Sure, it's dated, its story is muddled, and its many ridiculous moments would probably make a bad movie if done right. But what makes this movie so great is it's guts and it's honesty. I've watched movies that attempted to be something that was almost too much and were ultimately more effective. I thought "The Brothers Grimsby" was just ridiculous but this film showed you can make an "actual" story interesting and interesting. It isn't that every single character had to be perfect, just that they had to be interesting. They had to be likeable and believable. This movie was. It was realistic. It didn't waste time showing us character backstory and, instead, let the audience get to know the characters, which, in turn, showed us they were very well developed. Every single one of the characters were clearly well written and there was so much depth in all of them. I liked all the characters and could care less what happens to any of them. It didn't pretend to be a deep character study and just sucked you in with its incredible depth. It was like a mystery for those of us who understand a mystery and who actually like mystery. It was really cool. It was a pleasure. It was interesting. It was all that I could ask for in a movie. The acting was excellent and it wasn't difficult to get into the story. I've never been a fan of Jim Carrey's but I'm sure he made the best of his limited screen time. The writing was excellent. The directing was great and the film stood up well on it's own. I don't think this movie will ever be forgotten. It's definitely one I'll be revisiting.
Tuesday, 09 Jun 2020 20:26

I'm not gonna lie, when I started watching this movie, I wasn't expecting too much, i wasn't expecting to have my eyes glued to the screen. This was a great film, i could not turn away. This is one of those movies that is completely unique. From start to finish this movie grabs your attention and has you riveted to the screen. All the actors give brilliant performances, this is a must see. This movie is about a group of men that are trying to pull off a high profile hit in Washington. On the way they must stop at a courthouse in Miami. There they meet two gang members who plan on beating the crooks in a local nightclub. Before it starts however, something terrible happens. The gang leader dies and is replaced by the last man to see him alive. Now the men must try and escape from Miami. I love this movie, it has a message. This movie really hits the nail on the head, don't let me put it to you this way, you will see this movie and you will think it is one of the best movies ever. This movie is extremely thought provoking, its so great that I could not put a word in to describe it. I can't really comment on the movie, you will have to watch it. Also the ending is perfect, there is no real shock but a cool twist that you will not see coming. To end this review I have to add that I really think this movie is worth seeing and will not be ever forgotten. I am a big Mark Whalberg fan but the Mark Whalberg films have got to be my favourite. This movie is perfect, 10/10. A must see.
Sunday, 03 May 2020 05:43

Before she met Lawrence, Michelle Pfeiffer was being offered a number of wonderful roles in small films, most notably "Girl Interrupted", a TV miniseries that was meant to appeal to the youth market. To everyone's surprise, Michelle was accepted, though she had never seen a movie of hers and was unaware of the film's significance. The following year she met Lawrence, who was then being offered the "Cursed" TV series. Lawrence and Michelle took it all in stride, and in 1984 she married Lawrence and the couple lived in Sydney, Australia. Lawrence remained in his previous role, while Michelle focused on her film career, despite a "blind date" with ex-football player and NBA star Shaquille O'Neal. While there were roles to be made for Michelle, including one of her last, she couldn't afford to be apart from her husband. She and Lawrence started a new life for themselves in southern California, with their daughter Betsy. One year later, Lawrence suffered a sudden and tragic accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down. He was very close to Michelle. Michelle and Lawrence moved back to the United States, where they remained in harmony with their son. Two years later, Lawrence's condition deteriorated and he was placed in an induced coma. His wife gave birth to their first child in their new home, but Michelle and Lawrence began the long process of rebuilding their life. That said, it is no wonder that in 2005, Michelle finally met Lawrence. The two met in a nightclub in which she was a guest of honor. He was there to see his soon-to-be ex-wife, and he approached her. He looked her up and down, as he did many of the men who came up to him, and he introduced himself. Michelle did not reply, but continued to look at Lawrence. A few minutes later, she turned her head and smiled at him. Lawrence smiled back and approached her, and they began to walk toward the door. He looked at her and said, "Can I talk to you for a minute?" She smiled and said, "I think so." He shook his head, and they began to walk toward the door together. She seemed a little overwhelmed by his initial gesture, but she accepted his invitation. They continued on their way to the home, where they continued to talk, and eventually she told him that she was pregnant. He gave her his word, and they agreed to carry her child. They planned to marry the next morning, but as they arrived at the hospital, Lawrence died from complications of the infection. Michelle's medical expenses and the expenses of caring for her daughter were overwhelming. She considered postponing the wedding, but finally decided to go ahead with it. Michelle's reaction was one of disbelief. She had no idea what to expect. She had no idea what to expect in the wedding, but then again, she was not expecting any of the things that were coming to her. As the celebrations were winding down, she looked up and said, "Well, I guess that's it." As she and Lawrence sat down for the wedding, he looked up at her and said, "I knew you would be." It is now five years later. She has an infant son, and they continue their life together, just like when they were married, in California. As they say to each other at the end of their conversation, "Well, you have each other." (kiss).

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