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Love, Cecil is a movie starring Rupert Everett, David Bailey, and Manolo Blahnik. Respected photographer, artist and set designer, Cecil Beaton. was best known for his Academy Award-winning work, designing for such award-winning...

Biography, Documentary
Lisa Immordino Vreeland
Rupert Everett, David Bailey, Hamish Bowles, Manolo Blahnik

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Genres Biography, Documentary
Director Lisa Immordino Vreeland
Stars Rupert Everett, David Bailey, Hamish Bowles, Manolo Blahnik
Country USA
Also Known As Te quiero, Cecil Beaton, Med kärlek, Cecil, Rakkaudella, Cecil Beaton
Runtime 1 h 38 min
Audio Português  English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles Português  日本語  Čeština  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Description Respected photographer, artist and set designer, Cecil Beaton. was best known for his Academy Award-winning work, designing for such award-winning films such as Gigi (1958) and My Fair Lady (1964). The film features archive footage and interviews with various models, artists and filmmakers who worked closely with Beaton during his illustrious career. Beaton was not only a dazzling chronicler of his time, but a supreme arbiter of its tastes. From the Bright Young Things, to the front lines of World War II, and from the international belle monde and the pages of Vogue to a role as the Queen's official photographer, Beaton embodied the cultural and political schisms of the twentieth century. In this warm - though critical - portrait, which blends archival footage and photographs with voice over from Beaton's famed diaries to capture his legacy as a complex and unique creative force. Dynamic and lyrical, Love, Cecil (2017) is an examination of Beaton's singular sense of the visual, which dictated a style and set standards of creativity that continue to resonate and inspire today.

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Wednesday, 09 Sep 2020 20:55

This is a documentary about what could have been a perfect world if we'd stopped waiting for love. "Love, Cecil" was directed by Vicky Garvey, who is a brilliant documentary filmmaker. The film covers topics like the role of the music industry in establishing a sense of global identity, and how youth today will find themselves in the face of declining global populations. Cecil is a 16 year old who goes through a fairly complex life cycle, moving from being a 14 year old in love with a boy, then to a boy in love with a girl, and then to a boy in love with a girl. After a break-up, Cecil is a teenager with a much different outlook on life. He is a happy-go-lucky teenager who believes in himself and in the things he believes in. But when his mother, who has an advanced form of cancer, dies, the life that Cecil had created falls apart. He goes from being a "lucky" boy to a "lucky" girl. When he finds out his mother is terminally ill, he attempts to prevent a hospital from denying her life-saving treatment. He then decides to stop waiting for love and to go back to his old life and starts a new one. What happens to him as he grows up? Does he stay with his old self, or does he start a new one? Does he go back to the place he was born? The answers to these questions are what make the movie so interesting. It is a story about our preconceived notions about what makes someone "special" and how we can be misled. It is a story about how we can "transcend" our lives. The movie is very well-written and it has a great message. But I can't recommend it enough. This is a great movie, but I think it's a little too "adventurous" for those who aren't into documentaries.
Thursday, 03 Sep 2020 04:40

A look at the life of Cecil a man who was born into a German family in New York, who was raised as a Nazi, and who, though he was raised Jewish, was taught he was to be loyal to the Nazi regime. He grew up to be a prolific Nazi propagandist, and became the chief editor of the so called Daily Worker. After the war he became a self-described Communist who wrote books with titles like The Rise of the Third Reich. His writings gained him a new identity and he was awarded the Order of the German Eagle. When he died, he was given the name Cecil Rhodes, a name he had been given before he was Jewish. The movie is about the life of Cecil Rhodes. He was an important and influential man in world history, but he was the most successful of the various personalities of Nazi Germany. We get a nice look at what led him to become a Nazi, and how he became a powerful and wealthy man. It is a fascinating look at one of history's most famous people. The movie is a portrait of Rhodes, who had a fairly unique life. He became wealthy from business, and from his writing, and from the writings of his fellow Nazi party members. He was a good writer, and one who wrote "the greatest history of the world ever written" in his book "The Nature of the Races". This is a rare movie, because it does not focus on the Nazi war or on the Jewish war. Instead, it concentrates on Rhodes's life and his life after the war. He was always driven to win, and he was driven to do that by his writing, and by the writings of his fellow Nazis. He was a man who never grew up, but who was always trying to reach to the top. I think the movie will be interesting to people who are interested in history, but it is also very interesting to those who are interested in human nature. The movie also deals with how Hitler saw his own life, and how he saw Rhodes's. We see how Rhodes sees himself, and we see how Hitler sees him. He was obsessed with being the most successful, the most powerful, and the most powerful Nazi. It is a fascinating look at one of history's most important people. I thought the movie was good, but not great. The movie did focus on some of Rhodes's problems, and some of the problems that others faced. However, I do think it was a very good movie. It is very informative, but I do think it is not great. It is very interesting, but not great. I rate this movie 9/10.
Wednesday, 15 Jul 2020 20:35

This is an insightful and personal look at the life of a great musician. I don't know much about John Cage, but I do know that he was a highly regarded jazz musician who was revered by his peers and not simply for his music. His first album, The Cage, which is a recording of music from his own compositions, is regarded by many as one of the greatest recordings of all time. In a "double feature" of 2 films, it's easy to see why this is. The first part of the film, entitled "A Man Called Charlie", focuses on Cage's early life, focusing on his childhood and the importance of family in his life. This aspect of his life was so important to him that he kept his past secret and began to write music. As he grew older, he began to question his own identity and started to question what he considered his place in the world. The second part of the film, "Why Cage", is the very personal story of Charlie, his life and the struggles he faced during the difficult times in his life. Charlie's music had the power to "kick-start" a revolution and the world over. In order to deal with the difficulties in his life, Charlie became addicted to heroin, which contributed to his eventual suicide. He was just the kind of person who would have had the power to lead a revolution and it was a brave act of his. It is a well written, heartfelt and very human film that I think all people can relate to. It's not just a biography, it's a life. It's one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time. It's about a man whose music changed the world. The greatest artist in history!
Monday, 22 Jun 2020 19:57

Cecil B. DeMented. He got his due in film in many ways, and we would do well to remember that, though for the very very few that are overlooked, he did not get his due on screen in the sense that he was not treated fairly in the end. The film itself, on its own, is fantastic. The narration of director Richard Lee has this sort of 'feel' to it that leaves you thinking about what you just saw, and what you can do to change things. This film would be worth it just for that. The music was excellent, as was the cinematography. In my opinion, this is the best film on any topic I've ever seen. It is a good start for a career in documentaries. It's difficult to be very critical of a film like this because so many people who are out there doing these films would never be able to make it. This is the first documentary I've ever seen that makes me want to get out and see more. Even if you don't like documentaries, you should see this film. If you're thinking about it, you should. It's one of those rare films that really touches you, because it's so honest and true to life, and it's simply amazing. So in closing, I think Cecil is one of the most fascinating films of all time. This is not a film that will be making a profit at the box office, and it will probably never be on the Academy's top ten list. But for those of us who care about the story of America and the American people, and the injustices that were done to them, and it's heroes who stand up to them, it is one of the best films I've ever seen. It's like a symphony, and I can only hope that some of you are able to see it. I don't know how much I'll ever be able to stand watching it again, but it's one of those films that I'll never forget.

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